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Friday, December 19, 2008

Big Birthday Giveaway

Since my Birthday (12/23) is approaching I thought of doing some Giveaways for my dear ladies here =D

I have 3 Giveaways, 1 is a Japanese makeup package, 1 is a Korean makeup and skincare package and 1 is a huge collection of various sheet masks =D Of course everything is new and unused!

Giveaway #1:

*Majolica Majorca Majolook in BR799 (a review on this item will be posted shortly! I ordered a 2nd BR799 from adambeauty specifically for the giveaway =D)

*Maquillage Color on Climax Rouge in BE394

*Maquillage Mascara Combing Glamour in BK999 (one of my fave mascaras!)
*Kanebo Kracie Tabinoyado Shirahama Bath Salt (great stuff!)

Giveaway #2:

*Enprani White Shine Foam Cleanser 50ml (sealed tube)

*Etude House Aqua Sherbet Skin Care Mini Kit (toner and lotion, 25ml/each)

*Etude House Mascara Remover One Shot Clean 25ml

*Lotree Aurora Eye Dream Shine Base (sealed tube)

*Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB 15ml (sealed tube)
*Elisha Coy Milk Cacao Black sugar Scrub 25g jar

*VOV Castledew Carat Lips in M101

*VOV Hi-Tech Lip Polish in #15

*Jadilla J sample package (mini powder, foundation and base samples

Giveaway #3:

*2 Eye sheet masks (Hisamitsu Lifecella & CL Royal Nano)

*1 Nose patch (VOV Charcoal)

*13 Sheet masks:

--My Beauty Diary Provence Lavender Mask

--Lioele Perfect Trouble Clear Essence Mask

--Mandom Barrier Repair Mask with Hyaluronic Acid
--3 Dermal Masks (Q10, Collagen, Pearl Essence)

--VOV Daily Fresh Strawberry Yogurt
--Medicare Aloe Treatment Mask

--3 Etude House Masks (Collagen, Pomegranate, Moistfull)
--Tony Moly Kiwi Yogurt Sheet Mask
--Skin Food Cucumber Soothing Mask Sheet

All you have to do is:

-leave a comment below telling me Happy Birthday or whatever you want to tell me =P (lol)
-include your first name and first letter of your last name (e.g. I would be Kathi M.) or your screenname is enough if you're registered
-1 comment will qualify you for all 3 giveaways so theoretically you can win all 3 prizes!

-Winners will be randomly selected through (I will do 3 randoms, first for the Japanese lot, 2nd for the Korean lot, 3rd for the Sheet Mask lot)

-Contest ends on Friday, December 26 at 8 AM (my time, that's GMT+1). The 3 winners will be anounced in a new post
-Please leave only one comment

-Winners must send me their address to within 48 hrs after the end of the contest or the next on the list will be selected.

-Of course I will ship worldwide (by airmail) so everyone is invited to participate!
-I will ship the prizes on Monday, December 29


Anonymous said...

Hello Kathi :)
생일 축하합니다! Happy Birthday~
Hope that you have a great birthday and be blessed with lots of love and happiness in 2009.

NiNi said...

Dear Kathi,
Happy Birthday!
Thank you for ALL the useful reviews and make up tips posted in this blog.
I hope you will have an unforgettable birthday this year. ^^;


Anonymous said...

We have the same name! =)

Happy birthday to you, dear! I'm a lurker but i think it's now time to greet you!



Amelia Yap said...

Happy Hatch Day Kathi!
Hope your dreams come true~~~
Thanks for the great blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! =]

Masie S.

Mineral Maven said...

well its very gracious of you to give out gifts on YOUR birthday but yay :) for YOUUUU and your birth :) hehe happy birthday!

<3 mineralmaven

Wombat said...

Hi Kathi,

Happy birthday to the January girl! Best wishes for 2009, and may the best beauty blog Lotuspalace be around and around!

Usagi Chan said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!
Hope we can enjoy your company, reviews, and pics on the next year.
Have a very happy day! :D Thanks for the exciting giveaway!
I'm Elsa A., AKA eru :3

Wang Yang said...

Hi Kathy,

Wishing you a very happy b-day!! *throws confetti in the air*
May all your wishes come true!!

