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Friday, November 14, 2008

Shiseido Maquillage Climax Moisture Liquid Foundation SPF12 PA+ & Perfect Remake Compact SPF15 PA+

I haven't gotten any new Japanese foundation and/or powder for some time (the last powder was Sana Covercom, the last foundation was more back). My favorite Japanese foundations are from Maquillage.
I usually liked to use the Climax Moisture Gel for winter (and still love this foundation!) and the Climax Lasting Gel for summer until I discovered BB Creams which replaced my foundation for most days.

Anyway, when I noticed that Maquillage had released a new moisturizing liquid foundation (Climax Moisture Liquid SPF12 PA+) for winter I just had to order it.
And finally MQ released their first compact powder
that's actually skin-colored (Perfect Remake Compact SPF15 PA+) so I added this to my order, too.

-Climax Moisture Liquid SPF12 PA+ 30ml:

This comes in pretty heavy glass bottle with MQ's new signature metallic silver pink colored cap. I don't like that this has no pump or other sort of hygienic dispenser. It's just a bottle with a hole to shake your foundation out. Even VOV managed to put a pump dispenser on their cheap (and great) Castledew Watershot Foundation!
That's about the only thing I don't like about the foundation though!

The formula itself is liquid with medium coverage and a very slightly dewy finish (the sort of healthy-glow-dewiness). The result I get is a nearly flawless finish that looks like skin, not makeup. The color I always get from MQ is OC-00 which is a very good match for me usually (but not in their powder or compact foundations...their OC-00 runs about 1-2 shades darker!). OC-00 is a rather neutral shade whereas BO-00 is more yellow.

The foundation is definitely moisturizing but not in a greasy or heavy way. My skin just feels comfortable and not dry or taut like with more oil-controlling foundations.
If you're very dry I recommend to check out the Maquillage Climax Moisture Gel instead.

I apply this either with my MAC 187 brush (a new acquisition since we have a MAC counter here now!) or with my fingers (which is still my favorite way to apply liquid foundations!)
I paid US$38 on Adambeauty. Adam doesn't list all colors so you might like to check Ichibankao for the full line-up of colors.
This is the first liquid foundation from MQ that doesn't come with a sponge.

-Perfect Remake Compact SPF15 PA+:

A pressed powder was something MQ was missing for some time. They have their white pressed powder and their Precious Design Powder which are also really nice but I wanted a pressed powder that's actually giving a little coverage so it had to be skin-colored.
The Perfect Remake Compact comes in a cute round jewel-shaped silver pink compact with 2 compartments, 1 for the puff, one for the refill (you purchase the case and refill separately -
costs US$36.50 incl. case on Adambeauty).

There are 3 colors to choose from: #1 (Bright Color), #2 (Natural Color) and #3 (Healthy Color).

Naturally I chose #1 hoping it would be light enough for me. The powder is very good, finely milled with medium coverage and a slightly glowy finish (no shimmer or glitter detectable though). It feels silky and applies like a dream (I use a big fluffy brush) without leaving a mask-like or powdery finish.

The only little flaw the powder has are the obvious yellow tones. I don't apply much powder so it blends in pretty well into my skin but
but if I overdo it I'll end up looking a bit yellow.
All in all I really like this and Maquillage convinced me once again that they do fantastic base makeup.

It seems both products work together very nicely. Even the lady at my favorite Running Sushi restaurant complimented me on my "flawless beautiful skin" =D


fuzkittie said...

I've always wondered about this foundation~ I want to try it so much! Thanks for the review.

Unknown said...

Hey Kathi

Just read your gel foundation review - I need some moisture so I may give it a go! Thanks for the review

Alice said...

where can i order the maquillage climax liquid foundation? i live in the states ^^ thanks!

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