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Saturday, November 8, 2008

BB Creams: Quick Comparison VI

***Please click on the Label "BB Cream Quick Comparison Series" to read my other BB Cream posts***

I have 12 BB Creams to review so I will post them in 2 comparisons.
I will start with 6 BB Creams now and continue with the rest later.

1: Clamue Watery Luminous Mineral BB Cover 50g:

This is quite different from most other BB Creams. It has a very light runny texture and a weird yellowish color. The finish of this is a soft matte whereas most BB Creams look dewy.
Even though the color looks totally off in the swatch this spreads to a beautiful very pale yellowish cream shade that blends in very well with my natural skin color. I was a bit hesitant trying this out but it's in fact a pretty good product.
It offers relatively good coverage which astonished me a bit due to the runny texture.
According to Clamue this is suitable for sensitive skin-types.
This comes in 2 colors, the one I picked is #01.
The BB Cream carries a light floral perfume.
I paid 11000 Won which was a special offer (60% off regular retail).
Comes in a squeeze tube with pump dispenser.

2: Belita Lala Multi Effect All Day BB Cream SPF21 50g:

I reviewed this here so won't go into details now.
I like this one very much as the color match is just perfect.

3: VOV Anti Trouble Blemish Balm SPF17 50g:

I already reviewed this in my Quick Comparison IV but then I only had the darker one in #23 whereas now I purchased #21 to try this out.
It's a little dark so probably would suit me in the summer when I am half shade darker. Anyways, it's a very basic BB Cream with sheer-medium coverage and a grayish pink color.
The tube is probably the ugliest one a BB Cream can come in as it looks so medicinal (the smell is, too). I prefer pretty ones like Lotree or Skin79 Diamond.
I paid only 6900 Won so it's one of the cheapest BB Creams I own.

4: Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB 24 50ml:

From what I know the Always Nuddy BB 24 Cream is the most popular one in Japan and the star in Elisha Coy's lineup and the sample tube of this I have is printed in Japanese instead of Korean. However the full-sized tube is printed in English so I can give you some more details on this.
Elisha Coy is a great little brand offering only a few items including 2 BB Creams and an array of face masks.
I purchased 3 items from them and I believe I have now pretty much all items they have to offer as I got sample jars of pretty much all their masks.
The Always Nuddy BB Cream claims to be designed to feel and look like your natural skin.
The BB Creams contains botanical extracts and a minimum of chemicals to be suitable for the most sensitive skin-types.

They list 4 steps:
-Pore & Sebum Care - non irritating particles covering pores and controlling oil production
-Trouble soothing & Skin improvement - Chamomile, Portulaca Oleracea, botanical vitamins and Allantoin soothe skin
-Soft Application - Application is soft and easy to spread and won't feel sticky or heavy on face
-Macula Cover - covers freckles and other imperfections and makes skin look clear and healthy.

Elisha Coy claim to only use the finest highest-quality ingredients and they understand themselves as a modern European-style brand.
There is much more blabla in their little pamphlet but I want to proceed now to actually reviewing this.

I think this BB Cream is indeed a bit different from many other I tried. You really don't feel this when you wear it. It dries down to a soft matte powdery finish which is rather unique among the majority of dewy a bit heavier BB Creams. I believe the Always Nuddy BB 24 would suit oilier skin-tones perfectly as it can feel a bit drying on my normal-dry skin.
The color is a light neutral beige that would suite most light-medium complexions. It works for me but it's not the most perfect match. The BB Cream is lightly scented.
I paid 29000 Won and also received a Herb Clay Mask, a Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub and 15ml sample tubes of the Always Nuddy and Always Triple BB Creams.

5: Elisha Coy Always Triple BB SPF30 PA++ (non-chemical sunscreen) 50ml:

I couldn't resist ordering the other BB Cream (though the other one came with a sample tube of this). Anways, the Always Triple BB Cream is quite different from the Always Nuddy BB 24.
This BB Cream has the added benefits of:

-Wrinkle improvement
-SPF30 PA++ (UVA and UVB protection)

The Always Triple BB contains Royal Jelly and Caviar extracts as well as Portulaca Oleracea and Morus Alba Linne) to soothe and protect sensitive skin.

The Always Triple BB is richer than the Always Nuddy BB 24 so it suits my skin-type better.
However the color is a little dark for me. It also has more yellow tones so it's a bit off on me unfortunately.
The cream is lightly scented and comes in a black squeeze-tube.
I paid 33000 Won and received also a Herb Clay Mask, Cacao Greentea Age Fitness Mask and a 15ml sample tube of the Always Nuddy BB Cream.

6: IPKN Rejuvenate and Natural Cover BB Blemish Balm with Aloe Extract 30ml:

This is my first venture into IPKN New York. It's a Korean brand despite the addition New York (at least I only found a Korean website etc.).
Anyway, this was one of the most surprising and pleasant BB purchases recently. I purchased 2 30ml tubes for 7000 Won so I got 60ml at a really cheap price. I don't think this is the full-size but 30ml is pretty much the regular size of foundations here so it will last me quite a while (and I have the 2nd tube to use afterwards).
This lightly scented rather thick cream offers a perfect color match for me due to the pale lightly gray pinkish color. The coverage it offers is medium so my skin looks rather perfect when I apply this.
It comes in a pretty pearly light peach squeeze-tube.
The cream contains Aloe Extract. Since the tubes came unboxed (but sealed) there is no further information available.
This is a really great BB Cream and will be useful for anyone with a very fair skintone like mine.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kathi,
The Elisha Coy Always Nuddy 24 sounds great for my oily oily skin! Which seller did you get it from? I typed 'Elisha Coy Always Nuddy 24' but there weren't any results generated in Gmarket. If it isn't too much of me to ask, can you please send me a sample of it together with the Belita Lala sachets? I'd be super happy if you can do so! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

Will the IPKN bb cream match someone with a NC20-25 skintone? Thanks for all your helpful reviews!

Kathi said...

Hi Sue,
I'd say it would be suitable for you if you lean more towards NC20. But the IPKN is really extraordinarily light-toned so it's probably best suited for about NW/NC15

bella gureishi said...

hi kathi, Thanks for the great comparison btw, where did you bought the IPKN bb cream? Thanks

Anonymous said...

If you're from the Philippines you can check this site:
I love her shop she offers most of the products from korea at cheap price!

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