So awesome you are doing another giveaway!

Wang Yang

MiuMiu said...

Hi Kathi! Happy Early Birthday! you're so generous, even tho it's your birthday! =D
EEEeepp! You have the Aube couture already!! I think they're so pricy, I thought they were going to keep it relatively the same price as the aube collection.

Millie Y

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns of the day, Kathi :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Your blog is fantastic for Japanese & Korean makeup / skincare reviews - keep up the good work!

Name: YZ Teh
E-mail add: yiingz(at)yahoo(dot)com

squishedpuppy said...

Hi Kathi!

Happy Birthday you sweetie~
Enjoy your day and treasure it well! Don't forget to pamper yourself properly with (more) makeup goodies =P
Thanks for taking the time to put up all the reviews and for being so patient with me and my Gmarket trauma. (by the way it still hasn't been resolved; I gave up and got a Korean friend to help order instead. Lucky girl - you seem to be the only one who hasn't had trouble with them so far!)

Stay happy, healthy and adorable <33

Love, Sarah

jkim said...

many happy returns!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathi,
happy birthday to u :)
wish u have a great lovely birthday every year ^^
Love ur blog :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathi

Happy Birthday dearie!
May happiness follow you forever....

Hugs and kisses
from Christine A


Unknown said...

wow! that is so very generous of you to be giving out gifts for YOUR birthday.

your birthday's definitely one to celebrate for, because you've brought us such awesome entries.

happy birthday! :D

Engmin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caramelmacchiatoplease =) said...

Advance Happy Birthday!
chanced upon your blog, i think the other day? Anyway, love it! Awesome reviews. Now I'm lemming that Sana skincare line. Even added it to my shopping cart after seeing your review hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!!

I've been a silent reader for a long time. I really appreciate all your great reviews. Wishing you more makeups and a lovely birthday. :)

Yumeko said...


hope you have a good birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!!!

*** Besssst Wishes ***

May all your wishes come true

Linda S.

IchigoBunnie said...

Happy Birthday! Kathi :)

Thank you so much for doing this giveaway--it's so generous of you to do that!!

Ichigo Bunnie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!!

You inspire so many purchases hehehe!!! Thanks so much for all of your reviews :)

AnitaC on MUA & bronxunderground at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathi,

Happy Birthday!! Here's wishing you many happy returns.

I have enjoyed your blog tremendously. Keep it up!!

Cheers :)

AskMeWhats said...

Oh wow! Happy Birthday!
I just want to say thanks, I am a silent reader and I have been reading your site and checking out your reviews on the BB creams! Very helpful!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,

Hope you'll have a very happy birthday! I really like reading your blog. :D

Anonymous said...

誕生日おめでとう (happy birthday in japanese), so good to have birthday on the 23rd, party till the end of the year! heehee


Anonymous said...

♪♪♪ Happy Birthday to youuu ♪♪♪

Thanks for making this cold Internet world a more boeautiful and colorful world.

And i hope you get a lot of presents!

Sonia said...

Happy Birthday Kathi! Oikein, oikein paljon onnea!

Caroline ♥ said...

Happy Birthday :).

I personally don't blog myself, but I love beauty items! I always check your blog whenever I can, because you update alot ^^. I've never commented before, but I really want to say thank you for all the reviews and help on asian cosmetics.



birkinbagbeauty said...

hi Kathi, Happy birthday...what a beautiful time of the year to celebrate your birthday are a bit bonkers to give us gifts for your birthday, but it is really sweet.
I hope you will have a beautiful and rewarding year ahead of you..with lots of gorgeous Japanese/Korean goodies ;D

Laura L said...

Dear Kathi,
Happy Birthday *
Wish u have a wonderful and special bufday...
Thanks alot for be so generous sharing all your makeup review and skincare review in this lovely blog..and this awesome giveaway to your readers...

christmas is coming by,i wish u MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY BUFDAY...


Kimberly said...

OooOo How Fun - anotherrrrrr fabulous contest giveaway by Kathi! I'm excited!!!!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady, and may you have many, many more. We're all quite blessed to have you around sharing your reviews and goodies with us. I've been a ginormous fan of your blog and have purchased items from your fab store (and I WILL be back too!!) have the best birthday and the best life ever!!!!

