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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Xmas 2009: Jill Stuart Sweetness Collection 2009

Ok ok...I caved! I had made up my mind 100% that I would NOT need the JS Xmas coffret this year! I got all the previous kits, partly at super duper overpriced rates (the very first however was kindly picked up by my friend Iris from Rouge Deluxe and her fabulous mom!).

My strength started to weaken quickly though so I gave in and the kit was mine and delivered within a week after it was released in Hong Kong.
The retail price of this is 7875 Yen (approx. US$89 at the current exchange rate) which is not that much considering how much cute stuff you get in this kit.
I got mine from Bobodave for about US$93 & shipping which is not too bad I think. Facial-Shop had it for US$99.90 but the 5 sets instantly sold out.

Generally getting hold of the JS Xmas collections is very hard, in Japan it's a craze with sets sold out within some hours after the release.

The Sweetness Collection 2009 consists of:
-Mix Face Powder Compact in 101 Marshmallow Puffy (8g)
-Jelly Eye Color N in 103 Snow Parfait (6g)
-Jelly Lip Gloss in 101 Sugar Kiss (9g)
-Nail Lacquer N in 106 Romantic Macaron (6ml)
-Emery Board
-Face Brush
-Nail Art Stickers & greeting card (the back of the nail art stickers)

All comes presented in a pretty pink box, however mine arrived a bit smashed.

The pouch the other things come in is really gorgeous. It's very frilly and a bit too much honestly...but it's cute!
If you like lace, satin and frills then this is perfect for you =D
It looks really like a cream cake!

-Mix Face Powder Compact:
This is certainly the star product of the kit. This comes in a compact similar to the Mix Blushes. Instead of an attached charm there is a cute ribbon dangling from the case. Also there is a lace print around the center part.

The Mix Face Powder is consisting of 4 pastel colors (white, pink, peach and lavender) covered with a white powder lace dusting. This will wipe off instantly though!

I think it's mainly meant as a highlighter however I can wear it as a regular face powder, too. It really makes my skin look smooth and even with a very light shimmer (the shimmer bits in the powder are very small). The texture is silky and smooth and I'd definitely say this is a great quality product. I am afraid of using it too much as I don't want to hit pan on this lol!

The included brush is very soft and makes a nice addition to the powder.

-Jelly Eye Color N:
I have a love/hate relationship with the Jelly Eye Colors (N). Either they are really pretty or they are rather useless aka too sheer and glittery. Unfortunately the Snow Parfait color falls in the latter category. It's nearly clear but just leaves glittes which is just not a look I like.

When used as a base it just makes my eyeshadow more glittery which I like neither.

-Jelly Lip Gloss:
This is a pretty clear pink shimmer gloss. I love the texture of the Jelly Lip Glosses, they are one of the few squeeze-tube glosses I like as they have such a smooth nice texture.

The color is not outstanding, it's a nearly clear base with a pinkish tint infused with tons of fine silver and pink shimmer.

-Nail Lacquer N:

Jill Stuart makes great nailpolishes in my opinion. They always have a very pretty glossy finish and are rather long lasting on me (nothing really lasts that long on me anyway).\

The color 106 is a pretty creamy white color with a pink iridescence.

The emery board and nail stickers are cute, too!

All in all the collection is nice and I like it, especially the powder. I would have preferred another eye color but I am sure it would please a lot of ladies.


birkinbagbeauty said...

what a kawaii collection! I believe that lots of your readers would absolutely love this collection.

. said...

Thanks for the swatches and opinions!! Seriously though, wow.

Anonymous said...

for some reason JS girl packaging never interests me but THAT brush is calling me! so lovely!

Babybubblz said...

The highlight powder is beautiful!! I'm also loving the beautiful handle on the brush. This release looks quite unique and I'd cave too! =)

Yolanda said...

i can resist myself on jill stuart, their packaging is just too cute~!
i am a new blogger, check out my blog when u hv time xp

Sheila said...

I caved too!! I decided a while ago that I would save up my money to travel in Europe early next year, but then saw all of the pretty reviews of the collection, then caved. LOL. Its currently on its way to me...

BTW, I heard the Jelly Eye Colour works really well when layered over white eyeshadow. I guess it just makes the colour stand out more. If you decide to try that, let me know how it goes!

Catherine said...

Ahhhhh, so gorgeous!! I am still resisting - especially as I'm sure it's near impossible to get at this point. But wow, soooo pretty!!!

snow said...

Is there any fake jill stuart sets out there? I know of a seller who says she can get more than 10 sets in Jan 2010.

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