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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Xmas 2009: Lavshuca Custom Select Eyes & Jewel Lip N (Color)

Lavshuca released a cute eye/lip palette 2 years ago (2 versions) and last year their Limited Edition Xmas coffrets last year were quite nice, too (a gloss and a shadow duo in a cute little drawer box).

This year we see a bunch of new eyeshadow duos along with new lipsticks so everyone can pick their colors rather than getting a set with some colors you might like or not.

The new Custom Select Eyes are really tiny but I don´t mind as with 18786796708798 shadows I am never going to finish any of them anyway :P The Jewel Lip N lippies are also tiny so you get some cute miniature cosmetics to play with =P

-Custom Select Eyes:

These come in a cute little "drawer" compact just like the Majolica Majorca single shadows. You get 2 colors, usually 1 highlighter and 1 lid color.
Texture and pigment-wise these shadows are nice. Not overly silky but not powdery either so there is nearly no fall-out during application (fall-out is no problem for me in general though as I do my eye makeup prior to my face makeup).

The colors usually have a pearly finish with fine shimmer.

I got the following colors:

PK-1: pretty dusty rose plum and light pink

BR-2: brown and gold

BR-3: My fave duo. contains a deep cool brown and a cream color.

-Jewel Lip N (Color):
I didn´t like the older version of the Jewel Lips that much but I think the new one is much nicer (as in softer and more moisturizing). I got 2 colors, a nice rose beige (RS-4) and a deep cranberry shade (WN-1) and think both are equally pretty.

These feel comfortable to wear and last decently (about 3 hours) on me.
Both colors have a satiny finish with a slight glossiness. Very pretty!

There is also the "Shine" series but I didn´t pick up any of the shades as they looked rather glittery online.
These products can be found in Facial-shop, Ichibankao and I am sure some other online shops should carry these, too.

All in all the Lavshuca Xmas collection is pretty nice and worth picking up!


CherryColors said...

You know what? They are gorgeous!

hkmichelley said...

ooohhhhh the colours and packaging especially look cute!! want them all!
Michelleyyy xxx

Unknown said...

thanks for the review!! I love the eyeshadows you get, the down side on ebay they can be expensive...and aren't they japanese drugstore namebrands? You also get these on g-market or is there a different place...

Kathi said...

Check, and I am not sure if you can find Lavshuca on Gmarket

Unknown said...

thanks for the websites, kathi!!!

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