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Saturday, November 8, 2008

BB Creams: Quick Comparison VII

***Please click on the Label "BB Cream Quick Comparison Series" to read my other BB Cream posts***

As promised here are the other 6 BB Creams I wanted to review.
Most of this batch don't work for me because either the color or texture doesn't suit me.

1: Hanskin Water Action BB Cream SPF27 PA++ 43.5g:

This BB Cream doesn't work for me for several reasons.
First it's so thin and sheer it's totally useless. If I use BB Cream I want some coverage and the new Hanskin BB Cream doesn't provide anything but super sheer coverage.
The other reason is that even though it's super sheer it manages to make my face look orange and weird.
A big nay from me.
The texture is very lightweight thus probably more suitable for oilier skin-types. This carries a light scent and cost me about 22000 Won if I remember correctly.

2: Skin79 Dream Girls BB SPF30 PA++ 43.5g:

Lightweight O/W formula suitable more for oilier skin-types. Offers UVA and UVB protection.
Contains Papaya extract and licorice.
This lightly scented BB Cream is supposed to be formulated for younger girls who need little coverage and more oil control.
Even though the cream looks very pale on the swatch it oxidizes quickly to a darker brown color (you can see it on the bottom of the swatch) so it's not working for me.
Definitely don't like this because of sheer coverage and bad color match.
I purchased this as a special set containing 2 of the BB Creams and a Crystal Pact (which also is too dark for me). all cost me 22000 Won so it was an utter waste of money.

3: BRTC Jasmin Water BB Cream SPF30 40ml:

I had this on my Gmarket wishlist for about 2 months now and just never ordered it because 39000 Won seemed a bit pricey for a BB Cream.
Anyway, I finally caved and ordered it as it came with a free lipgloss (1 color, out of 3, randomly selected) and I had tried a sample of this before and liked it.
First this comes in a very pretty pearly lavender squeeze tube and has the prettiest scent of all BB Creams. The soft Jasmin scent is very pleasant and calming.
The BB Cream contains 5% Jasmin water and has the added benefits of whitening, reducing wrinkles and sun protection (no PA listed though).
I actually am not sure yet if this BB Cream works for me. While it's quite light-toned it has rather strong orange tones I feel get a bit obvious on my skin. The medium coverage and beautiful softly dewy finish is very pretty and you notice that this is a high-quality thus pricier BB Cream but I am just not sure if the color is really right.
This feels very moisturizing but not sticky or heavy.
I paid 39000 Won for the BB Cream and a gloss (sure they sent me the clear gloss which is something I never use anyway *sigh*)

4: Zamian Magic Cacao Whitening BB Cream Shining Water 43.5g:

I never heard of this brand before and stumbled across their BB Cream more on coincidence.
I ordered the BB Cream for 18000 Won and it also came with a huge tube of Gold Cacao face mask, a big tube of cleansing foam and 2 bars of hand made soap. Quite worthwhile.
However the BB Cream is the most disappointing item of the lot as it's just downright too orange for me, even though it looks lighter in the swatch.
The BB Cream has a very faint scent which is quite pleasant among the rows of heavily fragranced BB Creams.
The finish of this is satiny, not really dewy nor matte.

5: Begin My Pride BB Sun Blemish Balm SPF46 PA++ 50ml:

I ordered couple of kits from Begin My Pride, a brand I had never heard of before. I have to say their lipglosses and mascara are great and their powder is good, too.
However the BB Cream totally fails for me as it's too dark.
Since it's so dark I washed it off right away so can't say much about its qualities.
It's lightly fragranced and offers medium coverage if I remember right.
I paid 29000 Won and the BB Cream came with another full size BB Cream, a volume mascara (quite good), a loose highlighter and a little puff and brush.
(Btw the design reminds me of Elisha Coy! Especially the logo!)

6: Enprani Super Aqua BB SPF27 PA++:

I reviewed this already here.
It looks very pale and I can wear this, at least as makeup base but it's very sheer and I prefer BB Creams offering more coverage.
I will keep this and try using it up but definitely won't repurchase.

If you have very dry or mature skin I might suggest you try out Enprani S,Claa Revive Blemish Recover. It's a super rich thick moisturizing BB Cream with medium coverage. It was way too rich for my skin but if you're seriously dry this would be a good choice.
I have one sample sachet I can mail to someone who's interested. Just email me at


Anonymous said...

hi Kathy,
I have tried to look for the 'begin my pride' bb on gmarket, but I cannot find it. What is the seller/Korean name of it?

Kathi said...

The seller is begin_cos

Laura L said...

hi dear, wow, u got so many BB cream.
so nice~~

between, getting items from G market seems more worth than getting items from ebay. Don't u think so?

more freebies>.<

Kathi said...

buying from Gmarket is definitely more worthwhile as the prices on ebay are really jacked up for most part and the Gmarket sellers offer a lot of pretty extras. The only drawback is the estmated shipping even though you get the difference refunded. But i order so often so I have no problems having money in my gmarket account I can use for later purchases :P

cc said...


I am totally impressed by how many bb cream you have used. I am just recently finished my first bb cream from skin 79 Intense classic balm UV. And really want to get another one but still wonder if is there any bb cream is less greasy/thickening. Is there anything you could recommend me? Thanks a lot!

cc said...


I am totally impressed by how many bb cream you have used. I just recently finished my first bb cream from skin 79 the Intense classic balm UV, everything is great. And really want to get another same one but still wonder if there is any bb cream that is less greasy/thickening you could recommend me? Thanks a lot!

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