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Thursday, November 6, 2008

VOV Castledew Carat Lips & Lip Carat

VOV added a new lipstick to their Castledew range called "Carat Lips". All their new items seem to seek a relation to diamonds and gemstones as all the new items' names suggest (Diacut Eyes, Lip Carat Gloss, Diacut Cheeks etc.)
I spotted the new lipsticks and decided to give them a shot as Castledew's other range Color Shot Lips is quite nice.

I should have stopped at the point of lemming the Carat Lips as they're really not worth it.
They come in pretty dark purple tubes that are more edgy than the packaging of the Color Shot Lips but the texture leaves a lot to be desired.

The 2 colors I have go on matte but in a chalky way. It might be I just picked the wrong colors (their swatches looked pretty though!) but the 2 ones I have look chalky and uneven and I always wear balm or lip base underneath.
Also the 2 colors are nothing like their swatches and while #M106 looks pretty and muted in the tube it applies as a garish bright salmon pink.

The other colors M101 is a super bright light coral, so both colors are out of the race for me as hardly ever like to wear them.

Good thing is that these are cheap. I paid about US$5/each on Gmarket so it's not a very big loss.

I also purchased a Lip Carat Gloss which also came out recently. I really love my Oversetting Glosses and the texture of the Lip Carat is similar albeit a bit thinner (which is not a good thing for me) and the color I picked (Berry Milk) is totally useless for me (it looks pretty in the tube but it's a clear milky peach which looks uneven and patchy on me).

All in all 2 items I am disappointed in. But I am sure there will be great new items from Castledew soon =D


Anonymous said...

wow, I really love your blog, everyday must read it.. haha

besides, do u thing getting items from G market is more worth than buying items from ebay? ( i mean korean cosmetic)

I have some mask sheet here and it cost only usd1.5

pls let me know if u are interested ya.

Kathi said...

I think getting from Gmarket is more worthwhile because I pay actual retail, actual shipping and get nice freebies most of the time.
I am stocked with Sheet Masks, thanks!

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