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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Xmas 2009: Aube Couture Designing Jewel Compact 04 Silver x Beige

I was pondering between getting one of the Coffret D´or palettes or one from Aube Couture. After long consideration I decided on the Aube Couture Designing Jewel Compact in 04 Silver x Beige as the colors looked prettier than either of the Coffret D´or palettes. I really love last year´s Coffret D´or palettes but this year the palettes both just look too pale and boring.

The Designing Jewel Compact comes in a pretty pink case with silver and white snow crystals embossed. It´s a rather large compact as it contains one full-sized eyeshadow palette and 3 lip color (1 gloss, 2 lipsticks). There are 4 variations available: 01 Brown (eyes) x Pink (lips), 02 Purple x Rose, 03 Gold x Red and 04 Silver x Beige.

I was really having a hard time to decide between 02 and 04. But the eyeshadows in 02 looked very similar to the Aube Couture eyeshadow palette I already have and even though I liked the rose lipcolors better I settled on 04 as the taupey silver eyeshadows looked pretty and the lipcolors seemed to match well, too.

I am so glad I settled on the Aube Couture palette as it´s just gorgeous! The eyeshadows are well pigmented and soft and in contrast to Aube Couture´s usual satiny shadow finish these are nicely shimmery so they´re more festive and perfect for Xmas.

The lipcolors are both very nude pretty colors and go well with the more dramatic eye makeup.
The gloss adds more dimension and shine to the lipcolors so they aren´t getting too pale or flat on me.

The colors are a light silvery taupe, medium taupe brown, dark cool brown (just a touch darker than the the other brown) and white with a high content of shimmer, almost frost so a light hand is best as to not make it look OTT.

The 2 lipcolors have a slightly glossy/moist finish, the gloss adds sparkle and shine. The colors are a pink nude, light peach and clear sparkly gloss.

All in all I am so happy with the new palette! The colors are exactly my kind of colors and the palette is just really pretty in its snow crystal compact.

I also like the eye colors paired with my a cool mauve or rose lipcolor.

I got mine from Ichibankao for somewhere around US$50 incl. shipping (I always do upgrade to EMS though).

Other Xmas items I am going to review: Lavshuca, Kate, Lunasol, Jill Stuart, Esprique Precious, HABA and mostly will get some from Majolica Majorca.

I´ll mostly skip Maquillage´s coffret as the kit doesn´t look worth enough to pick up (last year´s blue palette was really awesome though!), Coffret D´or, Magie Deco (I like the kit but it´s too pricey online), Kesalan Patharan (again very pretty but so expensive!), Beauté de Kosé (haven´t made up my mind about this one yet).


Yin said...

That palette is so pretty, it really does hurt. I kept seeing aube in Hk when i was there, but i never really hear any reviews until now. =)

I might just get my relatives to send some over. ^^

miss_waterlily said...

I was surprised to hear you bought the haba kit, I am guessing its the makeup one? I am personally very into their skincare but it's a relatively unknown brand compared to some. Hehe, cant wait for ur reviews!

Catherine said...

This is so pretty!

Kathi said...

Yes, the HABA makeup kit. I haven't tried this brand before but it looks interesting as it's additive-free

sizbelle said...

the gloss colors look amazingly nice... maybe i should pick one up for this x'mas yae

ya some sites just overpriced the festive sets, luckily i have some of my fav counters available to me but there are still some love that is too far to access to...

Jenna said...

This palette is awesome! Love all the colors in it. But i never heard of this brand before. I like how its got both eyes and lip colors on it. very convenient to bring around =)

~Lisa said...

Very pretty! I like the Aube Coutur palette too! The packaging is really cute and I like how the shape of the shadows instead of the usual squares.

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