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Monday, November 30, 2009

Xmas 2009: Luasol Party Coffret 2009 - White Lighting

Admittedly I am very fond of Lunasol's Party Coffret 2008 (Soft Silver Lighting). You can read my review here =D

And I can say that I like this year's collection probably even more, mainly due to this wonderful taupe-gray/pink eyeshadow quad!

The theme for this year is "White Lighting" and Lunasol is strictly abiding to this theme as all products come in sleek shimmery white packaging presented in a pretty white cardboard box. Indeed a perfect Xmas gift!

The coffret contains:
-Lighting for Eyes in EX05 White Lighting 6.5g
-Full Glamour Gloss N in EX11 White Lighting 7.3g
-Geminate Liner in EX03 White Lighting 4g
-Shining Powder EX03 White Lighting 2.2g
-White Lighting clutch

Retail price is 6825 Yen (about US$80). I paid US$78 plus shipping.
You can get this for US$79.90 on Facial-Shop incl. shipping which is a bit better deal than what I paid.

Update: Adambeauty got this, it's really a good deal there. Only US$72 (&US$ 2 for registered shipping or US$12 more if you want it faster via EMS service!). Check here!

Since the Lunasol quads retail for roughly US$60 the kit is really a sweet deal as you get 4 items and a pretty clutch.

-Lighting for Eyes in EX05:
This is definitely the star of the kit and it's worth getting the kit for this alone =)
Firstly this comes in a very pretty shimmery white compact case, very much like glistening snow. I like this much much better than the metallic chocolate bronze used for all regular items.

Normally I am not really a fan of the Lighting for Eyes series but this quad (like last year's Soft Silver Pink Lighting quad) has a nice texture. The only pet-peeve is that Lunasol is still insisting in adding that useless silver glitter shade but to add a little sparkle it's ok.

The pink is a nice sheer-medium pigmented color and the deep taupe gray has a silky texture and a good dose of pigment. The white shade is a satin-matte with a sheerer finish and a drier texture. I personally believe that a very neutral sheer highlighter is a good contrast to the silky shimmery pink and metallic deep color so it's a great combination.

-Full Glamour Gloss in EX11:
This is a clear gloss with a high amount of glitters, mainly white but also in various colors from pink to green.

I wish Japanese companies would stop adding clear glosses with microglitters to the Xmas coffrets. Esprique Precious and Jill Stuart both have a clear gloss with pink glitters and Lunasol's gloss is clear with white glittesr so there is on difference on my lips.

The glitters also feel a little gritty but otherwise this is surely a high-quality gloss with a nice smooth texture and a very glossy finish.

-Geminate Liner in EX03:
This is a pretty liner for the inner 1/3 of your eyes and inner corners. It's a clear base with shimmer bits so it looks very pretty when the light hits from various angles.

Left swatch is the liner, right is the gloss.

-Shining Powder N in EX03:
This is a shimmery white loose highlighter. I am generally not a fan of loose powders in any form (may it be blush, powder, eyeshadow etc.) and this one has some quite large glitter bits so this is probably my least favorite product from the kit.

-White Lighting Clutch:
This is a really pretty white satin clutch covered with clear square sequins all over. It's flat so it won't hold so much stuff but it would be pretty as a makeup pouch (which is the only use I would see in this for me personally)

All in all this is probably my favorite Xmas coffret this year, I like it more than the Jill Stuart one (which is very nice, too, and will be reviewed soon!)


mandy said...

It looks beautiful! ^__^
The packaging really stands out. Looks really elegant! :D

Catherine said...

Wow, so pretty!! I can't wait to see your review on the Jill Stuart coffret too though!

watercoloursky said...

noooo I thought I could resist this but then you post such great swatches and pictures....and there goes my willpower.

Do you think the liner is similar to the clear glitter liners (like Urban Decay's heavy metal liners?

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

the packaging is cute but there's no surprise in the palette... white, pink n taupe is quite common unless those are new in makeup.. otherwise many will have similar colors in their drawers... just my 2 cents...

Sheila said...

Hi Kathi!!

This is currently on sale at Adam Beauty for $480 HKD which is about $62USD. I dunno if it includes shipping though... I love the eye palette but I'm not a fan of the shimmer powder, lip gloss or eyeliner either...

snow said...

Am a collector of Japanese brand makeup and I bought this Lunasol set as well, i read most of your post, and gather that you don't really fancy glitters and cream. But just to share my own opinion, i love shimmers from Japanese brands. Many of us embrace the glitter powders some Japanese companies product for highlighting. Therefore, im quite glad that they are still insisting on the glittery color. Same goes for the cream base to apply before adding powder eye color,that they might sometimes include (eg. In the Majolica eyeshadow palette BR355).
However, i noticed that Lunasol (or Kanebo eyeshadows in general) tends to flake easily unlike Shiseido... My major complain is that my under eye area looks 'dirty' with the darker and darkest shades from a Lunasol palette. Worst if i were to go over my lower liner with the darker shade of a lunasol palette.
Does that happen to you? Cause from your ETOD your eye area is very clean and the seperate colors are shown clearly and nicely. When i apply, its just a blended mess of all the colors in the palette. However, that only happens with my Lunasol palettes. So i was wondering if you do anything special or some application technique to prevent that from happening?
Thanks for an enjoyable blog, and keep the reviews coming !

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