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Friday, November 13, 2009

Komenuka Bijin Cleansing Powder

Recently I stumbled across this interesting looking jar filled with 30 doses of cleansing powder for US$18 on Adambeauty (click here) so I decided to pick it up as I was ordering anyway (the new Bihada Ichizoku hand and foot masks and the 2 new Tiffa powder eyeliners..I am also waiting for the new Freshel BB Cream).

I was curious so I googled Komenuka Bijin and found out that the powder that is made only of natural ingredients (Rice Bran, Collagen Glycyrrhiza, Aloe, Algae Extract, Chamomile, Seaweed, Honey, Coconut Oil). I know that often natural ingredients can be irritants but in this case I feel it´s a rather mild formulation so I was eager to try it out on my sensitive skin.

The Cleansing Powder is a mild peeling but foams up nicely so you really feel your face is clean.

This product comes in 30 single doses housed in a solid plastic cup with airtight cover so your packages (which are made of paper) won´t get damp which would cause the powder to clump up.

To use pour about half a package (this would be easily in your palm and massage on your wet face. Or (which I prefer), mix a bit water with the powder in your palm and foam it up a little (this makes it a bit milder and less exfoliating than the other method) and then apply to your dry or wet face.

I have to admit that the powder, when it starts to foam up, has a terrible harsh smell. Almost like ammonia! This smell fades quite quickly though still the product reeks a bit.
However I love how soft it makes my skin. My skin feels a little warm after using this, but it doesn´t feel irritated at all.

All in all I am very happy with this and will use it 2x a week as I am sure this would be enough peeling for my skin. So the 30 packages will last quite a while =)

Want to try this? All gone, sorry!


Babybubblz said...

I have this too and I like it! I find it to smell like Yeast or bread like. When I bought this, I was advised that 1 packet is enough for 3 washes and it works! Great way to save up. Sometimes i find it drying, but it leaves a very squeaky clean feeling.

. said...

Wow! It looks like a instant cup noodle!!

And cleansing powders seem like a lot of hassle to me. Are they easy to use?

mandy said...

This is interesting..
Is this more of an exfoliator then?

Jem said...

i have never even heard of this yet!
i like the packaging...very hygienic!

Miko-chan said...


I was wondering where you ordered your Komenuka Bijin Cleansing Powder from?


Miko :)

watercoloursky said...

Thanks for reviewing this! I've been thinking of ordering it but didn't realise it was a peeling product as well. I think I would hold off getting this until summer then since it sounds like it might dry out my skin in winter.

Soapaholic said...

Thanks for reviewing this!:) This has had me intrigued for quite a long time because I got an email before from a website that offers it. I didn't pay it much attention because I already had a cleanser I was happy with - didn't know it could be used as a weekly exfoliating treatment. Now I might give this a try, thanks again.:)

Amelia said...

where did you buy this from?

loraborealis♡ said...

I've been eyeing this brand for a while now. For some reason, I'm attracted to products with "rice" in them. Haha! Enjoyed the review and it was really helpful since I have similar skin. Thank you!

Blovet Beauty said...

wow this is so cute and interesting... though i'm kinda scared of the smell..

sizbelle said...

the packaging is really cute and travel handy!

Jenna said...

cute packaging and it would be very convenient to bring around. Just bring a few packs when going over to bf house.. must get my hand on one.
Are they as good as foam cleasers? or any other cleanser...?

Kathi said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention the shop though I thought I did lol.

I ordered from Adambeauty (I have edited the post and included the link)


~Lisa said...

Interesting packaging! At first, I thought you were doing some food post with those instant cup noodles!! ^.^

Follow me?

Unknown said...

I love the Komenuka Bijin line. I did a review on their moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and I am sold. They are my staple products. I can't wait to try the cleansing powder. :-)

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