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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Bath Natural Body Milk & Natural 24 Moisturizing Lotion

Speaking about body lotions I got a set of 2 body lotions from Gmarket recently, both from the Korean brand "Happy Bath". Both lotions cost me about US$15 (+shipping) for pump bottles containing 450ml/each. About US$7.50/bottle isn´t expensive, considering the drugstore prices here (a 300ml lotion bottle of a decent moisturizer will be at least 5 EUR). Just the shipping adds to it but since I usually order more stuff the shipping costs add a a few $ to each item, so this might be about US$9-10 each bottle really cost me.

The brand "Happy Bath" is a great quality brand in my humblest opinion (It´s produced by Amore Pacific, the same company producing Laneige, Mamonde, Innisfree, Iope and many others) with a certain natural-ingredient feel to it.

The bottles feel very high-quality with good pump dispensers. 450ml will usually last me quite a while so I am sure there are several months of usage in each bottle for me.

-Natural Body Milk:
It seems this kind of body milk is available in 3 scents/kinds: olive, banana/peach (or so) and grain/nuts.

I naturally picked the 3rd kind (grain) as I just imagined it would feel and smell delicious (olive would have been my 2nd choice.... I am not into banana stuff so this wasn´t really an option).

And the grain/nuts lotion smells DELICIOUS! Yes, THIS delicious! It´s a sweet milky baby powder scent but without the overly powdery or harsh notes such scents tend to have. I could sniff my arm all the time when I apply this. And I am so glad I have 450ml of this!
The lotion itself is on the lighter side so it spreads well and sinks in nicely. My skin is getting soft without a greasy feeling so this lotion is great! Now with the harsh climate (usually below 0 degrees C) I need a body lotion or else I feel uncomfortable.

If my translation tool works correctly this lotion contains rice bran extract, amino acids, macadamia nut oil, bean (extract?), natural minerals from grain, grain essence extract (?) and milk powder and it is meant to be used even on sensitive skin types. It doesn´t clog pores, shouldn´t cause skin problems etc. blabla.

I am totally crazy for this lotion and can imagine ordering a few bottles as backups. I also want to try one of the Happy Bath Shower Gels!

-Natural 24 Moisturizing Lotion:
The 24 Moisturizing Lotion is more expensive than the regular body milk but comes in the same 450ml size (however the bottle looks shorter but wider).

It claims to be 97.16% of natural origin.
The star ingredients are (as far as my translator goes): organic shea butter (certified), olive oil and chamomile water with Organic Moisturizing Formula (patented).
ECOCERT certified ingredients. The lotion is free from parabens, artificial colors and artificial fragrance.
This lotion will retain moisture for 24 hours and is allergy tested.
Further claims are that the lotion will build a barrier to prevent moisture loss, it will whiten and keep your skin soft and supple for 24 hours.
According to my translator this is suitable for face and body though I am not going to try this on my face as I am sure it would run amok.

Ok ok, now on to the miracle lotion itself. It has a nice fresh herbal scent probably from essential oils (I smell orange, lavender, maybe chamomile and some other herbs, predominantly a citrus-fruit scent).
It smells yummy but not as good as the Natural Body Milk (I just generally love anything that smells milky-baby powdery).
The Natural 24 Moisturizing Lotion is a bit thicker and richer in texture so it gives more nourishment and moisture (or rather lipids). For my normal-slightly dry skin the lighter texture of the other lotion is perfect all year round but I enjoy the richer 24 moisturizer now very much as it´s really dry and cold outside. The 24 lotion is also especially nice to use on feet, elbows, knees and hands as it keeps them feel moisturized for really long time.
The lotion feels slightly cooling upon skin contact which makes it even nicer for the feet =)
All in all this is a great buy, too! The organic ingredients and the fact that this contains no parabens etc. makes me feel good using this item.

Overall I will definitely start to try out more products from Happy Bath, I am especially interested in their shower gels and organic chamomile range for babies and kids as I would like to purchase this for my children. I haven´t found those on Gmarket yet though so if anyone stumbles across them please let me know!

PS. The 2nd Gmarket tutorial will be up within the next days. I took all screen shots already so I just need to type all that stuff.


Unknown said...


I have been to korean last years and I bought a happy bath lotion " Apple and Banana Scent" (Yellow one). Its smell is awesome and I love it extreamly. Honestly, I am crazy about this stuff and really want to have one. You know,I have been seaching for my Happy Bath lotion for months. I really want to have it because it a;ways comples my live with it fregent and also good for my skin. Please let me have one, I beg you!!! please email me

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