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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Contest Closed! Winners announced....

The giveaway contest is closed now =D

It was really fun to do this! So many girls participated! I am sure to do this again soon!

The 3 winners are fridagal, Kimberly Tia and Mineral Maven. Please email me your addressed to or ASAP!

Here is the list shuffled for me. I just entered all names and randomized the list once.

  1. fridagal
  2. Kimberly Tia
  3. Mineral Maven
  4. Hikaru
  5. Jessica Y
  6. Winnie T
  7. Wendy L.
  8. Linda T
  9. Engmin T
  10. Mindy N
  11. YZ Teh
  12. Kimberly
  13. EnOn
  14. Suheda S.
  15. Teressa C
  16. Xueting K.
  17. Fonda W.
  18. Betty T
  19. Melissa L
  20. Peixun P.
  21. Evelyn E
  22. Sherry T
  23. Jaslyn L
  24. Elvira W
  25. Jean W
  26. Kelly L
  27. Melissa C
  28. Jenny
  29. raspy
  30. Rachel H
  31. Vivian A
  32. Angel L
  33. neaevia
  34. nlng*star
  35. Jessica C
  36. Julie T
  37. Meng Chuan
  38. Lisa L
  39. Yasumik
  40. Jennifer S
  41. alotlikelove
  42. Mary Joyce C
  43. Kit L
  44. babysaffron
  45. wearenogorillas
  46. Masie
  47. Angela K
  48. YL
  49. Karen L
  50. Tasha T
  51. anna
  52. sumiji888
  53. Carol C
  54. Press M.
  55. Muguet D.
  56. Mona W.
  57. Joyce
  58. Diane C
  59. Lee R
  60. Ivanna Y.
  61. Szuann N
  62. yda
  63. Tiff L
  64. Jean L

Timestamp: 2008-12-03 07:20:42 UTC

New contest coming soon, I promise!

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Hikaru said...

Oh~! What a shame, I'm number 04~ lol. Thank you very much for the giveaway, that was so fun~!!!! Chao~!

yda said...

Congrats to the winners!!! ^____^

birkinbagbeauty said...

Congratulations to all the winners, yeehaa!! Wow, what a great group of contestors! This blog is so popular :D

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so fun, thanks for the giveaways! And congrats to all the 3 winners!


Kimberly said...

omg!!! no way!!

How exciting!!!
I'm like a giddy school girl now!

Thank you and what an honor!
I lovvvvvvves contests!
I'll email you my mailing addy asap ^_^


Anonymous said...

thanks for the giveaway! =)

Mineral Maven said...

Whaaaattt!!! I won :) whoo hooo that's exciting. I'm e-mailing you now :)

j e a n said...

oh i didnt win! oh wells :)

btw kathi when u cancel part of an order from Gmarket, do they refund you the amount to your G account or your credit card? I've emailed Gmarket a few times but they either ignore the question or ask me to contact my credit card company, which i don't think should be the case?

Anonymous said...

congrats to all three of u winners. better luck next time for me (^_^;;

Anonymous said...

congratss !
omg i was 5 LOl

kokomacola said...

Oh, too sad that I didn't win, but that's OK^^ It's fun to be in give away contest. Hope I'll win next time!:D Thanks for shareing things with us!

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