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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cute Etsy finds from YuraPockylover & CraftingWithLove

Even though I haven't posted new Etsy hauls for a while I still shopped like mad especially wrapping stuff, stationery, tools for my new love (stamp carving...will dedicate a post to it later!) and sure some nice handmade items.

Recently I found these 2 shops, they are owned by twin sisters in Singapore and they have seriously sweet stuff up for grabs!

specializes in adorably cute fashion jewelry (and some phone cozies etc.) whereas CraftingWithLove has super kawaii phone/cam cases for sale.

I got 2 necklaces from the first shop and a sweet iphone/cam pouch from the other.

I just love all the items! Look at the cute pink teapot necklace and the elegant champagne/gray one! They´re really pretty! There was so much pretty jewelry to choose from so it was hard to decide which items to get!

And here is the sweet cam or phone pouch. There are so many cute ones in the store it was hard to choose! But this turned out to be my fave! If you have an iPhone this will only fit if you have a hard case or (I guess) a silicone one around it like I do as otherwise this will be a bit too wide for your iPhone. But with the hard shell this is a perfect fit!
Made from nice thick fleece =D
The cozy is a perfect fit for my cam, too!

All things came in cute wrapping and arrived very fast from Singapore (just took a week). The ladies running the stores are also very sweet to email with! =D

I am very happy with all the goodies and can recommend both shops very much to you!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Kathi, you always introduce such great Etsy stores! *^_^*

Catherine said...

So cute!!!

NicRTV (陳亞任) said...

that is soo cute....Thanks for posting about this...!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello there <3 I just added your blog to my reads! ^^

I make the same style jewelry as Yurapockylover and sell them on Etsy too ^__~ Hope you'll check it out sometime -->

Kristen said...

Thanks for the recommendations, the stuff you bought is really cute!

Maya Papaya said...

I love everything you have on your blog!! Keep up the good work:) Also, if you love to shop on Etsy, check out my shop as well! XOXO

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