Kimberly T. R

Anonymous said...

hello kathi!!

happy bdae to u!!

i seriously love ur blog. keep up the good job! :)


wen said...

happy birthday kathi~

thanks for all the reviews u've provided on ur blog! and er, all the lemmings u've created in me too! lol.
happy birthday!

Wendy L.

Linette said...

Hi Kathi,

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great bithday and many happy returns. I recently picked up the blue Chirstmas Maquillage Sparkling Eyeshadow after your great review and I love it!


cavano said...

Since it's not your birthday yet, I'm gonna save the congrats til later ;). But I hope you have a merry and happy one then :). What a good reason for more haul lol!!

Velyana S

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! In love with all Korea and Japan products just like you this i am looking forward for more reviews from you!!

Enon F

qian said...

Happy happy birthday! Love your blog, it's in my firefox most visited website bookmarks.
May all your wishes come true!

Digital Angel said...

Happy Birthday !
You have birthday right around the Christmas.
Since mine is December 1st, my boyfriend always tries to combine these together =/
But we don't like that, do we ?

Happy Birthday.

Digital Angel

adigitalangel at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathi,

Happy Birthday!

I have been a silent reader of your blog for quite some time. Love your reviews in MUA too.

Unknown said...

Oh, you're so kind!!! I'm your loyal reader...I wish you Happy Birthday and ALL your dream will come true...HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I'm Chris Loke... :)

Mad Murderer Mud said...


I am addicted to your posts! Love all your posts!

Merry xmas and a happy new year! :D


Ti_Amo said...

Happy birthday!! I hope your birthday is great this year :)

Anonymous said...

Have a smashing birthday..Woah!!! -- Jean.L

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Love your blog, keep up the good work. I've been hooked on your blog ever since my Seoul trip and consulted your blog before I bought all my Etude House purchases, so many thanks!

Bel said...

Kathi! Happy Bday! So, your bday and we are the ones who get he gifts?? Thank you so much for doing this!

-Bel Chan

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathi

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Kathi
Happy birthday to you

Thank you so much for the reviews and Lotus Palace sale. Will continue to follow your recommendation for trying out cosmetics.

Jenny Y.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi! Love to read your blog and reviews about korean n jap cosmetics. It has made me wanna go korea juz for the makeup alone haha.. HOpe you have a wonderful birthday and thanks for having a giveaway so evry1 can share in the joy! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,

I've been a silent reader of your blog for a few months now and I really love your pics and detailed reviews. Keep the great work going! :)

Happy Birthday! Happy holidays and best wishes for 2009 too. :)

Eunice L.

pinkdolphi1 said...

Hi Kathi, I really love and enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for all the great reviews & pictures that really stir my lemmings! We're all cosmetics lovers & addicts LOL... Let me sing a Singlish birthday song for you:
Hat pig bird day to you
Hat pig bird day to you
Hat pig bird day to Kathi
Hat pig bird day to you!!!
May all you wishes come true! ;)

Jaslyn L.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi, you are such a sweetheart. Hope you're blessed with health, happiness and may all your wishes come true!! =)
I loveee this blog!

Imelda J

Kathi said...

Lol @ Singlish Bday song!

Thanks ladies for all your kind wishes *hugs*

I see this competition is gonna be quite a success lol!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I was on a blogging break for the longest time so it's nice to see this blog is still around months later. =)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Wow you're birthday is soo close to Christmas! So do you get two presents in December ?? Anyway I wish you best and happiness, and more birthdays to come!

But thank you for hosting this giveaway! It's really nice of you to do this for your readers :)

Anne D.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Hope your bday brings you get joy, happiness and lots of love. '

yl said...

wow this is amazingly generous of you, it should really be the other way around instead (ppl giving you gifts) :) happy birthday!

Yingling T

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday & Happy Holidays!!
Thanks for all the reviews, they are very useful. I always consult here before getting it.

Jean K.

anna said...

Happy b-day! Your blog is absolutely one of my favs =)
Merry xmas and happy new year too!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Bonne Anniversaire!

Linda T.

Tammy said...

