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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Etude House Smile - Artist Collection by Robert Ryan

Etude House is releasing new products about every month... this month a very cute collection came out including a "Smile Makeup" range, a "So Lovely Smile" perfume collection and the "Cleansing Dream" skincare products.

I'll review one of the perfume items and 3 makeup items now. The Cleansing Dream stuff will be presented later.

Before I start getting to the products I have to deliver the bad news =( Etude House is gone from Gmarket! I hope it's just a temporary thing but seems in future I'll have to deal with the jacked-up prices on eBay *big sigh*. However I was lucky enough to score a nice bunch of items before their Gmarket shop was closed.

-So Lovely Smile Everyday Perfumed Spray, 150ml (7000 Won):

I couldn't order the actual perfume due to customs regulations here but I purchased the Everyday Perfumed Spray which comes in a very cute spray bottle.

According to Etude House the scent is a "Sparkling Watery Fruity Floral". To me it smells pretty average and very similar to their Princess fragrance. Somewhat similar to D&G Light Blue in my opinion.
The So Lovely Smile fragrance has a bit stronger notes of cinnamon when it dries down and a certain freshness through some citrus notes added. I am not a pro with describing perfumes though.

The Everyday Perfumed Spray does linger for quite long so it's fine with me that I didn't get the perfume (especially since the fragrance is not remarkable really).
Etude House says this is to be used on your body, as a room spray, as a fabric freshener and on shoes & bags.

-Smile Cheek Pearls Multi-Colored Blush with Puff, 20g (15000 Won):

To me this is the heart of the collection and in the same time one of the most expensive Etude House items I saw so far (I mean retail price, not jacked-up online prices!)

I really love the cute cardboard compact these pearls come in! The heart print with the "I Can't Stop Smiling" logo is really adorable!
The cardboard box the beads come in is quite large and comes with a super cute fluffy puff. The top of it is made of soft feather with a satin bow in the middle whereas the bottom is a velvety plush puff.
The only small drawback is that there are always some feathers sticking out of the compact when you close it as they're quite long.

The beads come in the colors pink, white, lavender, mint and peach.
The overall color they produce when I swirl my brush across them is a soft pink glow (no real shimmer or glitter...very pretty glow!).

It's suitable as a very light blush but for anyone darker than NW15-20 it will only be useful as a highlighter I think. I can use it as both depending how much I layer.
The powders carry a very light and subtle scent.

-Smile Lip Gloss Trio, 3x4.5g (11000 Won):

I couldn't resist the cute little box with 3 pretty glosses so I picked this up, too.
You get 3 glosses with different designs on each tube in pretty soft colors.

On the pic: 02, 03, 01

2 shades contain very fine shimmer whereas one shade is just a gloss without any shimmer or glitter.
The glosses have the typical fruity scent I know from other Etude House glosses (except their peach stuff of course).
The texture is smooth and only slightly sticky. The glosses have average lasting power and give a pretty glossy finish.

On the pics: 02 (top), 03, 01

The 3 colors are:

01 Smiling Red (sheer berry-pink w/o shimmer) - 1st swatch (left)
02 Smiling Pink (translucent light pink with shimmer) - 2nd swatch (middle)
03 Smiling Purple (medium sheer pink with shimmer) - 3rd swatch (right)

-Smile Color Pot Kit, 4x2g (10000 Won):

This is actually a very interesting little kit as it gives you 4 very different items.

You get 4 little pots with cute different designs containing:
-Smile Lip Balm (the peach colored stuff)
-Smile Cake Fragrance

-Smile Cream Blusher

-Smile Cream Shadow/Highlighter

The bottom of each little jar shows a heart or star. Very cute!

Smile Lipbalm:

This is a nice rather sticky clear balm that feels very nice on my lips and gives a glossy finish. It has a soft fruity fragrance, probably strawberry.

Smile Cake Fragrance:
This is an ivory-colored solid version of the So Lovely Smile Fragrance.
I have to admit that the cake perfume has quite good staying power and is very handy for toting around.

Smile Cream Blusher:

This is probably my favorite item of the kit. It's a very pretty sheer light mauve pink blusher with a satiny finish. This makes an excellent base for the Smile Cheek Pearls.

Smile Cream Shadow/Highlighter:

This is a shimmery light silver highlighter and cream shadow. I used it on my brow-bones in combination with my beloved Banila Co Cream Shadow in 04 Chaos and the highlighter looked very pretty, almost a slightly dewy finish (the glitter pieces are very fine).

I haven't tried this on my lids but judging by the soft creamy texture I am 100% sure this will crease like mad.

All in all this is a very cute little kit to give as a gift (young girls would definitely like this very much) or to keep for yourself =)

I have to say the designs by Robert Ryan are so cute and lovely, it's worth picking up a few items just because of them =)

There are also 2 liptints in the Smile Makeup range and a So Lovely Smile Perfume Spray and Perfume Jelly available.

I ordered some other items (Cleansing Dream Moist Cleansing Oil, Soft Foam Cleanser and their new Rich Butter Hand Cream and got a load of freebies (a huge hand mirror and various skincare and body care kits in good sizes like 25-60ml/item).
I really hope so much Etude House will continue selling on Gmarket!


birkinbagbeauty said...

oh no, I hope Etude House returns to gmarket. I only ordered the pearls and the light cleansing oil, and I really want some more items after seeing them on your blog.

Digital Angel said...

I saw this long time ago on etude's website and I thought blush is very very cute especially their packaging :) You got whole collection, how nice :P

Mona said...

everything looks so cute!

tuniez83 said...

really nice hual of Etude u got
I love the blush ball thingy. BTW this collection of Etude is very my style.
P.S. love ya blog

piinkstrawberii said...

hiii i was wondering if u can answer my question about gmarket? have u ever bought anna sui mirrors and stuff? and if so do u think i should? i mean... ive been looking everywhere for this stuff and ebay is like... ew prices, but yeah they are so cheap but shipping is omg...

miss_waterlily said...

Nice reviews as aways kathi!Did u see the shea butter hand collection they released also?Its gorgeous and such a shame cos i was just going to order yesterday!

To digital fragrance: I think most of the anna sui stuff is *cough* replica of the actual thing,ur probably better off buying from brands like etude house who also do cute mirrors that is much much cheaper, authentic and just as nice!(tho they are temporarily out of gmarket at the moment*cries*

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi

I started reading your reviews on MUA when I discovered Majolica couple of months ago. And was wondering why there aren't any more updates after May. Now I know why and am so glad to have found your blog. Have also subscribed myself to receive updates. Thanks once again for all your detailed reviews, comments, prices, where to purchase, details, details, details, etc. All much appreciated!!!

Happy New Year :)

Lily said...

omg their products are so cute!

Tamtam said...

Actually, how do you finish all the makeup you buy? lol

you know, I'm so happy that you reviewed the DHC Q10 moisture care liquid foundation! I just bought it and used it for the first time and am in love!! Pink ocher 01 is such a perfect match for me! Love the dewy finish too, thanks for the recommendation!

Kathi said...

Thanks girls for all your kind comments! =D

Miss Waterlily, I got the Shea hand cream =P It's really nice, I'll be reviewing it soon!

Hi Chien,
welcome to my blog =D I hope you'll enjoy it future as much as you like it now =D

err...I think for me it's not about finishing products lol! I know that I will never finish certain products like eyeshadows, blushers etc. However I do finish skincare stuff, foundations etc. (though now with the amount of BB Creams I own that's getting harder, too!) =X Guess I am a hopeless addict *sigh*
Great to hear you love the DHC foundation!

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