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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kose Esprique Precious Fall 2008

I'm a bit late reviewing some items from the Esprique Precious fall collection but I was waiting for adambeauty to stock it as I wasn't in the mood for paying overly jacked-up prices for the stuff.

Anyways, adam started stocking the Esprique Precious fall items maybe around 2 weeks ago and facial-shop had the new eye palette for US$5 less than adam so I ended up ordering the Dress On Shiny Eyes in C-3 from Facial-Shop for US$29.99 and 2 of the new lipsticks called Dress On Moist Rouge in PK810 and BE812 for US$27.50/each from adam.

-Dress on Shiny Eyes:

I really liked Esprique's first 2 batches of eyeshadow palettes Light On Eyes and Full Sparkle Eyes so I was sure the newest Dress on Shiny Eyes would be quite nice, too.
Esprique did a complete revamp of the packaging for their new fall collection and I have to say everything looks pretty and feminine but I liked the silver/pink style, too.
The new palettes and lipsticks remind me very much of T'estimo's older style from 3 years or so ago.

Anyway, the Dress on Shiny Eyes contains 1 cream color and 3 powders, one of them being a liner shade. I wish they'd have left the glittery cream shade out. It's pure glitter in a greasy base so it's totally useless for me. The 3 powders however are extremely nice, silky and very pigmented. They blend like a dream and stay on very well.

The colors in C-3 are clear cream with silver glitters, silvery metallic white with a blue tinge (it shows up slightly grayed on my eyes), cool metallic taupe brown and a very dark intense navy blue (powder) liner. I first thought the colors look awkward together but when applied the eye look is very nice and all colors work together beautifully.

-Dress On Moist Rouge:

The lipstick comes in a pretty white and silver tube very similar to T'estimo's Serumdrape Rouge series from 2006.
The texture is smooth, moist and creamy with sheer-medium color pay-off. There is no fragrance added like most Japanese brands prefer.

The lipsticks are pretty nice and the colors they come in are very wearable and on the muted side.

I picked:
PK810: This is a beautiful light pink with peachy tones

BE812: This is a bit more complex. It's a mix of light pink and beige with green (!) iridescence. The green is very subtle though so the lipstick is super pretty.

All in all the collection is very pretty and it's worth picking up a few items. There are 3 more eyeshadow palettes (a green, reddish brown and plummy wine)
On Rouge Deluxe you can see the complete line-up =D


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