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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Xmas 2008: Lunasol Party Coffret 2008 - Soft Silver Lighting

I swore to myself that I will NOT get the Lunasol coffret this year. It looked so similar to the previous releases and I wasn't sure if the rosy browns would work for me. I wasn't thrilled with the previous Lighting For Eyes quads in the coffrets which turned out to be rather warm browns not flattering my skin-tone.

So I didn't attempt to reserve it on Ichibankao and I passed up the sets selling on eBay for jacked up prices.
I thought I wouldn't be able to get the set anyway for a decent price and it didn't seem worth to me paying a lot more than retail (I did however order the JS kit and paid really a LOT for it...didn't get it yet but you can expect a review next week or so)

Call me weak but after seeing gorgeous swatches, EOTDs and glowing reviews my strength started to fade (especially as I generally quite like Lunasol!). Thinking I wouldn't be able to locate the set anyway about 3 weeks after its release (it was sold out the first day of its release in Japan to my knowledge) I was stunned to find it by coincidence listed for a very good price on Facial-Shop, one of my favorite suppliers for Japanese makeup.

Since Facial-Shop generally has only a few of each item I was sure I was too late with placing my order but to my delight the item shipped the next day (that was last Friday!) and I got the set as of yesterday despite slower Xmas mail and the postal strikes going on here.

The kit which retails for 6825 Yen (about US$74 at current exchange) contains:

-Lighting For Eyes EX04 Soft Silver Lighting, 6.5g
-Geminate Liner EX02 Soft Silver Brown, 4g
Contrasting Cheeks N EX01 Soft Silver Rose, 3g
Finish EX16 Soft Silver Lighting, 10ml

I paid US$74.99 but that includes registered airmail. Since the shipping costs were about US$6.50 I paid less than retail for the kit or about retail if you include the shipping costs. Pretty sweet for such a limited and sought-after item, right?

Now the question is: Was it worth it to get the kit despite my fears it would be too red/pink for me to wear?
I have to say: YES!
The kit is sooo pretty and especially the eyeshadow quad is much prettier than its predecessors in the past 2 Xmas releases.

-Lighting For Eyes EX04 Soft Silver Lighting:

I think Lunasol should stop releasing the Lighting For Eyes series with their coffrets and switch to one of their newer palettes.
However the Lighting For Eyes EX04 has a silky softly shimmery pigmented texture and blends like a dream. It contains a glitter shade which should be replaced with a medium lid color in my opinion but the shade adds extra sparkle to the overall result.

The colors are:
A dark rosy brown with pink shimmers, a subtle pink rose, a pink-toned pale beige and a silver glitter shade.

I really like using the darkest color smudged and blended along my eye socket and crease, the rosy pink on my lids, the lightest shade to highlight and the silver glitter dabbed on my lids.
I also use the darkest (outer 2/3) and lightest shade (inner 1/3 and near tear duct) along
my lower lashes.

-Geminate Liner EX02 Soft Silver Brown:

I think the Geminate Liners are quite good liquid liners. They have a pretty shimmery finish and a fine brush which allows precise application.

The formula dries quickly and doesn't smudge at all once it's dry.
The color EX02 Soft Silver Brown is more of a chocolate color with fine pink and silver shimmer.

It fits nicely with the quad... I'd have preferred a slightly darker cooler color though =)

Contrasting Cheeks N EX01 Soft Silver Rose:

The Contrasting Cheeks blushes are really great, I have 2 colors and really love using them.
The Contrasting Cheeks N EX01 Soft Silver Rose is a really gorgeous flattering shade of soft slightly shimmery neutral rose (no glitters at all btw). It's one of those colors you could probably wear with many lip colors as it's quite universally flattering.

The only drawback is the tiny size of this, it's even smaller than Lunasol's Eyelid Base N =X

-Nail Finish EX16 Soft Silver Lighting:

I wasn't really interested in the nail color as it looked like just another boring glitter shade I wouldn't wear at all.
But it's actually lovely, 2 layers look like I dipped my nails in tiny diamonds. It doesn't look tacky at all but rather festive.
The color is somewhere between silver and pale gold, very pretty!

The pouch is lovely, too! It closes with a snap button and has a zippered compartment on the back. You fold it so you have a pretty clutch in Lunasol's signature color (a chocolate bronze).

I paired the Party Coffret with my Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss N in 07 Beige Rose which fits perfectly with the colors in the Xmas collection.

All in all the kit was worth its price and I am glad I added it to my collection. I am looking forward to Lunasol's Spring collection (I am definitely getting that pretty pink/gray quad!)

I will hopefully soon be able to review the Jill Stuart coffret for you ladies. I think I am just missing the review for the Coffret D'or palettes and then I am done with Xmas! =D


Anonymous said...

Omg, I am so getting my hands on that ! :)

Unknown said...

Wow, this blog it's beign to good for me! You are great girl! Thank you!

Mineral Maven said...

oooooh i love that liner color. any idea of dupes? cause that color is AMAZING. wow i just can't get over it... i don't think I've ever been so enamored over something. ehhhhh must get it!!!!

Kathi said...

Yea it´s so pretty! I think Lunasol has a similar liner in their Noble Shade Liners from fall 2008? I´d check this range out

Anonymous said...

heyy kathi, is there any way you could post an EOTD or something? im dying to see how it'd turned out on ur eye. thanka~


Kathi said...

Hi Joanne,
I will update the post with an EOTD later. I have to say that the colors didn't turn out well on my cam for some strange reason. It looked MUCH nicer IRL

Anonymous said...

wow looks gorgeous nonetheless, i cant imaging how much nicer it'd be in real life! love it....i wanna get my hands on it :D

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