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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Xmas 2009: Majolica Majorca Midnight Dresser palettes #11 & 22 and All Night Compact

To be honest the Majolica Majorca Xmas collection didn't look entirely appealing to me but I decided to pick up the goodies I was eyeing anyway just because MM has always been among my fave Japanese brands.

This year they released 2 new eye/lip palettes, a powder compact and a scented shimmer body cream. I skipped the body glitter as I knew I wouldn't use it at all but got the rest of the items.

The 2 Midnight Dresser palettes contain 2 lip glosses and 2 powder shadows/each.

What I greatly dislike about the palettes is the super cheap and flimsy cardboard packaging (the golden and silver sequins are only printed on btw!). The palettes look downright tacky and cheap to me. MM had cardboard palettes out for Xmas 2005 (or so) that came in nice heavy cardboard compacts. The edges were also finished whereas the new palettes are just cut off so I am sure the cardboard will be worn very easily.
Furthermore you cannot leave the palette open when you use it as the cover will always close.

There are no applicators included which is something I don't usually mind that much however when a palette contains lip glosses I prefer a small lip brush is included as I neither like to use my fingers nor do I have an individual lip brush so I always need to take one of my double-ended lipliners with a lipbrush on the other side with me.

The lip glosses are quite thick and gloppy so I am sure these will be finished very quickly if used just a few times. One gloss is clear with glitters whereas the other is colored.
The glosses are nothing special, they are on the sheer side and last decently.

The shadows are nice, the lighter color is sheerer with more glitter bits whereas the darker color has a better color payoff.
The darker color has more of a metallic finish.

The shadows are nice and all but all in all the palette is not worth purchasing in my opinion.

#11 Glamorous Makeup Dresser:
This palette features a red lips/smokey eye look. You get a clear glitter gloss, a sheer red gloss, a silver eyeshadow and a charcoal shadow/liner colors.

#12 Girly Makeup Dresser:
This is the plum/pink look. The glosses are clear with glitters and hot pink whereas the shadows are a pale pink and a deep plum color. The plum color is the only shadow from the 2 palettes that stands out somewhat.
I think I like this palette better than the other.

The All Night Compact comes in a cute red clear compact. The included puff looks sweet with the lace covering however for some reason it is much smaller than the powder so it looks a bit weird.

The powder is white with fine shimmer throughout. You can use this as a highlighter or finishing powder. However if you are in bright sunlight you might find the shimmer bits show up a bit too much.
For the dreary winter days we're facing here it's fine as a finishing powder.

The texture of the powder is silky and the finish is nice and even with fine shimmer. It doesn't come close to my beloved Powder Fantasia 24hrs though which has been replaced just this year. Thank God I still have a few refills of the original one around. I think I used up about 5 or 6 refills of the Powder Fantasia already!

The All Night Compact and eyeshadows aren't scented, the lip glosses carry a light fruity scent.


Zoe said...

Wow..I love the 2nd palette, I think I am going to get it.

vanilla said...

wow 6 refills??seriously !!hehe
i cant find that item in ur blog,trying
btw i was just wondering if u use primer in ur eotd??u make any eyeshadow looks pretty !haha
i mean ANY !

NicRTV (陳亞任) said...

That 2nd palette looks really pretty....

amynaree said...

after reading your post makes me really want to try the Fantasia powder now!! Is it nearly impossible to get them now?

Anonymous said...

wow i am really interested in these! i have not been slightly interested in MM stuff for years but this lot looks fabulous. not sure if out MM counters got these aready? i have problems with its eye shadows with some allergic reaction but maybe it's high time to give this brand a second look.

thanks for the post.

beautyparler said...

I love that lip shade on you! 2nd palette is really nice.

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