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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lunasol Fall 2008: Full Glamour Lips S #15 & 16

Lunasol really make some of the nicest lipsticks ever. So when they released a new range of lipsticks called Full Glamour Lips S for fall 2008 (which features 16 reds from very light and natural to berry red) I decided to get 2 colors back in August. I will definitely get more but they sell for almost US$40 online so they're quite a luxury in my opinion.
I believe Full Glamour Lips S replaced their older Intellectual Lips Full Glamour range which was divine, too.

The Full Glamour Lips S come in pretty metal tubes in Lunasol's signature color (this bronzey brown metal). Quite simple and pretty.
I noticed that the lipsticks from Kate, Coffret D'or and Lunasol all look similar except for the color.. seems Kanebo is sticking with a theme here...

Anyway, the lipsticks are creamy moisturizing goodness. They feel super smooth and glide on like a dream. My lips feel so soft when wearing these!
The finish is a creamy satin, no glitter in the 2 shades I picked out (though #16 has fine shimmer). Both have good pigment so you get the color you see in the tube.

I got #15 (Cool Red) and #16 (Berry Red) and I am very pleased with my choices.

#15 is a gorgeous natural beige red

#16 is a luscious deep cool red.

These are not fragranced which is always a plus in my opinion.

If you are searching for a moisturizing lipstick in a pretty natural shade you will definitely find a color you like in Lunasol's lipstick lineup. It was very hard for me to choose as nearly all colors looked yummy. I will defintely pick up more of these later!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just want to praise you as the best reviewer! With your posts, one has enough information whether to get a product or not and not get cheated by advertisement. VERY helpful, thank you!!

Kathi said...

Thank you! You're very sweet =D
Doing reviews is fun for me and I am happy to help others, too =D

Cheryl said...

Really have to say your lips are of a really pretty shape! And both colours look really gorgeous on you, especially #15.

will pick up one for myself soon :X

Kathi said...

Thank you, Cheryl! =D These are definitely worth checking out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, did you buy these at I found the price a bit steep at $38.50. Is there a cheaper place to get these from?

Kathi said...

Yep, from Ichibankao. That was back in August though when the price was a bit lower as the Yen was weaker

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