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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Sana Uruoitaishi, the moisture Ambassador! (Hiaruronsan)

Sana usually releases interesting or even gimmicky products from time to time and often I simply can't resist =) And honestly the majority of their items is pretty good, too!
I am such a darn sucker for anything cute so I surely had no chance to resist the cute Uruoitaishi Hiaruronsan moisture gel that comes in a pot that resembles a Russian Matryoshka doll! Too cute!

Look at those hilarious cartoons ("Mummy Eyes" *snorts*) explaining the uses of the gel and the spray (which I just ordered but haven't received yet):

As you see both items can be used even on top of makeup. I haven't tried it as I can't imagine to slap gel on top of my face when it's fully made up but I would use the spray.

Now on to the review. I love the gel! It's a rather firm, not liquid milky white gel and has no scent or unpleasant smell (a slight chemical which you might know from unscented products). It contains hyaluronic acid.
The gel sinks in really well and leaves my skin buttery soft without any greasy or sticky residues. I tested it for about 3 weeks now and my skin didn't react to it, on the contrary it looks plump and healthy and I enjoy going out without makeup on some days (with a bit of either Meishoku Moist Labo BB Cream or Etude House Moistfull Collagen Balm).

I will be sure to always have some pots of this stuff around. I definitely need to get one for my bedroom, one for the bathroom and maybe one for the car.

25g retail for 980 Yen (+tax). I picked mine up from Adambeauty (click HERE) It cost US$11 incl. shipping (add US$2 for tracking/order). This means that Adam doesn't charge us really more than what you would pay if you went to a Japanese drugstore yourself. Love fair prices!


vanilla said...

haha so kawaii !but i dont need this,im over moisturized !
what a fair price !lol.i hate it when wverything is overprized but we have no option !lol

PBunnieP said...

I saw this recently, but wasn't sure what to make of it. The packaging does look cute though. Have you used to Nameraka Cream? how does it compare to this?

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg, too cute!

Mona said...

the image instruction is hilariosu

HT said...

I'm sooo glad you posted this. I have been looking for places to buy this that will send to the US!!! Thanks!!!

Blovet Beauty said...

it is so cute but it looks like a lip balm ...

Daituf said...

Holy crap! I have to get my hands on some of that!
And who can resist that charming cartoon? Love the "OMG"s...XD
That is just...genius...

~Lisa said...

Too adorable! And I love the funny instructions! Hehe.

Follow me?

Rica said...

Oh! I saw these ones this afternoon while walking around our area here in Hong Kong! My initial reaction was.. What's THIS?! LOL... And then I saw it here on your website.. I wanna get the mist! Because sometimes, I feel like so exhausted at the middle of a day as a teacher and my makeup is very heavy! Must try this! Thanks for the info!


hello, my english is very bad, sorry.
la coruña- España
¡congratulations for your blog¡
A kiss for you and thank you so much

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