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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Etsy madness continues.....

I went crazy the past weeks on Etsy as I was traveling on Monday so I somehow picked up more pouches and stuff for my trip lol. Of course I have now about 3x as many pouches as I actually needed but oh well... I love collecting cute stuff and rotate my pouches regularly =P

Sorted by sellers (oh and nearly all fabrics used are from Japanese brands! I just totally love Japanese fabrics!):

I spotted a great looking eco bag in Masko's shop but somehow wanted a cuter Japanese fabric
=) So I got a custom order from her which turned out to be the cutest and most useful eco bag/shopping tote I own!
I used it for shopping several times already and love how much stuff this bag can store (look at this wide gusset on the pic below) but still will feel compact and handy to carry (there is also an extra pocket inside for a wallet or receipts!).
Since the handles and bag are from one piece, this can carry lots of heavy stuff and I don't have to worry it getting torn or breaking.

When she listed the cute eco bag for me I also snatched up the Nintendo DS pouch in her shop! It is very soft and well padded and has 6 pockets for games. It's very cute and holds my NDS lite, My Melody touchpen and game cards easily.

Just on the day I traveled I was so lucky and received the custom order laptop sleeve tote from her which I had ordered early July along with another accordion fold card case and a wet wipe case which also can hold 2 diapers and rash ointment so it´s a handy little diaper changing pack to take along with me. The Japanese fabric has a very sweet vintage feel to it! =D

The laptop bag was a new item to do for Masko and I believe it came out perfectly! I asked her to have handles and an extra pocket with an accordion fold so it can hold more stuff (like my modem or a notebook with pen or so). It´s heavily padded and the Sanrio Sugarbunnies fabric (a heavier cotton/linen blend) and lining (lilac cotton) look so cute together! I am using this bag on my trip for my netbook and the cute Kuromi pouch I got from Yumeko for my portable DVD player which is larger than my netbook thus fits Yume´s sleeve perfectly!
As always impeccable workmanship and a great person to talk to! Please don't forget to enter her giveaway on my blog here!

Julie listed so many sweet new things I had to pick some of them up! The small brown makeup pouches are too adorable! Look at all those details! I really love them as I feel there is something fairy-like and sweet about them (they're small though, just will keep a lippy, mirror and lip balm or so..handy for small bags! Also make handy coin purses or to store other small things like hair accessories etc.)! One is for me, one is a bday gift for a friend =)
The hand quilted apple coin pouch was irresistible, too! It's really soft and when you squeeze it it opens really wide so picking out coins or other small stuff is really easy!
And look at the cute gadget case! It´s so kawaii! It has a hidden magnetic closure! Nifty, right?
Really fantastic stuff, you should seriously check out her store!

This Japanese lady is sewing very unusual and unique items all by hand. She doesn't use a sewing maching but her items come out really beautifully! I purchased 2 wallets and a scrunchy and all 3 items are really worth it! I am currently using the flower/bear wallet and it's really roomy and fits lots of cards, cash, coins and other things! I got cute little folded origami birds etc. and cute handmade charms to attach to bags or wherever I want. Really sweet!

I purchased from Chigu before as she has the cutest (bear) appliqué pouches you can get. Each of her pouches is telling a sweet little story and you can feel the love and imagination behind every piece. The red/pink-themed roomy pouch with the panda bear on the birthday cake is the prettiest pouch I saw in her shop to date. It´s padded and quilted and I love the combination of fabrics/colors so much! Even though the pouch was a bit pricier it´s worth every single cent for me.

I have been watching her store for quite some time now but for some strange reason always hesitated to order. I finally gave in and I am so happy I did as her pouches are fantastic! I got 2 rather large one, the black one with 2 pockets is really so soft due to lots of padding and the light pink one is quite stiff so it retains its shape beautifully! I also got a super cute passport cover from her! She also sent along some candies and a cute pin as little extras!
I should mention that she sent my 2nd order the same day I purchased it as I asked her for a quick dispatch as I wanted to make sure to get the pink clutch and passport case before my trip! I really appreciate good customer service!

When I found this sweet large pouch in her store I instantly purchased it. It can hold lots of makeup or other stuff and the fabric is really sweet! The workmanship is flawless and the price was more than right! Check out her store, you can find more of those cute "Louise" pouches!

I got this cute Japanese sewing kit including the pouch from her shop. Very cute stuff, well made and handy for toting around! She has lots of pouches and other things up for grabs, too!

I got a cute glasses case and key fob combo from her. Very well made and affordable (I think US$7 or so for both?). I am also going to order some of her eco lunch bags for my kids after my holidays!

I got another cute hand-carved stamp from her =) It's such a cute teddy! It's a rather large one! =D

This lady makes seriously great iPhone (and other mobile phone) pouches! There are 2 pockets and a wrist-strap and it's padded with fleece! Fits iPhones with plastic shells, yay! Inside there is also a small ribbon hook so when you detach the wrist strap you can attach the pouch to your purse handles! Very cool idea!

I ordered 3 cute USB stick/lipbalm cozies here. Very nicely made and cute fabrics!

I found this cute pouch with a hand-stitched lamb in this shop. Pouch is softly padded and has an extra pocket inside! I have this on my desk with my LP cards inside =D

Finally I found a seller here in Austria who uses Japanese fabrics! =D I got this super sweet large wristlet pouch from her! It's really large so it's great to use for storing big things like body lotions or so or even as a handbag when you go out =)
Her items are a bit on the pricier side but really well made!

This lady offers the cutest phone pouches made of Sanrio fabrics (and some others, too!). I got some of them for my cousins (they love them!) The NDS pouch had a stuck zipper so I had to send it back. I should get my exchange bag soon!

I found real steals in this store! 2 Hello Kitty scarfs for my daughters (both same design, but one is wider than the other), larger tote for my son (it´s a really well-made and useful bag, he is using it for his NDS, games, charger etc.) and a cute little pouch. Each item was between US$3-5 but the things are really nicely made! I even received an extra keyfob (a really heavy well made one!)

My 3rd purchase from her was solely for upcoming bday gifts. The fabrics aren´t really the kinds I would purchase for myself (I prefer more kawaii hehe) but I know that the recipients love them =D
I got a wallet with matching keyfob and a checkbook wallet.

I purchased various cute pouches made of fabric scraps for the kids and me. They´re not lined but they´re accurately sewn and look cute (plus they´re really inexpensive). She also offers lined pouches and sweet totes in her store. I also got a cute small key charm as a gift!

I got that cute carousel pouch half off as the fabric is upside down. It´s still really cute! I also got that cute nylon-lined boxy pouch but it could have been a bit more interfaced as it´s super thin and soft. I still like it though!

I purchased a cute ants pencil case (a gift for a friend, yes I know, so many gifts this time around lol) ane a sweet wallet. Both are nicely made but I was a little disappointed that the wallet´s coin pouch is not lined and the edges aren´t finished so it doesn´t look really that nice. A pity as otherwise the wallet is really sweet!

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