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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips G Lipstick in #30 Cool Beige & #32 Sheer Beige

Ah, how much I love Lunasol´s lipsticks! As much as many of their eyeshadow palettes fail on me most of the time the lipsticks are always gorgeous.
Seriously, I think I haven´t seen a single color in the Lunasol range that doesn´t look wearable, well, maybe some of the more orange ones might not suit me personally but still they will look gorgeous on someone else.

I recently purchased 2 of the Full Glamour Lips G in #30 Cool Beige and #32 Sheer Beige, which still seem to be a part of the regular color range.
I got them for a good price in an eBay auction as I was the lucky winning bidder (I know some will hate me now haha! I really have a perverted luck with my eBay bids hehe....Sorry, I am a tad bit sadistic I think =X).
While Lunasol is an expensive department store brand oddly their lipsticks retail for the same price as those from Coffret d´Or and Maquillage but to me anyway all 3 brands´ lipsticks are on a par quality-wise so this fact makes sense...somewhat. 
3150 Yen (somewhere around US$35?) retail price for a lipstick is in no way inexpensive anyway so probably you could consider Coffret d´Or and Maquillage as over-priced since they are drugstore lines!

Enough blabla, the Full Glamour Lips G come in the Lunasol signature chocolate-bronze colored metal tubes that look very simple yet elegant.

The texture is creamy and very comfortable to wear, the lipsticks never start to gunk up on the inner part of the lips and stay put for quite long time if I don´t eat or drink.
These are not scented and these particular colors have a pearly-almost metallic finish. 

#30 Cool Beige looked totally not like a color I´d like to wear at first as it somehow was very orangey brown or copper-ish but since I trusted Lunasol I tried it and I fell in love with this color as it turned into a pinkish brown shade with a very lustrous finish. This is rather pigmented.

#32 Sheer Beige might seem very pale but it´s actually a bit sheerer than #30 so the natural lip color can shine through a little. On me this looks like a lighter nude pink beige.

Overall gorgeous colors and perfect quality as usual. The color difference is actually rather subtle but I like the slightly more lustrous finish of #30 better.

Rating 5/5

Kanebo MFC Eye Color in BR-01

I received a small Kanebo MFC haul recently and posted about it here. As you can read here on Yumeko´s blog the brand´s name is "My Featuring Colors" and can only be purchased in Family Mart convenience stores in Japan. 
The dear Fumiko is offering some items from MFC on her blog which is probably the only place online to get these cosmetics.  

The items are cute and on the inexpensive side but manufactured by cosmetics giant Kanebo.
The packaging feels a bit flimsy since the cases are just made of clear plastic but still I think the things are cute and pretty.
The Eye Color (whatever is actually called as Eye Color are pretty much the only English words I can find lol) is a trio of colors in the typical popular Japanese "gradation" pattern which means 3 complementary shades from the same color family just from light to dark.
I picked up color BR-01 which didn´t overly wow me when I received it as it looked a bit warm and bland. 
I was quite surprised to find that this offers quite a silky and nicely pigmented texture and the colors are very neutral and subtle, perfect for a polished nude eye look. The shades blend beautifully and stay put all day long applied on top my eyelid primer (usually I use either the one from Lunasol or Coffret d´Or).

The lightest shade is an off-white shade with a silky satin finish whereas the medium color is a sparkly light beige which works wonders to brighten up my lids. The darkest color is a medium brown which can be blended very easily into the crease area (for me this is not dark enough for a liner).
Oddly the colors look quite different on my eyes and swatched on my arm.
This makes also a great basic neutral trio to combine with brighter colored liner etc. In the pic below I am wearing this trio along with my Esprique Precious Matte Lasting Cream Eyeliner in BL901 which I purchased back in summer 2008.
Mascara is the Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara. Liners are from Dolly Wink (upper lid) and Heroine Make Pencil Eyeliner in 01 Black.
Overall a nice product albeit not unique or very outstanding color-wise. If you are looking for a very cute neutral palette at an affordable price and that´s a bit hard to get thus somewhat special then this is a good pick. 
Rating 4/5

Sana Uruotaishi Hiaruronsan Moisture Lip Balm

Sana added a new product to their cute small Uruotaishi Hiaruronsan skincare line... a Moisture Lip Balm, yay!
I reviewed the other 2 products (Moisturizing Mist and Moisture Gel) quite some time ago so if you are interested in this line please read those posts.

The key ingredient of the Uruotaishi products is hyaluronic acid in 3 different variations (sealing, plumping and penetrating). You can check Sana´s English information of the gel and mist here (the English site is not updated so the Moisture Lip Balm is not listed there yet).

