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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Small Kose haul (Esprique Precious & Beaute de Kose)

I know that I've been neglecting the Japanese makeup a bit in favor of buying more Korean stuff =) I think I am so stocked with Japanese makeup that I got really more selective what I buy so there was nothing that caught my fancy within the previous month or so.

Anyway, I have been waiting for adambeauty to update his Esprique Precious range so when I spotted the fall collection finally for sale I decided to pick up 2 of the lipsticks and an eye palette. I found the Esprique eyeshadow quad and the Beaute de Kose quad I had been lemming since August for good prices on facial-shop though so I decided to pick them up there.
Adam sent me a T'estimo lipgloss sample along with my 2 lipsticks, too =)

I will review the items within the next few days =)


Jeanjean said...


nice blog, i really like it.

do you work or are you just a student?

I see you spend a fortune on your beauty products. mind to show us your picture? you must be really pretty.

hope to see more of your posts about BB cream and skin care products!

Unknown said...

I love these lippies!!! They are lush!

Kathi said...

Hi Jeanjean,
I don't post pics of myself, sorry! I prefer to stay anonymous (or faceless hehe) on the net =)
I'll be reviewing Tony Moly skincare soon!

Hi Glow_Chaser,
they are very pretty, aren't they? I believe that the Japanese brands make the prettiest and best lippies =D


Unknown said...


Love the new layout! Its gorgeous.

I havent tried any of the Korean ones yet...But I feel this way about eyeshadow! haha

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll x

Kathi said...

Hehe, I see only 2 or 3 Japanese holiday items I like so far...but might see more stuff I can't resist when the collections are actually out =D
Sure, your blog is very nice so of course I added it to my list =D

Anonymous said...

HOMG! You changed your layout! Awesome looking. :)

Pink Sith said...

Great Haul!! I love the new look to the blog! Kathi, as always you are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

really like ur new layout!!!!
are these kose really nice and pigmented?
how much and where do u bought this?
i wanna give my sis a present for her bday... Japanese's cosmetics i think
or u wanna give me some advise which ne? korean brand maybe?


:) hope ur new e/l hihihihi

Kathi said...

The Esprique shadows retail for about US$35 on adambeauty, the lipsticks cost US$27.50 (all incl. shipping).
The Beaute de Kose quad was from facial-shop for US$44.50 incl. shipping but she had only 1 piece and I am not sure if it's still available (I believe it was LE).
The Esprique shadow quad seems to be very pigmented except for the cream shade. I don't know why they had to throw in a sheer cream shadow. I haven't tried the lippies yet but knowing Japanese brand these probably give a sheer glossy finish.
I always recommend getting something from Cathy Cat (like their Glitz Quilt Shadows) or Banila Co...they make nice gifts. Also the Skinfood Bordeaux Shining Kit makes a nice gift (I reviewed it, check my labels)

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