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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Your Gmarket questions answered =) Part 2

---Please click all pics to enlarge---

So here is the promised 2nd part of the Gmarket tutorial I started last month.

Please check Part 1 for basic info like registering, language problems, domestic and international shipping etc.


1: Finding stuff on Gmarket:
Finding stuff on Gmarket can be tricky as most sellers list all their things in Korean language only. If you can read Korean then you´re lucky =)
If you know your seller´s name then just type this in the search box (like etudegmark for Etude House).

Otherwise you can try searching for a brand though usually searching for 2 words doesn´t bring results (like only search for "banila" instead of "banila co" or try "cathycat" rather than "cathy cat").
Usually such a search will come up with lots of results so I recommend filtering the results:

(Click on "Cosmetics & Beauty Care" and then refine your results further (like "Body Care" etc.). Most of the time this way I find what I want even if it takes some time and browsing but I´m not always lucky.

When you find your desired stuff always take care that the seller does ship internationally! (check Part 1 for details, link is on top of the page).

Someone kindly sent me a list some long time before where there were many Korean brands written in latin and Korean fonts but I lost that email. If you have such list please kindly email it to me again and I can post it here! Thank you!

****Update: Here is the list of brand names written in Korean: CLICK HERE*** Thanks to Jen!

Things are usually listed from best selling downwards. In the drop-down menu on the right you have other options like seeing recently listed stuff first.

Some sellers you might like are: etudegmark (Etude House), 바닐라코[공식딜러] (Banila Co), vovcare (some VOV, usually the newest stuff and Jadilla J), tonymoly11 (Tony Moly), purederm (purederm and some skinlite stuff), miincos (various), 제니 e-shop(Lotree), 15번가 (Elisha Coy). One of my favorite stationery sellers is btoffice. Oh and the Korean word for BB is 비비 =)

To view other items from a seller click on the square which either has the shop logo or just "Mini Shop" written.


2: Ordering:

If an item lists a discounted price this is the price you´ll pay:

a) What the heck am I doing with all those drop-down menus??

So you found items to order but you are not sure about all those drop-down menus in the item description.
It seems a lot of sellers pack as many things as possible into 1 description page so you should find out which is the item you want to order. If the seller is nice he will have numbered the items so comparing the pics with the numbers with the numbers in the drop-down menu will help you pick.

Unfortunately many sellers just write the items´names in the drop-down menu so you either have to compare the Korean letters to try to match the right item or you try seeing clearer with the help of a translation tool (of course for placing your order you will have to use the original Korean drop-down menu. Just memorize on which place the item you want is):

When it´s about colors or simple descriptions the translation tools do a pretty good job. Some things I can never figure out though lol

Sometimes you will find that additional drop-down menus allow for product upgrades (like pay 10000 Won extra to receive 30 more sheet masks or so) or offer you other items to add (like pay 4000 Won extra for a concealer, get cotton pads or other stuff etc.). Most of the time I don´t bother to check what are the offers and just select "None" in the drop-down menus.

Just add th eitems
b) I want to order the same item twice (3 times etc.) but in different colors/kinds. What to do?

Use Internet Explorer (Repeat: Only Internet Explorer will prevent Gmarket from acting up). Just choose the item you want and put it in your cart. Go back to the description page and choose the other color/kind etc. and put it in your cart. You should now have both items in the cart (it will look identical, just the option will show you have different items in your cart). I tried this with Mozilla Firefox and it didn´t add the 2nd item to my cart!
c) Is there a limit?
Yes, the EMS shipping doesn´t permit more than 30kgs (estimated weight, even if your package will only weigh 5kgs!) or 30 items. I think you can not order more than 30 items at once.

d) Can I combine orders to one international shipment so save on costs?

When you shop from different sellers you can pay all at once and your order will be automatically combined into 1 shipment as long as you place one order. It can happen that one seller ships slowly so your order will be on hold until all items are received at the wharehouse (where they pack your stuff together. Check Part 1 for more info).
You can also combine 2 separate orders if they were made within a few days and items haven´t been weighed and packed by the Gmarket staff for your international shipment already.
To combine 2 orders go to: My Gmarket -> Shopping List -> Overseas Order (in the green field, at the right of the page) -> tick the boxes of the orders you want to combine and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Request combined shipping". Your orders should be combined now unless they exceed the 30kg limit.

d) Check out:
Your shopping cart consists of a domestic and an international one. Make sure all items are in the international cart (they are automatically there as long as the seller ships internationally)

When you are done with selecting your items go your shopping cart and select your contry. Click on the EMS and you´ll see your estimated shipping costs based on the weight stated by the seller(s).

