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Friday, November 14, 2008

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Elizabeth Nude Bonbon OL Style Gloss

Until I found these cute glosses on Adambeauty I had never heard of a Japanese brand called Elizabeth (check out the website here. They have an array of cute and very inexpensive items ranging from point makeup to a pore care skincare series.)

Obviously it must be popular as the 2 Nude Bonbon OL Style Glosses I purchased have a @Cosme gold medal sticker (rank #1 in 2007) attached to the package.

The Nude Bonbon series offers 4 colors to choose from of which I picked out 2 (#3 and 4).

The rouge-type glosses come in small simple wand tubes with probably about 5-6ml content (I can't seem to find the amount included listed).
The applicator is a great soft brush (nothing like the crap Bobbi Brown is selling) which applies the gloss totally evenly and picks up enough color to get really nicely coated lips with a couple of swipes.

The texture, color and pigment of the glosses are just fantastic. I really LOVE these glosses. The formula is a slick, only very slightly sticky but thicker texture that lasts very well and feels very comfortable to wear. I wore my gloss today for like 2 hours and the gloss had neither gummed up like some lipglosses do nor really faded. Really impressive!
The finish is very glossy without shimmer or glitter.

The level of pigment in these glosses is really good. I really get annoyed from glosses that look pretty on the tube and are just clear on my lips. Pretty useless for me but the Elizabeth glosses pack just the right amount of color for my taste.
To add to my joy these are not scented or flavored. They don´t even have an icky plastic smell some unscented glosses tend to have.

You know what's the best point? These babies cost only US$7/shipped from Adambeauty! I indulged in 2 glosses and will probably get #1 as well (#2 is the only color that looks too orange for my taste).
As the glosses retail for 630 Yen (about US$6.50 at current exchange rate) Adambeauty is giving us a really good deal.

The colors I got are #3 Rose Happiness (with pearl) and #4 Elegant Beige.
#3 gives me pretty "baby lips" you see so often in Japanese beauty ads. It's a nude pink with miniscule shimmer (honestly I wouldn't have noticed real shimmer if it wasn't listed on Adambeauty as "pearl in" shade)

#4 is a perfect soft nude red which looks pretty much like a half shade darker and a tad browner than my natural lip color. I really love this color so much!

I am really happy I got these glosses even though I had never heard of them. These are definitely very worth checking out!


birkinbagbeauty said...

ack, I had these in my adambeauty cart, but I decided not to buy them. I think I still need to order them because they look like the perfect colors!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reviewing these. :) I had been eyeing them on Adambeauty but wasn't sure if they were any good. I'll have to try some, now!

Anonymous said...

aw. too bad it's not in english. :(

acutelife said...

i ordered them too and is very happy with them!! i think they're funtastic!!

Kathi said...

Yea these are indeed gorgeous glooses! I love these, too!

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