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Monday, November 3, 2008

VOV Castledew Color Shot Cheeks & Blur Shot Cheeks

I've been spotting the pretty Castledew Color Shot blushes and Blur Shot highlighters for quite some time now on Gmarket but for some reason never indulged in one of them. I thought they'd be tiny as they look like the eyeshadow singles but after some time logic convinced me that for 9200/7800 Won the blushes would be full-sized so I went ahead and ordered the Color Shot Cheeks in #3 and the Blur Shot Highlighter in #1.

Both items come in cute hexagonal compacts with an extra compartment for the brush.

-Color Shot Cheeks:

There are 3 colors available. I picked #3 Baby Pink/Pink Wavy/Orange Scandal. #1 Light Pink/Sweet Pink and #2 Orange Beige/Peach Orange look pretty, too.
The blush consists of 4 colors, 2 of them matte, 2 flecked with fine glitters.

The colors I achieve with just swirling my brush across the whole blush is a soft matte warm pink with very minor shimmer.
The pigment is sheer-medium so if you prefer a bit more pigment you might like to try the Shirring Cheeks blush instead.
I paid 9200 on Gmarket and purchased from miincos. I see the blush all over Gmarket and you probably can find it for a bit less.

-Blur Shot Cheeks:

This comes in the same style compact like the blush but contains a highlighter instead.
The Blur Shot Cheeks comes in 3 colors of which I chose #1 Skin Pink/Shine Silver. #2 is a purple combo called Skin Purple/Shine Purple and #3 seems to be some kind of bronzer or sculpting shade as it is called Tanning Gold/Tanning Bronze.
The highlighter in #1 has a shimmery silver core and a pale pink circle of matte powder surrounding it.

The result I get is a very subtle shimmery highlight. Really pretty and a great little item to add to my growing highlighter stash.
I paid 7200 Won (purchased from seller jjs6609).

I'll probably pick up the other 2 blushes as I really like the one I got.


Anonymous said...

Hi, the color shot cheeks blusher looks soooo pretty! ^^ May I know in your opinion whether will it show up on tan skin? ^_^

dawn. said...

^^ Hey
May I ask which highlighter would you recommend to contour cheeks for a daily, natural look?

Thanks ^^

Kathi said...

Hi Iris,
I think the Color Shot Cheeks will be a bit too sheer for tan skin. It shows up quite subtle on me and I am very fair.

Hi Dawn,
The new Etude House highlighter is great for a soft look (the designing face brighter).

makeupmag said...

I've been wanting these for ages. A friend is in Korea now, so I'm hoping she finds them. Otherwise, I'm just getting them from here. :)

I've linked you on, by the way! :) I did it every since I started the blog; I think your blog is a wonderful resource. I especially enjoy your photos which capture shimmer so well.

B377Y said...

Wow those are adorable! I really want to pick some of those up. Any update on the Paypal Gmarket thing yet? Do they refund the rest of the estimated shipping money back to your paypal?

Kathi said...

Hi makeupmag,
I added you to my blog list =)
Thanks for linking to me, too!

Hi Betty,
I got the shipping refunded to my Gmarket =( I will post about this soon =D

Mineral Maven said...

Heyy, I've added you to my bloglist <3 Where do you get your products? I go shopping every time I'm back home but I go through serious withdrawal and haven't figured out gmarket yet.

makeupmag said...

Thanks, dear! :)

Kathi said...

Hi Mineral Maven,
I added you to my list, too =D Great blog you have there!

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