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Friday, November 27, 2009

Xmas 2009: Kanebo Kate Brown Collection

The new Kate Brown Collection isn't really a Christmas release but it's their winter release so I will tag is as Xmas collection.

As many readers might know I am very fond of Kate. The quality/prices/frequency of releases/array of colors and items is just great so I am sure most people would fine something they liked from Kate.

Their newest collection is brown and beige themed so I am sure the majority of ladies will find this appealing.
There are 4 new eyeshadow/eyebrow palettes and 4 new lipsticks.
I skipped the lippies as they all looked super pale (nude/beige/peach tones). But I picked up 2 of the new eyeshadow palettes!

The new Brown Collection palettes come in a very wide but thin case. They typical clear/black plastic you're used to from Kate. Each palette contains 3 eyeshadows and a brow powder duo. I think the brow powder is convenient however it can happen that you like the shadows in a palette but the brow powder will be too light or dark for you so it would be useless.

The shadows are mostly shimmery, but not glittery or very shimmery. One color in one of the 2 palettes I have is even matte! The level of pigment is good, the colors show up very well on me.
The 2 brow powders are certainly matte, actually only the darker color is a brow powder whereas the lighter one is a shading powder for the inner side of your nose. But I just mix it with the darker brow powder.
Texture-wise these aren't super silky, just like most other Kate palettes are but they are smooth and blend nicely.

All in all I really like these palettes as I find them convenient and fool-proof for a neutral eye look. I think these would be very handy to travel with as it's only one compact for eyes and brows.

These retail for 1680 Yen/each but you usually get a 25-30% off in Japanese drugstores. I paid somewhere around US$21 or so (Ichibankao). Adambeauty also has them, I didn't check his price but I am sure it'll be good.

BR-3: This contains a shimmery silver gray, medium charcoal and peach. The brow powder is on the lighter side but works for me (my hair is light-medium brown but I dyed it dark cassis recently).

BR-4: Matte cream, chocolate brown and taupe. The brow powders are exactly my kind of colors (deep brown and light brown, they mix well, too)

Next review should be for the Lavshuca stuff (love!) and for the Majolica Majorca palettes (no likey!) and powder.

I also got (and should review soon) the HABA kit (meh), Esprique Precious kit (nice!), JS coffret (pretty) and waiting for Lunasol! =D


Unknown said...

These 2 items look pretty useful. Thanks for the review cant wait till you receive the js xmas collection.........I'm a sucker for their packaging!:-))

. : * justine * : . said...

I picked one of these up with my Adambeauty order, so I'm excited to see it, but the brow powder looks a little light... I guess I'll have to play around with it once it gets here! They were 19$ USD there, which is about the same with Ichibankao's 'shipping included' I guess :)

hanidee said...

The palette looks real nice! I was eyeing this too sincce you also get brow powder. The colors look lovely.

vanilla said...

wow so pretty !and cant wait for ur upcoming posts !hehehe

ilyana said...

These palettes look like they would be really useful when you travel! I like how it comes with the brow powder, thank you for the review!

sizbelle said...

this x'mas set look pretty appealing to me... would consider grabbing one more x'mas set for this season...

so will wait till ur next review.

Yin said...

gah, i love kate palettes, they're always very flattering. =)

is the brow powder compact comparable to the benefit version?

Reita said...

They look so lovely +_+

Lê Mai Trang said...

u r a happiest person in the world :(( u have so many gorgeous eyeshadow palette :((

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