The Moisture Lip Balm is a bit pricey for a lip balm since it retails for 980 Yen (that´s more than US$12) but it comes in a pretty a bit chunky swivel-up tube just like regular lipstick.

The lip balm is totally unscented (not even any icky plastic smell or taste) and even though this is a solid stick it has an easily melting texture which spreads like a dream. 
The balm leaves a lightweight moisturizing layer with a light sheen (but not glossy look) on my lips. 

My lips feel and look smooth but to be very honest the effect isn´t that long-lasting so I am slightly disappointed that the hydrating effect isn´t something that stays. My lips are softer after the balm has worn off but not to a very remarkable extent.

Overall a nice lip balm but a bit expensive for its performance.

Rating 3/5

Kiss Me Heroine Make Pencil Eyeliner 01 Black & Pencil Eyebrow 01 Dark Brown

I normally shy away from wooden makeup pencils as I just somehow dislike them. I prefer automatic liners as they are usually more convenient and often a bit on the harder side.

2 of the newest products in the Heroine Make line from Kiss Me are the Pencil Eyeliner and the Pencil Eyebrow.
They retail for 500 Yen/each (about US$6.50), I paid US$7/each on Adambeauty incl. shipping.

The Pencil Eyeliner features a sweet white pencil with the head of the "heroine" manga girl all over the pencil. It looks more like a normal pencil and my daughter already asked if she can have it for school =P

I was very surprised to find this eyeliner to be very smooth and pigmented and super easy to apply. I only use these kind of eyeliners on my lower and inner lids as I always use a felt-tip liner for my upper lids...and for this purpose this liner is really good it lasts very well, especially on the lower lids and it´s a deep black color. On the inner rims it lasts decently, it does fade by time but honestly all liners do this on me as the inner rims are wet so it´s hard to stay put there. 

This doesn´t irritate my eyes at all like e.g. the Majolica Majorca Jeweling Liners do so for 7 bucks this is a pretty nice liner!
Comes in black and brown.

The Pencil Eyebrow is a hot pink pencil with the girl´s head printed all over, too. 
I am actually not a fan of eyebrow pencils as they are often hard as hell and hard to apply. There are definitely good pencils out there but generally I just find powders to be more convenient and better to apply and dose.
I didn´t really expect to like this liner, especially after swatching it the first time as it was very hard and nearly didn´t give any color. 

After swiping it over my hand a few times the hard top layer disappeared though so the pencil beneath was nice to spread and applied evenly.
The color 01 Dark Brown is a dark slightly grayish brown which looks very natural on me. I like that this doesn´t have any red tones as they don´t look good on me especially now that my hair is blackish brown.
The liner stays put all day on me so my brows stay nicely shaped and colored all day long.

I like this a lot as it´s really a nice product.

Pencil Eyeliner 4/5
Pencil Eyebrow 5/5

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Summer 2010: Kosé Visée Blossom Eyes in PK-1 and GR-4

Did I really write that I only found the purple version of the new Visée Blossom Eyes appealing? I don´t know, but sometimes I seem to be quite out of my senses =P Maybe it was a try to convince myself that I didn´t need any of the other palettes hehe!

Anyway, I remedied that and picked up 3 more Visée Blossom Eyes palettes but only 2 were for myself as the brown one was a gift for my stepmom (who btw. is only 6 years older than me and the mom of my younger brother who is just 5 months older than my YOUNGEST kid haha...yea naughty dad and messed-up family, I know!).

For myself I got the palettes in PK-1 and GR-4 (from the Apopofkawaii blogger sale, too, so each of them came with something else like a lipgloss or falsies). 

I think I don´t need to say much regarding packaging etc. as I reviewed the purple palette thoroughly before here. The top 2 shades are non-greasy cream bases whereas the 3 lower colors are shimmery powders with medium pigment and a silky smooth and blendable texture. Please check the other post for more details.

PK-1 is a very sweet feminine rose/plum palette. The cream shades are white and brown whereas the powders are pale pink, medium rose pink and a deep brownish plum.

GR-4 contains white and brown cream colors and powder shadows in a light yellowish green, medium olive and deep olive-tinged brown.



Mascara used on both EOTD: Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara
Overall I really like these palettes and the new colors are very wearable and pretty. 
Rating 4/5

Lavshuca Liquid Rouge in PK-1

This was one of the items I scored on the special blogger sale of Apopofkawaii.
I have a few of the Liquid Rouge glosses from Lavshuca and really like their thick but slick texture and pretty glossy finish.