Hi Kathi,

I'm a long time reader of your blog (never commented though), and it's one of my favorites! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and holiday! :D


Bijin Blair said...

Hello Kathi,

I've been lemming for lots of Japanese and Korean beauty products because of your blog. Please keep on reviewing! Happy birthday dearest!!!

Blair T.

Anonymous said...

Hi kathi,
Happy birthday & merry christmas =] (Slightly early i know!)

Keeley x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi !
Have enjoyed all your wonderful reviews..
Hope you enjoy your birthday !
Happy 2009 and merry X'mas ! (:

Joanna L.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

I just discovered your blog & love it!

Jill H.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,
Happy Birthday! ^^
Thank you for posing so many reviews and introducing me to Japanese and Korean makeup and skincare products!

Anna S.

invie said...

Hey Kathi!

Happy B day.

Winnie T.

Anonymous said...

Happy early Birthday, Kathi!

Aifang W.

Anonymous said...

Hi kathi,
tanjoubi omedetou!
I greatly enjoy your reviews on japanese and korean makeup and skincare, i have read your entire blog and i check back everyday!
Have a happy birthday and a great year ahead.


CFZ said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!
All the best in 2009!!

Jessica Z

mayaari said...

hope you have a wonderful birthday :) thanks for all your posts on bb creams - it's been helping me decide which ones to look for!

Diana C.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a lurker on your blog =) Just wanted to say happy birthday! Wish you the best for this year. And i really like your blog ^^ i love your reviews.

ⓚ☪ said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!!

Your birthday is so close to Xmas, but we won't forget, Have a great birthday and hope your wishes will all be fulfilled in the new year.


Unknown said...

Dear Kathi,

Happy Birthday!! I really enjoyed your blog and your sales obviously. The BB cream are darlings and I must give super praise to the mascara.. and the blush wow! they're good

Merry x'mas. 生日快樂

Eve L

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

Hey Kathi!

Happy Birthday! My cousins Birthday is on the 23rd as well! Thank you so much for listing me as one of the blogs that you read often! Its mean a lot as you and the muse inspired me to make my blog.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi :)

Happy Birthday !!! Ive been a silent reader for sometime now, your blogs very lovely - I love all of your reviews & post. I check it like everyday for updates lol. Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU :) & Happy Holidays too.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Stay happy and keep the beautiful reviews and pictures coming. :D

Rachel K

miss_waterlily said...

Happy birthday Kathi,hope you keep up the good work at japanese and korean makeup cos Im a sucker too!Somehow managed to restrict myself to only 1 xmas collection that is JS's so far,i couldn't help but indulging on gmarket though,I tell my bf its all your fault,haha!

Merry xmas and happy new year!

Kelly L

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday! I'm Deanna G. I can't believe your birthday is so close to Christmas, so cool!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kathi, I wish you many happy returns for the coming year.

Melissa M

Stephy said...

Hey Kathi!

Happy birthday and of coz Happy holidays!!! You are lucky to have 2 things to celebrate about in the holiday season!! :)

Stephy H.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi ! Happy Birthday ! Love reading and enjoying your every posts . Hope you'll have a wonderful birthday this and every year . God bless !

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHI for the 23rd of December!! :)

I hope all ur wishes come true and you have a fantastic day!!

Thank you for organising this giveaway! :)

Teressa C.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kathi,keep the good reviews coming!

Mona said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!

hope you have a wonderful wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kathi! Love your blog and all the pics of delicious makeup!

Ivanna Y

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Kathi,

I'm a lurker- this is my first comment. A friend told me about your blog a few months ago and I've been hooked ever since. Thanks for holding such a nice contest.

Sarah Tea

~raspy~ said...


Hope that all your wishes will come true! ^-^

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathi,

Thanks for all the great reviews you've done so far; keep them coming! And happy happy birthday! :)

Katherine N.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!!

Love your blog and the wonderful reviews/tips you make. ^^

Karen L.

unforgettable said...

Dear Kathi,
I find your reviews useful and really tempting! Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Diana L.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!!
hope you have a great birthday and I wish you the best in the upcoming year ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi!
Happy birthday! I've always loved your pictures and swatches since MUA :) Keep up the awesome work, love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathi, happy birthday to you
and Merry Christmas.
it's nice of you to offer such great items to people occasionally, I am really impressed by your generosity.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You are so lucky to have your birthday so close to the holidays. Double presents YEAH!

