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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall 2009: Integrate Line Power Eyes GR720 & Aqua Creamy Rouge PK308 + RD312

When I found the new Integrate fall stuff on Adambeauty I decided to haul one of the eyeshadows (the one I wanted initially had already been sold out *sniff*) and 2 of the lipsticks.
I am usually very happy with Integrate's lippies but was unlucky with several of their eyeshadow palettes.

The newest line of shadow quads is called Line Power Eyes and features 2 eyeshadows and 2 liners.
The 2 eyeshadows are a medium lid color and a slightly glittery highlighter and the liners are a deep one for eye definition and a white cream version for lining the inner corners.
Of course you can use the white cream liner as a base and the deep liner as an eyeshadow but Integrate recommends them as liners.

The amount of pigment is good and the colors work together nicely. The texture is silky and applies smoothly. I didn't notice any creasing either.

The colors are all basics and there are no remarkable or special color combos available. I think the no-risk colors are a typical thing for Integrate though. I anyway like the green palette I got.

GR720: contains a pretty neutral medium mossy green, a deep hunter green, a glittery pale green and a white cream liner.
Contains 3.5g. I paid US$19.50 on adambeauty.

I also picked up 2 of the new Aqua Creamy Rouge lipsticks.
The lipsticks come in sleek and simple silver/white metal tubes. The texture is really nice and creamy and the pigment is medium so it's quite good and with a few layers the color shows up pretty true to what you see in the tube. The finish is a satiny, a bit glossy look. Really pretty! As always Shiseido came out with a great new range of lippies!

PK308:The color on the right. This is a very nice pink beige. Very natural and flattering on me.

RD312: This is a brownish medium red. It's not really warm nor cool, rather neutral I'd say so it works for me. It's not too dark or bright so it's a very wearable neutral with a bit more color than other neutrals I use. LOTD pic shows this color.

Contains 2.2 g. I paid US$18 on adambeauty.

All in all I can recommend Integrate's newest fall collection. If you like good basic colors I am sure you can find a favorite in the new collection. If you want more daring colors then you'd rather like to look elsewhere.


Catherine said...

Wow, the lippie looks amazing on you!

vanilla said...

no way !the lippie looks so yummy !u have perfect lips !lol

Shop N' Chomp said...

I agree with Cat! It does look amazing on you! :) I've yet to try Integrate stuff. Looks really nice.

loraborealis♡ said...

I 2nd Catherine's comment!

~Lisa said...

Oh my!! Your lip colour are gorgeous!! I am super de-duper tempted to get this lipstick. It looks so good, it's more than flattering on you!

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