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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bihada Ichizoku Hand & Foot Masks

I have seen these hand and foot mask packs from Etude House a while ago but they were too expensive given the estimated shipping costs on Gmarket were for 1.1kg each so I skipped them.

A short while ago I found Adambeauty listing some cute looking foot and hand mask packs from Bihada Ichizoku so I went ahead and ordered a few pieces of each.

Each package contains 2 steps: something like a glove/sock-shaped sheet mask drenched with moisture lotion for your hands/feet and a clear plastic glove/sock to cover it as a 2nd step. All of the contents are cut very wide so they should fit any foot/hand size.

I used both masks once already and really like how soft and smooth my hands/feet got. It's recommended to leave the masks on for about 10-15 minutes but I left them on for much longer I just put normal cotton socks over the plastic sock and left it on a few hours when I was staying at home anyway.
After removing the masks I just massage the remaining liquid in.

The smooth feeling isn't that long lasting so I can't really say that the moisture supply to my skin is lasting but for an instant boost of foot/hand care this is a nice product.

The masks will set you back US$6/each if you purchase them from Adambeauty. I haven't seen them elsewhere but chances are good you'd pay even more. These are definitely a splurge but for using these 2x a month or so they are definitely worth it.


. said...

That's such a good idea~ But 1+ KG? Shipping would be expensive as heck then =_=

va said...

I love the packaging and the picture of the girl on the mask . It's very pretty and would make a great wall art if it were in a frame :)

CherryColors said...

Oh, they seem interesting.
And sellers list weird things as 1.1kg. Like a mascara..
Even if you ge the $$ back, when Gmarket sends you the package..

It's still heck of a price!

Chomfifi said...

ive seen them at mitsuwa but i didnt get it b/c its for hands and feet, lol :)looks cute tho

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