At the right of the site you will see all your costs clearly listed including domestic fees etc.

Click on "Place an Order" which leads you to the checkout page.

On the checkout page (I had to take several screen shots as you need to scroll down quite a bit on the checkout page) you enter your shipping info (your address should be saved) and you can write additional notes to the seller a as there is a box to fill out for every item. Just skip this if you don´t have any special requests.
I got several emails to ask me what to write in the "Sender´s name" and "Sender´s email". You can write anything from Santa Claus to Bugs Bunny. I usually write Gmarket and enter my email address.

Then tick the "Terms & Conditions" box and choose your payment method.

You can pay with (away from the payment methods for Korean residents):
-Cash Balance (not Gcash!) which you have left over from previous orders or from Gift Certificates as long as the sum is higher or equal to your order amount
-Foreign credit card (VISA and Master don´t require prior registration anymore!)
-Paypal Express. The exchange rate is usually worse than the credit card however GMarket refunded me the difference before. Good to use when you have cash on your Paypal otherwise I prefer to use my credit card directly.

Hit "Pay" and proceed with entering your CC info etc (you enter it in a pop-up window so make sure to have pop-ups enabled). You will then be led to the order page again and you need to scroll down and hit "confirm" again! Don´t forget this step!

Now you will see your order in your Gmarket account under "Today´s Shopping List" or if you click on "Shopping List". Usually the first hour or so your status will be "Verifying Payment". As soon as the status says "On Request" your order is being processed.

The majority of sellers will process and ship your order within the next 1-2 business days. However I have waited as long as 3 weeks for a seller to ship out his stuff which was frustrating (and he cancelled a few items in the meantime, too).

As soon as your domestic orders ship you will get a confirmation email from Gmarket. If you order from e.g. 3 sellers you will receive a separate domestic shipping notification for each of them. You can track the status of your domestic shipments but since it usually arrives on the next day or so in the warehouse I usually don´t track them.

Always check your "My Gmarket" for the current status of your order.
Please also follow your international status which you find when click on your order and scroll down. If you have to pay additional shipping fees (which happened to me a few times in my previous orders) and you don´t have enough GCash you have to purchase Gcash before your order will be shipped out internationally! (I´ll touch that subject more below).
The screen shot shows the order (I just clicked on any of the items, the 2nd screen shot shows were I scrolled down to see the international status)

When domestic shipping is finished and your items are weighed and packed you will get a refund of the shipping costs you paid too much (or will have to pay more if the shipping costs were too low).
Then you will get a shipping confirmation email from Gmarket along with your EMS number which you can track on the Korean postal site as well as your local postal service as soon as it´s processed in your country (this is usually quicker updated and I can also see if I am paying customs taxes or if the item is out for delivery etc.).

You can also track your parcel when you go to "My Gmarket" and click on your order. SCroll down to the international shipping status and you´ll find the Tracking button.


3: Gaccount/Gcash:

I wrote a bit about the Gaccount in Part 1 already. Basically your Gaccount is there for your financial matters. It is accessible via "My Gmarket" and requires an extra password (different from your normal Gmarket password).

You find a section there for purchasing GCash, for changing Gift Certificates to Cash Balance and for other stuff like purchasing/changing coupons (with miles and stamps but I won´t go much into that subject as I never used that so far).

a) What is Gcash and what do I need it for? What´s the difference to Cash Balance?
Gcash cannot be used to purchase items, only to pay for additional shipping costs.
Here is the description from Gmarket which pretty much tells you all:

As I said above always have an eye on your international shipping status. If the actual weight exceeds the estimated one and you don´t have enough Gcash to cover it you must purchase Gcash. I am not sure if Gmarket emails you regarding this problem but if you see your order has been domestically delivered but is not being processed further you should check the shipping cost status!

You can buy Gcash with your Cash Balance (quick & easy) or with your credit card (I think also paypal but I usually just change Cash Balance to GCash).

I am sure this will not answer all questions but I hope that at least you find it easier now to use Gmarket.
Please leave comments to this post or Part 1 for more questions.


Unknown said...

oh boy...I sooooooooo want to buy from gmarket..I registered and put stuff in my cart and all that but when I look at the shipping cost it's a am like no no I rather get it from ebay...gmarket charges shipping right..even if the seller doesn't? thanks for all the tutorials!!

amber-* said...

this really helps! thank you for your guide. yeah, i have the same question as above too.

Kathi said...