-Anissa F (

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi :D
Want to wish you Happy Birthday!
Recently subscribed to your blog and it's very helpful, so I'm definitely gonna follow it religiously :))

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!!
Wishing you health & happiness!

I love reading ur blog!

Happy Holidays!!

- Winnie Y.

PS - i'm sorry if i doubled my comments - i had an error on the first entry!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kaithi!
I've stalked your blog for awhile and your reviews helped me a lot! :D
And wow, you're birthday is near Christmas! Awesome :D

Lolita Riot said...

Hi Kathi!
Happy bday! I always read your blog but never reply but I DO appreciate all the effort you put into it because I very much enjoy reading your posts!
Thanks for the contest!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! This was one of the first makeup blogs I found and I love all your reviews of Asian makeup... makes me even more excited for shopping when I go to Japan in a few months!

Unknown said...

Kathi dear, happy birthday!
Wiser one year, prettier too. May all your wishes come true.


Anonymous said...


May i wISH YOU A JOYOUS birthday!

Love your Blog,Love you!May mother nature Bless you :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great bday and receive lots of presents!

oh and merry xmas too!

watercoloursky said...

Happy Birthday in advance! I've never commented before but I always look for your reviews on MUA and here. They're always so helpful! Btw, I got the Lunasol Holiday set because of you :) Can't wait for it to arrive!

Ciambella said...

Happy birthday, Kathi! I've been getting really curious about Japanese makeup since I ran across your blog. Thanks for sharing your awesome collection with us! Hope your 23rd is full of beautiful things!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Kathi! Your blog is one of the few I check daily. Happy holiday and hope the new year is very kind to you :)

Gina C.

sophia_was_here said...

Happy birthday, Kathi! Your blog is one of my favorites! I didn't think you could explain products even better than in your MUA reviews!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathi,
Happy Birthday! I just recently discovered your blog and love reading all the interesting things you write! Your reviews are fantastic!!! Hope you have a great year ahead!
-Nafisa. M

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!! Wishing you all the best in life!

Brenda M.

Anonymous said...

안녕 Kathi~ :D
Happy Birthday, or, like we say here in Spain: Feliz Cumpleaños!
I hope you have a great time, and also tons of luck in the new year <3
Love all your reviews and posts! :)

mkt350 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you are awesome! i find myself checking your blog almost everyday! =D

from: Fonda W.


Tamtam said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!!
I've been reading your blog for a long time now!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi
Happy Birthday!
Thanks for all your reviews and photo swatches, they have been a joy to read
Have a wonderful birthday and best wishes for the new year

Nam L

Anonymous said...

Have a great birthday! Keep the beauty reviews coming!

Meng Chuan C.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi~!

Happy Birthday~!

Hope all your wishes will come true :)

Thanks for all the reviews of Korean and Japanese Beauty Items. You surely sparked my interest and lotsa lemmings in me. hehe!

Hope you have a good year ahead and Merry xmas~!

-neaevia at yahoo dot com


Dear Kathi,

Happy Birthday!
Really enjoy reading your blog. =) Wishing you lots of love and happiness in the coming year ahead. =)

Pey Suan.C

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog~ I check it out everyday for updates. :D Happy happy birthday to you and hope you'll have a great Christmas and birthday! <3

Chiara said...

A Big happy birthday to you hon! What a fun giveaway!

Kawaii said...

Hi Kathi,

Happy Bithday! May you have a great year ahead with plenty of new ideas for Lotus Palace everyday... :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi,
loves your super-duper-detailed-reviews and super-duper-fast-updates. Your blog never fails me to read it on and on, keep it up ya :)

Eunice T.

- said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!

I love your blog! Thank you for all the useful reviews of Japanese brands, you are horrible for my wallet! But I like it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi miss ~
I often come to your blog to see your reviews on asian make up but I never got the courage to greet you...

I think it is very generous of you to do this giveaways for your birthday especially when you're supposed to receive !

so Happy belated Birthday and with your qualities and generosity, i'm sure this new year will be a reward, full of happiness and love.

