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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Xmas 2008: Lavshuca Makeup Collection 02

I know I know. I admit it. I didn't want to get any of the new Lavshuca winter stuff but somehow I couldn't resist. I see myself a bit as Lavshuca LE stuff collector and the gift set isn't pricey after all so I settled on the Makeup Collection in 02 (Classical Sweet Collection - Iris from Rouge Deluxe lists this as Antique Monochrome) which offers safe cool colors sure to flatter my complexion.

I also ordered 3 of their new eye pencils (might arrive tomorrow or early next week) and the other kit in 01 Classical Nudy Collection (browns/peach) is on its way to me (but as a gift for a friend).

The Makeup Collection comes in a sturdy cute little box with a drawer and even little feet. Very cute and dressy and it has got a vintage feel to it. Honestly the little box is the cutest part about the gift set lol!

The items included are:

-Gift box with drawer
-Eyeshadow N 02 1.8g
-Lipgloss 02 4g

Retail: 1890 Yen, Adambeauty sells this for US$22 shipped which is a pretty good deal and if you consider the shipping it's more or less retail you'll pay.

The eyeshadow duo probably hss a fancier name but all is printed in Japanese lol.

Anyways, it's TINY. It's the same size as a Lavshuca single shadow used to be. I don't mind as I never ever will finish up an eyeshadow anyway hehe.

The eyeshadow duo has 2 different textures and levels of pigment.
The lighter shade sports a pearly finish and is sheerer whereas the darker color is super pigmented with a metallic base and shimmer flecks throughout. Very pretty!
The colors are: White with baby pink iridescence and taupe gray.
Exactly the kind of color combo I love!

The (also super tiny) lipgloss however is just a clear base with densely packed fine pink shimmers throughout.
It looks pretty but I can feel the shimmer particles as they feel a bit scratchy which annoys me a bit.

The texture is slightly sticky so the lasting power is quite good.
All in all there are dozens of glosses like this out there so it's nothing super exciting.

I have to admit the box and eyeshadow are really nice. The gloss is ok but rather meh. I'd say this is a pretty and safe affordable gift as at least one of the 2 available Makeup Collections will flatter about everyone.

If I'd had to rate this item I'd probably give it 3.5-4 out of 5 stars.


Unknown said...

That is a nice nice box!! You can store some goodies in there!

I always look forward to your posts.

makeupmag said...

The set looks like something to wear and go. I'm sorry it didn't impress you a lot though. The box is sweet!

You know, the box and gloss reminded me a little of the Lunasol Coffret from last year...that's because I still have the gloss in the box! :P

Kathi said...

hehe, yea that's true! I think I used the Lunasol gloss 1x or so lol =X
I am not getting this year's Lunasol coffret as I really fell out of love with the eyeshadows as most of the palettes just don't perform as they should (I still love the Sheer Contrast Eyes though). I think I am not going to miss much lol

Laura L said...

the color of the lipgloss works great don't u think so?

Kathi said...

it works with the look but the color itself is just nothing special

makeupmag said...

I haven't even used the Lunasol gloss and it's been almost a year! :P

I'm not so keen on this year's coffret because of the rose-salmon shade. I thought you'd go for it though! ;)

I'm still enjoying the quads but I'm not so fond of the glittery bases they like to put in the lower right pan! I have a few unopened ones too, so I really shouldn't be buying anyways! HAHA! :P

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