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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Xmas 2008: Cosme Decorte Magie Deco Coffret II

I think this year Kose has some of the pretties Coffrets for Xmas. I ordered the one from Cosme Decorte Magie Deco and Esprique Precious and my dearest friend Iris CPed me the Beaute de Kose kit, too.

I really liked last years Magie Deco Coffret I but it consisted only of 2 items, an eyeshadow quad and a shimmery loose powder highlighter.

This year you get 4 items in a very pretty black gift box presented on a black velvety material so this makes a very elegant and pretty present.

Like most Japanese brands Cosme Decorte decided to play safe and offer a set of neutral universally flattering shades to be wearable for most women. However I really love the combination of items and overall looks I can create with either of the Kose Xmas coffrets.

The Cosme Decorte Magie Deco Coffret II contains:

-Fairy Powder #01 13.5g
-Fairy Gloss RO660 7g
-Fairy Eyes GD040 6ml
-Fairy Brush (retractable blusher brush)
Retail: 6300 Yen (about US$65, I paid a bit more)

-Fairy Powder 01:

This is the heart piece of the collection and it's really pretty. It's a striped highlighter/blush in a beautiful red and gold compact (very Xmas-y!).

It consists of 5 colors stripes in the white/beige/pink range.
The MD logo is dusted with golden glitter but after wiping it off the highlighter gives just a pretty shimmery finish. The shimmer is very fine so it will look elegant and not too much like teenager makeup (which often has more obvious glitters)
I find this more to be a brightening powder/highlighter but I can also get a pretty light pinky peach blush. However it is quite light on me so it depends on your skin-tone which use you prefer for this.

The texture is a bit powdery so there is lots of fly-off but the pigment and finish are good.
The powder is lightly scented with Kose's typical fruity scent (they use the same one for most Beaute de Kose things, too!).

-Fairy Gloss RO660:

This is similar to Magie Deco's Fairy Rouge (texture-wise) but comes in pretty very Christmas-like tube. The Fairy Gloss seems to be an item only available in the kit as I cannot find a Fairy Gloss range on the Magie Deco website.
It's a rather pigmented gloss with a very shimmery finish. The tiny shimmer bits can feel a bit scratchy if I rub my lips very strongly together but otherwise the gloss feels rather lightweight and comfortable to wear.
It's only slightly sticky and not thick or gooey.

The color RO660 is a beautiful plum with pink and silver shimmer bits. Since it's not opaque (but about medium pigmented) it looks lighter and redder and very pretty. It's like my lips color but about 2 shades deeper.

The gloss base itself is not that glossy but due to the shimmer bits it reflects light beautifully.
Staying power is average, about 1-2 hours like most other glosses.
The gloss has a very faint scent which is not overpowering or strong at all.

-Fairy Eyes GD040:

I only tried the Fairy Eyes in BK051 which is a disappointing color as it's just a sheer silver base with tons of (annoying) chunky glitters.
However the Fairy Eyes GD040 is very different.
It's a liquid eyeshadow very similar to Beaute de Kose's Eye Fantasist (no surprise as Kose seems to repeat their items in their different makeup lines) so it dries down to an almost budge-proof and crease-free finish on me. It has a brush applicator which is quite comfy to use.

The color GD040 is a very pretty soft metallic light gold with minimal shimmer flecks. It's a very neutral color so it should be wearable for about anyone.

I dot a few dots on my lids and spread the cream with my ring finger by gently patting the color on (instead of swiping). I do 2 layers and the result is very pretty.
The Fairy Eyes is a full size but the color is exclusive to the kit.
The retail value would be 2940 Yen

-Fairy Brush:

The brush is a very soft retractable blusher brush in a pretty silver container. I think it's quite useful and of good quality.

Overall the look you can create with this coffret is very pretty.
The plum lips, shimmery icy pink cheeks and soft golden lids makes a gorgeous holiday look!
I think this makes a perfect gift, too!


Laura L said...

wow, where can I buy these cuties? G Market?
I like the color very much ^ ^

Kathi said...

I don´t know. Gmarket sells some Japanese stuff but it´s probably hard to find something there.
I ordered from

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