Take care.

Merry Christmas and happy new year ~


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy it.

Lily said...

Hi Kathi! Happy birthday! I've been following your blog for a while now and I love your reviews and the products you introduce.
I hope you have a great new year and birthday! celebrate!!!

<3 Lily.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Thanks for all the great reviews.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathi,

Happy Birthday! I like reading your blog and it is very informative. Thanks for sharing this nice blog with us!
Wish you all the best and be pretty forever ! =)

Anonymous said...


Have a fantastic birthday and great new year!

Maggie M

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathi!

Happy early birthday!! I hope it's a great one filled with lots of happiness! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Liv J. Said...

Hello Kathi:)

Happy birthday!!!
Thanks for all the wanderful reviews and picturs you've done. Hope to see you more in the new year.


Anna said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one!

Anonymous said...

~~ สุขสันต์วันเกิด Happy Birthday ~~
May all your wishes come true.

cibicco said...

Happy birthday! Look forward to many more excellent reviews in 2009.

Mindy N.

Thi said...


Please have a wonderful birthday on the 23rd! Happy holidays as well!

It must be full of happiness to have a birthday so close to Christmas!

You are also very thoughtful for having a contest for your readers!

Thi L.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi (:
生日快乐!! ☆
Wishing you all that -you- wish for!
Happy Birthday and Happy holidays!

❤ Penny

Joey said...

Happy birthday to youuu Kathi!! *squishes* I hope you have a wonderful day and that the next year is filled with lots of amazing hauls!!

Josie P.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi

Thanks for walking us through your useful reviews. Fill us with MORE in the upcomoing years ahead. :P

Enjoy presents every moment & be happy~!


chian said...

Dear Kathi,

Happy happy birthday!! :D

Chian Li T.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathi,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! may you have a great year ahead!! :)

PeiNi T.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so unique :) I love it! Happy birthday dear Kathi ;)

Inge said...

Happy birthsday, chicka!

Thank you so much for doing this.

Inge M.J. (jinnzor at gmail dot com)

Miki said...

Hello Khati,

To be honest, this is my 1st time here at your blog but i find it quite informative to me.
Happy Christmas & Merry Birthday! Wish you with many blessing and more product to reviews!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!

May you have a lovely birthday and a happy christmas!

I love your site! It's one of the few sites I check out before making any makeup purchases. Great reviews and swatches, keep it up!

-Tin T.

Kimberly said...

Hi Kathi,
Happy Birthday to the Queen of the beauty bloggers! I hope all of your wishes & dreams come true!
Thanks for a truly awesome blog. You,& your fantastic reviews,have hopelessly turned me on to Asian makeup,& those gorgeous brands forever!!

Anonymous said...


Your birthday is just three days before mine (Dec 26)! lol.

I hope you have many more makeup and blessings to come!

- TerriLynne M.

Unknown said...

Hey Kathi!

Happy birthday to you! Christmas' really a special day as it is my birthday as well! Though you birthday is 2 days away from Xmas, it'll be an unforgettable one receiving birthday and christmas presents together! Have a wonder birthday yeah!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday :) I'm a korean living in Canada and am planning on visting korea this next year and your posts have been very informative! thank you! Have a good b-day. God bless~

Ahleessa said...

Happy Birthday Kathi! :) I'm a lurker who craves what you get from Japan and Korea... hehe~

Anonymous said...


i love reading your blog and all your reviews. makes me want to start ordering eyeshadows from gmarket. i usually just order clothes but my most recent one, i'd ordered skincare coz it was so much cheaper there than it cost here in Toronto.

my email

THANKS!! ^o^

bijinkei said...

Happy birthday~~!!
You have the same birthday as my friend..=P

Victoria L.

Anonymous said...

Gelukkige verjaardag! hehe had to come up with something different than the 150th happy birthday!
Eventhough it has been a while since i last purchased asian makeup i still keep coming back here, i guess you blog is bewitched ^^

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Kathi!

I really enjoy reading your blog and have now gotten super interested in Korean makeup (was already in love with Japanese makeup). Have a happy holiday season too!

Shirley L

Anonymous said...

