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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Inexpensive Beauty Find: VOV Castledew Diacut Eyes M601 "Platina Shinism"

The Castledew range from VOV has some really fabulous items and all at affordable prices.

Admittedly VOV was a brand that didn't appeal much to me before (their Color Song stuff etc) but the recent releases were all nice and quality/packaging has been seriously improved, too (the Castledew range is a good example for that).

I already reviewed the other Diacut Eyes palettes and really like the first 2 as they have a great texture and beautiful colors. There was a time where I almost exclusively used these palettes as the colors were so pretty!

I don't know when the newest Diacut Eyes (Multi-Type) palette with the weird name "Platina Shinism" came out but I think it might have been for fall? I am honestly a bit out of the loop with Korean makeup except for Banila Co. and Etude House but I still check Gmarket for new interesting goodies.

I found the beautiful new palette in one of my favorite shops (seller vovcare on Gmarket) and it came (and still comes) with a free Castledew eyeliner (the super fine one, similar to Kate Supersharp!) for 18000 Won (somewhere around US$15) so it was a good deal.

As always the palette is a rather large pretty silver palette with a holographic effect. While each of the older palettes contained 9 colors the new palette only offers 6 colors (or 7 if you include the little dot in the lowest left color). The colors come in different sizes. My guess is that the lower 2 colors would be probably the most favorite among most Korean ladies so you get more of them than the other colors. But might be they just wanted a fancy arrangement of the shadows.

Whatever, all 6 colors are beautiful neutrals that would suit about any skintone. All colors are very nicely pigmented and have a beautiful silky finish and feel. Really high quality for such an affordable eye palette in my opinion.

The shade in the middle left has some more fine glitters than the other shades (but not chunky. I think the color has a very pretty and interesting sparkly finish). The other colors are more shimmery or metallic (top left shade). The small dot of dark brown shadow in the lowest left color has almost the same (or maybe even identical?) color as the dark brown shade beside it so I didn't swatch it.

Generally all colors have a fine layer of glitter but it mostly wipes off with a couple of uses. However the shade in the middle left seems to have the shimmer bits throughout.

The colors are:
Top row: Platina Purple (plummy taupe) & Platina Bronze (silky light brown)
Middle: Platina Satin (Light golden taupe) & Platina Pink (light flesh color)
Bottom row: Platina Gold (Light yellow-toned gold) & Platina Brown (deep chocolate)
All colors look neutral to me as I mentioned above already.

All in all I really love this palette, it's so gorgeous and wearable!

Read my review of last Fall's Diacut palettes:
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Blovet Beauty said...

wow.. the colors look so vibrant and pigmented.. that brown dot in the middle is kinda unexpected but cute

.blushfully. said...

That is such a gorgeous palette!! I want one!!!!! Which e-store did you get it from? ='( Gorgeous neutral colours... and the packaging.. aah!


watercoloursky said...

The palette looks pretty! I wish VOV was easier to find online. I don't want to get addicted to Gmarket yet so I haven't opened an account there.

Catherine said...

Ooooh, so pretty! I have been nursing a small lemming for Castledew eyeshadows ever since I discovered their last set of Diacut Eyes. This looks like it has more colors I could use though! (Many of those light colors all show up the exact same on me). Thanks for sharing!

imcarvalho said...

Just the packaging looks lovely <3 I'm afraid to open a GMarket account, it looks so complicated and the shipping was so expensive :x I wish I could find this kind of items more easily!

hanidee said...

Yup, it was for the fall collection I think. I was eyeing this palette because of the Plum taupe color. Its so pretty!

vanilla said...

eeek so beautiful only for 15 bucks??hehehe

Jenna said...

I love VOV! I really like the colors on there. something i would wear. Cant wait till I go to korea and do a big VOV Haul =)

Daituf said...

Where did you get this? It looks gorge!

Unknown said...

wow that palette looks amazing! it'll be great for Christmas! I love the Castledew packaging and style =)

Unknown said...

wow never paid attention to this brand. With that name and all, I thought it must be cheap=crap
but it seems they improved the formula, and the packaging is already a must have for me...and the colors also look good! Too bad I don't know how to use gmarket >.<

~Lisa said...

I love the packaging and the colors!! And it's a very good deal too =]

Follow me?

Jem said...

the colors are beautiful!
plus the packaging too!

nice find!

vanilla said...

my bro is going to korea this december ,i wonder if its much more cheaper there or i can just buy from gmarket??hehe

Jenni said...

omg the gorgeous packaging of the palette (total love <3)

great find! where did you purchase it?

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