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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Xmas 2009: Beauté de Kosé Fantasist Collection Makeup Coffret

I wasn´t entirely sure if I needed the Beauté de Kosé coffret this year but after seeing the look created with it on the BdK website I decided to order it.

I found it for US$59.99 on Facial-Shop which is pretty much the retail price in Japan (5250 Yen, about US$59). However registered airmail is included so it´s a pretty good deal in my opinion (The 2 Eye Fantasist Eye Colors have this exact retail value alone!).
To my surprise the kit arrived just 8 days after I ordered it. This is the normal delivery time for Hong Kong Post during the year but right now I am waiting about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks for my packages to arrive.

The Fantasist Collection Makeup Coffret contains:
-Eye Fantasist Eye Color in SP063 (Dark Cherry), 7g
-Eye Fantasist Eye Color in PK857 (Sugar Glazed Pink), 7g
-Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl RO681 (Sweetness Rose), 3g
-Glossy Body Cream, 30g
-Puff Cheek in PK800, 1g

Everything comes in a pretty black sturdy cardboard box and with a black shopping tote. I like the box much more than the bulky round ones from the last Xmas and Summer Coffrets! The items were wrapped in pink wrapping tissue, too! =)

-Eye Fantasist Eye Colors:
As I probably said about 6796545639 times I am not so much a fan of cream or liquid eye shadows. However the Eye Fantasists are really nice and good quality. They are a smooth cream which blends easily but dries quickly so better do one eye at a time.

I was a bit worried that the Dark Cherry color would be a bit too red to wear but it turned out to be a gorgeous sparkly plum shade.
The Sugar Glazed Pink color is a shimmery light pink with micro-glitters. It complements the Dark Cherry color nicely!

-Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl:
This is a very pretty rosy pink lip gloss with fine shimmer. It has a very glossy and lustrous finish and wears comfortably. The staying power is good for a gloss, it stays about 2-3 hours on me without getting clumpy or sticky.

-Glossy Body Cream:
This is a softly scented body cream with very fine, pearl-like shimmer, no glitter at all. Actually once rubbed it the sheen is hard to detect.
It´s a nice item but I would have preferred a nail color or something (like in the Dark Cherry color! That´d have been really cool!)

-Puff Cheek:
This is an interesting item. It´s a tiny powder puff filled with 1g of a soft pink blusher. It comes in a plastic pouch which you should keep the puff in.

The shade of pink is very pretty, it´s a neutral shade that works perfectly with the gloss. However the puff doesn´t distribute the color evenly (you need to pat this on your cheeks rather hard) so you need to blend the blush well. While the blush looks pale on the swatch below (or hardly visible) it showed up very well on me. My grandma asked me if it was so cold outside because I had such flushed cheeks =O lol (Oh and yea, it was about -2 degrees Celsius outside hehe)

All in all this is among my favorite Xmas kits so far along with Lunasol =)


vanilla said...

awww did u die ur hair black ??u look so pretty !seriously all ur EOTD is to die for!hehe
btw thats a good deal 60 bucks including postage !hehe

Kathi said...

It´s actually a deep red brown =) The hair dye came out a bit darker somehow lol

Laura L said...

the colors are really nice
i have to tell u Kathi, i have to say that from the hair color, your LOTD, EOTD, i can tell that u are a gorgeous lady!

Unknown said...

Can you give us a breakdown of how you did your eyes (where you placed the colors) including what products you used? I'm curious to know what liner and mascara you used, etc.

Please let us know! Your eye makeup is always so pretty!

Kathi said...

thanks for the sweet compliment, ning*star =D I think you´d be disappointed if you saw me in real life haha!

I used the BdK black cherry on my lids (about 3 layers as it was too sheer at first) and the pink one for the rest of my lids up to my brows.

I used Kate Supersharp on my upper lids to line and Kate Squarecut liner in black on my inner rims (I close my eyes and just drag the pencil from inside out and back a few times).

The mascara base is from Coffret D´or and the mascara is the Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Mascara (the best stuff, gives great volume and keeps the curl all day long).

I then lined my lower lids with a bit of the BdK Black Cherry color and blended it out. Also smudged a bit of the Squarecut liner along my lower lashes and softened the line with my finger.

loraborealis♡ said...

I always love love love your EOTD's! Gorgeous!

Marce said...

Very pretty EOTD! The colours look really well with eachother. Love the look of the lipgloss, very pretty pink!

Catherine said...

Ohhhhh, your EOTD and LOTD are sooooooo pretty! You really have the prettiest lips Kathi!! I'm always so jealous LOL. This is a beautiful holiday coffret! I'm really surprised I hadn't heard of it before this!

ed hardy lady long sleeve said...

The article is great.

I will return here often.

Thx. See U.

Anonymous said...

that lip colour is to die for! you can pull off any colour, seriously.

Stephanie said...

Hellloo, this is Stephanie von Österreich. I sent my reply with question but havent heard from you yet....?

herroyalbleakness said...

Oh, great EOTD and lip color! Your eyes are so expressive and it become prettier with those shadows!

LOL at the puff that distributes the blush unevenly. Not for makeup newbies like me :)

I'm glad you loved this christmas loot!

Citrine said...

The plum shadow looks great on your eyes!

beautyparler said...

That box looks so lovely! And that lip shade is gorgeous.

Stephanie said...

Looking back at your coffret again, I decided I was sold. Since I hardly have any makeup, hubby said it was fine to buy! Yay!

I was ready to buy and typed in, only to come to some sex shop. Oops forgot the - in facial-shop. Wonder how many people did the same thing. ;D

Also I didn't choose a gift during checkout time. I read on the side that if I spent over $100 I would receive a free gift. But after checkout I clicked on "Gift" and it said over $50 would receive free gift. What was your freebie?

Unknown said...

I want to get this set so not sure if you think it was worth that much money once you got it and tried everything?

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