The Liquid Rouge comes in a very small tube that would be very convenient to carry along. 
This gloss contains 4ml and retails for 1050 Yen which is alright I think.

As I mentioned above the texture is slick but thick thus rather long-lasting and glossy. 
It´s not scented or fragranced and doesn´t feel drying or gooey.

PK-1 is a very pretty light shimmery neutral-cool pink with shimmer. The color shows up well as it´s about medium-pigmented.

Overall a lovely gloss and very worth purchasing. 

I recently wore it paired with this EOTD:

Rating 4/5

Lion Bathtology Foamy Body Care - Sparkling Citrus Body Wash

I am such a sucker for Japanese body washes...well, I am a sucker for pretty much everything from Japan lol... anyway, I couldn´t pass up this gorgeous body wash from Lion Bathtology when I spotted it on eBay. I love everything with a citrus scent (unless it smells too much like dish washing detergent) as I generally prefer things that smell fresh as most of the time anything too powdery or floral will give me a blazing headache.

So I ordered my huge 550ml bottle of this body wash and hoped it would smell like body wash and not detergent lol.

When I got the bottle and tried the Foamy Body Care out I was amazed that it actually was one of those products which doesn´t require to be lathered up...which means this already comes out of the dispenser as a soft creamy frothy foam!
Seems I missed that part in the auction description but this makes this an absolutely divine treatment.

Since this dispenses as a foam this huge amount will probably last for ages. To cleanse my whole body I use about 5 pumps.
This is not drying at all and keeps my skin soft and moisturized.

That´s how it looks when pumped out:
The Sparkling Citrus scent is also really good, fresh and sweet without any harsh or bitter notes. 
The scent lingers a bit but not too long so it won´t clash with your perfume or scented body lotion. 

I also think the bottle looks pretty but actually the part with the printed lemons etc. is only the outer wrapping which could be removed to reveai a plainer bottle. I like the fruits print too much to remove it though =)

I got this from eBay (alphabeautyuk).

Rating 5/5

Kiss Me Heroine Make 5th Anniversary set - Long & Curl Mascara + Mascara Remover

Heroine Make by Kiss Me is releasing more and more interesting items. I picked up their 5th Anniversary kit on Adambeauty recently as it´s a great value for money pack (I paid US$14.50).

This set contains: 
-Long & Curl Mascara
-Mascara Remover
I am not usually a fan of lengthening mascaras but I thought this looked pretty interesting and I have always liked the volume formula from Kiss Me Heroine Make.
The Mascara Remover isn´t a product I would have been interested to purchase usually but since the set just costs a few $ more than the mascara alone I thought it would be a nice chance to try this, too.
The Long & Curl Mascara comes in a pretty deep burgundy colored tube and contains 6ml. The brush is thin and curved so it´s easy to use this without smudging any mascara on my lids. 
The mascara promises lasting curl and 120% more length through fibers, it contains lash repair ingredients and is water-resistant so it won´t smudge.
I expected the mascara to be nice as it´s very popular but when I tried it I was totally wowed by the wonderful results it gives. Seems these days I am unexpectedly lucky with choosing the right mascaras and this Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara is seriously one of the best I tried recently. It´s not a wet or heavy formula but rather lightweight and yet it spreads easily without giving the impression that the mascara is dry.
It keeps the curl all day long, separates my lashes to give a full feathery effect, makes them look long and adds a bit of thickness. The fibers don´t give ugly spider legs but just long lush lashes. The mascara could be a tad bit more black but actually it´s really just a perfect product.

This removes easily with cleansing oil and a bit of eye makeup remover but doesn´t smudge or flake during the day at all.

With a little of Majolica Majorca Lash Base and 3 coats of the Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara. First curled with a Koji curler.
Rating 5/5

The Mascara Remover comes in a cute pink tube with a coil-shaped comb applicator. 
How to use: Just coat lashes with the liquid using the included comb, leave it on the eyes for 2-3 minutes and then wipe off with a cotton pad.
The liquid feels a bit oily but doesn´t sting or burn in my eyes.
This product definitely works and would be convenient for traveling since the container with 4ml will last through many removals however this product is totally inconvenient for daily use. The whole process takes about 4 minutes or so while washing everything off with cleansing oil and regular eye makeup remover takes 1-2 minutes max.

Rating 3/5

Overall a good value pack but the Mascara Remover is only useful if you travel a lot or to throw in your purse for those cases when you have/want to remove your mascara on the go. 
The Long & Curl Mascara is really fab, so worth purchasing!
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