An early Happy Birthday! May you always be beautiful :)

Sherry T

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!!!

I stumbled upon ur blog because I had been looking for BB cream reviews.. your blog is so addictive!!

Hope you will have a great year ahead and more makeup to review!!!

*envy much*

makeupmag said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kathi. :) Your site has been a wonderful resource both in terms of product information and swatches. I hope your day is filled with much joy and many blessings. Here's to many more beautiful days and blog posts to come! :D

Gracie said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!!!

I know you spent a lot of time doing the reviews for the products, thanks a lot!!!

Grace S.

cellophanegirl said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!

Frankly speaking, I'm addicted to your blog. I am always here everyday if not multiple times a day! Hope you'll have a warm and cozy xmas & birthday.

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday from beautiful Oregon!

Thank you for your nice reviews on Japanese products, I find them very helpful as I use products only from there!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathi,

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great birthday and enjoy the holiday season as well. :)

Thanks for constantly updating your blog with great reviews on so many different products. They're really helpful and now I'm addicted to some of them as well. :)


Shop N' Chomp said...

Greetings Kathi and happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathi,

Happy Birthday on 23 Dec :)
Merry Christmas to you too!
Thanks for all useful tips and your generous give away. I wish you have a very happy life all year long:)
Gigi W.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathi,
Your blog has provided me with hours of wonderful procrastination.
Happy belated birthday!
May you have a wonderful holiday season!
Clare O

Anonymous said...

Many happy wishes on your birthday and thanks for a great blog!

The Giveaway Diva said...

wow happy birthday! great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

wow would love to be entered into this great giveaway


Anonymous said...

ooo happy birthday!! love your blog! its sooo cool!!!


MaryJoyce said...

hi Kathi!
happy birthday! Thanks so much for the honest and useful reviews! I enjoy reading your blog/

Maryjoyce c.

Angeline said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the reviews you've shared on your blog and Merry Christmas as well!

Angeline A

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !!!
& have a great 2009
it's great to see lotuspalace grow from a mini blog from when i first started reading to now ! all the luck

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathi,

Happy birthday! 生日快乐! Hope that you have a great birthday celebration! :)

Serene L.

sze min ♥ said...

Happy birthday! :) Thanks so much for doing this! I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays! I love your blog.

- Jinny S.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!
I love reading your blogs!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!!!! Hope u hav a wonderful time and a merry christmas!!
Thanks for all the reviews.xx
Bianca K

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I'm sure Christmas and New Years will simply be delightful :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kathi~

I've been visiting your blog frequently ever since you reviewed Etude House stuff.

RED majexty said...

Hey Kathi
Happy birthday and many more blogging years to come

Anonymous said...

am I late? But I wanna greet u happy bufday. I'm a silent reader all these days and I'm love ur blog so much.with your review,i know what i can choose and wat not to choose.

Today is christmas... Merry christmas Kathi ^ ^

Racheal Low

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
May you have more blessings in 2009!
I learn a lot from your blog, keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kathi!

Thanks for all the great reviews and eye candies you've been posting!

Carol C.

preonie said...

Hi Kathi,

Happy birthday Kathi. I've been visited your blog for several months. It's very useful and I really enjoy reading your comment on asian product. Thank you for everything.

The Makeup Case said...

Happy Birthday!!!
woohooo to the December babies~! ^^

- Christina L.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,
Joyeux Anniversaire! Thanks so much for preventing me from wasting my husbands money on rubbish! I cant wait to see the reviews of all the cool stuff you'll get for your birthday. Have a lovely day!

Melanie E

Anonymous said...

hey happy birthday!
i just saw your blog from google,and i actually went through almost everything
i'm amazed,wow,you're suck a makeup freak eh? lol
i wish i could buy all those stuffs
great reviews and blog anyway,wish you all the best =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! So kind of you to share the wealth of your beauty stash. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

DorknAngelx05 said...

Happy Birthday! <33 :D

Julie P.

Social Butterfly said...

Happy birthday sweet Kathi!
I can order a lot of things from Gmarket now, thanks to you of course!~

Suheda S

moohoot said...

Hey Kathi!

Happy Birthday and keep the reviews rolling!


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