Of course Gmarket will charge you for shipping, after all they need to send the parcel to you after collecting all your orders together. I actually checked the shipping slip and the actual shipping costs are more than what you pay, probably Gmarkt gets better rates from the Korea Post.

The domestic shipping charges are mostly on the seller´s side as most pay them for you, some however will charge you

Cholapat said...

wow!! Your blog is very in details. Thank you so much. ^__^

Emily said...

thanks so much!!! so helpful!!!

Anonymous said...

may i know the item no for "Copacabana Blusher" in your previous Banila Co Gmarket Hual?

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

this is very helpful!! Really really thank you.. ^^

clementine said...

Thanks for the post! I have three questions.

1. EMS offers flat rates, right? Anything up to 0.5 kg will be charged shipping for 0.5 kg?

2. When they combine shipping, do they actually unpack everything and weigh individual items? Or do they weigh the entire package your seller sent?

3. How much shipping do you usually get refunded, on average? I mean, I realize it depends heavily on the seller, but there's just no way a make up brush can be 0.5 kg. It seems odd that I'm paying so much more in advance, especially since it'll be stuck on my Gmarket account as opposed to actually returned to my bank...

Kathi said...

Hi Clementine,

1. Yes, that´s right

2. They pack everything in a box and weigh it. If the individual boxes are too big then they might unpack some orders and put it in the box like that

3. It´s actually not that much usually to be honest. Because the EMS shipping costs only increase about 5000 Won or so per Kilo if I order over a certain weight. My orders usually exceed 5 kgs so if I paid for let´s say 12kgs I might get somewhere around 25000 Won or so back? I honestly never pay that much attention to the amount

Peach said...

Hi dear!
Have you ever been charged by custom department for a tax when parcel arrive in your coumtry? Or it comes directly to your home? I mean if u buy a lot. let's say 10kg or above..


Mia said...

Thanks for this tutorial.

I got stuck at checkout though :( I chose credit card payment and no pop-up box appeared even if I didn't activate any pop-up blocker.

Then I remembered a pop-up window appeared earlier with a download msg for or something. I didn't cancel it but nothing happened after.

Has this happened to you or anyone here? :(

Mia said...

I left a comment earlier re pop-up windows when paying.

I finally got it to work. Whew!
I mistakenly entered a period somewhere it wasn't needed so the checkout process wouldn't continue.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial, makes ordering much simpler.
But I understand that certain items in gmarket cannot be shipped overseas, like for skinfood or faceshop. In that case, how do I order?:(

Unknown said...

im ordering from Gmarket about two months, and i bought a bit about 1000Eur worth. And now i can not pay by pay pal as Gmarket said i have to upgrade my Gmarket PAY PAL limit. i ask them to do it for me, plus i sent them all info needed. But the answer was: i can not use the pay pal now, because i dont have enought credit points yet, so they want me to pay by credit card till i get enough points.what does this mean??how long will it take?where can i check how many points do i have?How much % will i get charged by credit card?

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I hope experienced users can giude me, if the Seller only ships in Korea and not international, is there anything I can do?
To get it sent to me overseas...

Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

hi, i made an order n it's on its way shipping to gmarket warehouse. if i place another other, can i choose the combine shipping option?

Kathi said...

Hi Lai,
as far as I know you still can, just be sure to be quick so your order doesn´t go into the internation shipping process.

Anonymous said...

hi.. thank you so much for this detailed guide!

may I know if anything can be done after I forgot to click "Confirm" during payment, after I've entered my credit card details and clicked "Pay"?? will the payment still go through? thanks :)

Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for ur answer last time. i have another question. i placed an order yesterday but gmarket said my order didn't go through. but i still got money subtracted from my credit card. have u ever been in this situation? and what should i do? should i contact gmarket or my bank?
thanks a lot

seisei said...

hi...i hv a problem..after i submit my credit card,it doest not show in my shopping liast.but when i check back my credit card did we need to regiter for foreign credit card b4 place an order??

Anonymous said...

i bought stuffs in Gmarket, i have waited for 2 days after domestic delivery done but there arent any email for tracking no. (EMS) what should i do then??

grace said...

thanks so much for the help! the drop-down list scared the crap out of me, lol. just wondering when you say that when they list the discounted price, that's what you'll pay - does this price apply to all the items that then appear? ty~

Anonymous said...

to get more coupons to save up on shipping !

Carep Jan said...

Hello, I tried to pay using my Visa credit card. But every time I click the button pay, I get this message saying that "The service is temporarily restricted." I don't even have the chance to input my card information. I wonder if you know the reason why?

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