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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Xmas 2009: Banila Co Deep The Night Multi Eye Kit

Banila Co. keeps releasing their gorgeous eyeshadow palettes. The most previous one was the "De La Couture II" palette which I really adore a lot. I skipped the spring and summer palettes though as they were either too colorful or pastel for my taste.

While the De La Couture II palette contained a cream shadow base the Deep The Night Multi Eye Kit contains 5 powder shadows and a black cream/gel liner.

The compact is a bit boring this time around, just a deep blue with tons of red, purple and golden glitter. It looks nice but I´d have liked it to look like the box it comes in which is gorgeous (and for a Trekkie like me just right hehe).

Away from that the compact is sturdy and high quality metal and comes with a mirror and a (crappy) applicator (mine fell apart already so I don´t touch it anymore).

The shadows are on the harder side but with a silky touch and great color pay-off. Just right in my opinion as I am not a fan of overly powdery shadows. The finish is shimmery or metallic, 2 colors (the 2nd from left and the 3rd from right) have a pearl finish.

The colors all harmonize perfectly! Included are:
deep charcoal (very pigmented), deep grayish blue with a lilac tinge (very pretty, a bit sheerer than the rest), cool blue with a lilac tinge, off-white (sheerer thus makes a nice subtle highlighter), light silver and a black gel liner.

The gel liner lasts well (pretty much all day long) and is easy to apply.

This is a great smokey eye palette in my opinion and I especially like the 2 blues which are like nothing I have in my stash already (and I have about every color of the rainbow really!)

Costs 22000 Won (about US$19). I got mine from ebay and received free shipping, a lipgloss and a few samples and face masks. Seller is rumistyle.


skyblueinsf said...

looks pretty and sounds very reasonable! Thanks for searching all the new products and introduce here! I am going to look for it to buy. thanks thanks!

Anonymous said...

looks like the colours in my Kat Von D True Romance Metal Orchestra but a lot less pigmented! Good Score though I'd prefer a more pigmented version myself. :)

hanidee said...

I saw these and I wasn't sure I might use it much. I adore the De La Couture II palette too! The colors look similar to NYX's Jazz Night palette excluding the gel liner. Thank you so much for the swatches!

hkmichelley said...

thanks for the comment! *_^
omgggg this pallete's colours are to-die for!! so gorgeous!
Michelleyyy xxx

Thalia Tan said...

wow..I love the colors combination & is all in 1

Unknown said...

omg such a gorgeous palette!!

Mona said...

its a cute palette! thanks for sharing

sindylicious said...

This is so pretty!!!

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