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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Banila Co Winter 2008: The Secret Glam (Teaser)

Today is the first day I woke up to a beautiful snowy white landscape. I noticed this when it rang in the middle of the night (well, it was 7:16 AM but so dark I thought it's like 5 AM) and to my delight it was the postie bringing me 2 EMS (we don't have Saturday delivery except for EMS).

I spotted Banila Co's new collection "The Secret Glam" about 2 weeks ago and knew instantly I had to pick up a good part of the collection as it looked too good to resist.
Banila Co
just makes fantastic color makeup (great pigment, beautiful colors, nice compacts) so I knew I would end up loving the new goodies.

I purchased the majority of the collection and will show you a few first pics here. I sampled some items and can already say the stuff is really good but need to test-drive the things more over the next days.


birkinbagbeauty said...

The big one looks like a bar of chocolate. Is it a bronzer?

Anonymous said...

i wanna gt banila stuff too.. do u purchase them frm gmarket?

Kathi said...

No, it's a highlighter. just looks so dark because the clear cover has a brown tint

Nope, right now I know of no Banila Co seller shipping worlwide. I always rely on skinfood2you on eBay to purchase for me what I want

Mineral Maven said...

ugh banila co is hands down my all-time favorite korean makeup company. i still thank God the day they started doing it five years ago since it just used to be banila b clothing. sigh still remember my first time. <3 fond memories. :) glad to see other ppl enjoy it as much as I do.

makeupmag said...

Oh Kathi,
They look like luscious chocolate squares! :D

And thank you for that stunning snowscape. How very pretty (can you feel the envy emanating from sunny.humid.lacklustrely rainy Singapore? ;))!

Oh, I hate to admit it but I succumbed to the Lunasol coffret...and I think you should to; it just seemed very you. :P

It's very pretty and wearable; I can see many women using the items in the set - it's very apply-and-go.

It's not extremely pigmented but it gives a beautifully soft and feminine finish (easy control, really!).

I will post about it and include swatches.

Think about it (if you haven't already ordered/CPed it, hehehe!)!

Kathi said...

Hey mag,
you're such a temptress =D I have been just looking at the Lunasol coffret on eBay where it sells for a considerable price =X I really like the blush that comes with it but I am just too afraid that the eyeshadow palette would be too warm. I actually had already decided to skip it but since it's so easily available on eBay I am really considering it now =X
I am really eager to see your swatches so I can judge and decide if I will finally succumb or not =X

makeupmag said...

Oh Kathi, I'll try to put the post up asap (most prolly later today)!

The shades are really not warm - the dark brown in the lower left pan is a cool toned one...but perhaps just a teensy weensy touch warmer than the brown in the Neutrals palette (which is an awesome cool toned neutral palette for smokes!). Not very discernable though.

Even the rose isn't very warm - that was actually the colour that reminded me of you because I remembered seeing you wearing that colour in one of your lovely fotds!

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