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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Etude House Moistfull Eye Essence & Secret Time Total Eye Balm

Etude House added a new item to their Moistfull skincare range: The Eye Essence.
It comes in a little pump bottle and contains a generous 30ml which is about double the size you usually get in eye creams.

The Eye Essence is a very lightweight white emulsion that spreads very easily so it's good to wear under makeup as it's not greasy or heavy at all and sinks into my skin right away.
However for me it's too lightweight. I have normal-dry skin and I am just 27 years old so I don't need a heavy eye cream but the Eye Essence is too light for my taste. I can wear it during the day if I use a moisturizing concealer on top of it but for night time I prefer another item, namely the Secret Time Total Eye Balm.

The Secret Time range is meant for more mature drier skin-types and their face care items are generally too rich for me. However I really like their Total Eye Balm. It's a white richer cream but it's not too heavy. It makes the area around my eyes smooth and soft. I can't say if it improves wrinkles as so far I am lucky to have none.
The pretty lilac jar contains 20ml.

Both products are lightly scented which might be a problem if you're sensitive to scents.
I paid 10500 Won (about US$8 or so) for the Eye Essence and 14000 Won for the Total Eye Balm.
The total Eye Balm came with a free little mirrored oil blotting paper compact (filled).


Anonymous said...

The mirror is cute.

Laura L said...

i'm planning to get eye cream too, but still thinking of which eye cream to choose.

I have spotted on some eye cream:
-innisfree olive real eye cream
-innisfree green tea eye cream
-innisfree lavender moisture eye cream
-the skin food pumpkin milk eye cream
-the skin food raspberry eye cream

my seller, Rumistyle said that the innisfree olive real eye cream is the number1 items in this brand.I'm planning to get few of the eye cream too.

let u know when I have tried them.besides, if u have any suggestion on the eye cream, hope u don't mind the share ya..

take care ^ ^

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I was wondering if you have seen the 44 concealer from Etude House spotting @ Gmarket!!!

I have tried to look for it and havent found nothing... so if you could find the seller that you bought it from, I would be very grateful!!

Thanks, Calypsa on MUA

Kathi said...

I think it has been discontinued =( Seems you can't get it anywhere now

Anonymous said...

Ohhh!!! Poo!!! :D Well, I can splurge on other items now hehe!!

Thanks for answering!!!

Wynda said...

wow, the mirror is so cute! Can you tell me which seller you get this eye balm from? If possible, can you recommend me some sellers from gmarket for etude house products. After reading your blog i think i may order some of the products from EH. Thanks very much!!!!

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