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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

VOV Daily Fresh Sheet Masks & Wash Off Packs

I believe I read somewhere that VOV's Daily Fresh Sheet Masks are the most popular ones in Korea. No idea if that's true but they looked darn cute so I ordered a box of them for myself. And since VOV decided to get more money from me they released Daily Fresh Wash Off Packs in some yummy flavors so I decided to get 2 of them in addition.

The Daily Fresh Sheet Masks come in 10 different kinds right now, 1 specially formulated for men.
You can purchase the sheet masks individually or in packs of 10 for about 11000-14000 Won (about US$10-12) depending on where you buy them from.
Each sheet mask comes in a cute bottle-shaped plastic packaging.

I purchased the Strawberry Yogurt Collagen ones (I believe the most popular ones) and they're really good, make my skin super soft and smell delicious. The sheet masks are quite saturated (25ml/each) with a slightly jelly liquid. It leaves a slightly sticky feeling after taking the mask off after about 15-20mins but if you pat the emulsion a bit into your skin the stickiness disappears quickly.

Other kinds available:
Mineral Water, Coenzyme Q10 Original, Whitening Coenzyme Q10, Green Tea Collagen, Pomegranate Collagen, Blackbean Isoflavon, Tomato White Collagen, Pumpkin Cool Slimming, Energen for Men

The Wash Off Packs come in smaller sachets, 10 pieces in a box (retail about 6000 Won/US$5).
There are 6 different kinds available.

Unfortunately I couldn't find anywhere which mask is supposed to be used for what so I just ordered Green Tea Collagen and Lifting Berry & Berry as they sounded like they would be compatible with my skin-type.
Each sachet contains enough gel for 2-3 masks so you'll get about 20-30 usages out of 1 box.

I really enjoy the lightly scented Lifting Berry & Berry Pack. It's a clear pink gel with little pink beads (they probably contain some sort of goodies for the skin). It feels cooling and refreshing and my skin feels firm and soft when I wash it off after about 15-20 mins.

The Green Tea Collagen Pack has a very faint fresh scent and a transparent green color but it seems to be a bit too harsh for my skin. I get small red bumps when I use this and a light burning sensation upon application. I will not use this anymore.

Other kinds available:
Purity Seaweed Pack, Honey Lemon Pack (sounds yummy!), 17 Cereals Pack and Volcanic Pack.

All in all my skin never reacted negatively to any sheet masks so far so those seem to work well for me but Wash Off Packs are more tricky and can irritate my skin (not on the VOV one reviewed here, it's a problem I encountered several times). However the Lifting Berry & Berry Pack is quite good.


Anonymous said...

Liebe Kathi,

Ich bin ein Fan von Ihrem Blog.Danke für viele schöne Tips und Information.

Aber ich habe eine Frage, haben Sie keine Probleme mit dem Zoll? Wie Sie, ich habe cosmetik von Gmarket gekauft. Aber ich muss immer Packet von Zollamt abholen, Zoll und Steuen bezalen. :(
P.S.Ich wohne in Deutschland.

Skin79 verschickt nicht mehr ins Ausland, darüber bin ich ganz traurig.

Alles Gute!

dawn. said...

Hey babe ^^ just wanted to ask...
What's your favourite blush [pink and peach respectively] and highlighter?

Do you contour your cheeks? If yes, what do you use?


Kathi said...

Hi Dawn,
hmmm... I have to many blushes to choose so can´t pick faves! I don´t use darker contouring powder, just blush and highlighter.

paperdollrevenge said...

Super super cute! I must try these, hehe, thanks for sharing the info!inert

paperdollrevenge said...

P.S. Might I ask where you got yours from?

Kathi said...

I got mine from Gmarket, I think seler miae (with some number, check my Gmarket sellers list)... If you do a search for VOV you find lots of these pop up anyway

Anonymous said...

andrea's asking if you've had problems with customs with your gmarket orders.

Kathi said...

I speak German.
No, no problems with customs occured.

Anonymous said...

hi Kathi,thanks alot for your Introduction about vov mask.. I manage to grab some from Rumistyle..

happy with it.. Thanks for sharing this good information about skincare.. thanks ^ ^


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