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Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas 2008: Laneige The Snow Eye Palette #1 and Shimmer Brighter

Today I'll review the last bunch of Xmas stuff.
Poo, I'm done with Xmas, I am so ready for Spring makeup! (and already indulged in some!)

Anyways, the Laneige stuff was the last I got as I waited for Etude House to list their new Smile collection on Gmarket before I ordered the Laneige. (To my shock I discovered that now there is no Etude House shop on Gmarket anymore! I hope they'll relist soon!)

I ordered the face highlighter called "The Snow Shimmer Brighter" and the "The Snow Eye Palette" in #1 as #2 (pink/wine) looked totally unflattering for me.

First off, the compacts are adorable! They're made of a matte black plastic adorned with black velvet snowflakes. Very pretty!
The compacts are a bit bulkier as the blush brush/eyeshadow applicators are below the actual powders in a small compartment.

-The Snow Eye Palette #1:

Honestly this is such a disappointment! The colors are just really ugly and don't work well together. The texture is horribly crumbly and rough in the 2 lighter shades and the darkest shade is very sheer and requires quite some layering.
This contains a dark navy (I hate these kind of blues, they look like s*it on me), a yellow gold and white.

Judging from the pics I thought the darkest shade is a dark gray =(
The snowflake arrangement of the shadows is so cute but inconvenient in my opinion.

I paid about US$21 for this on Gmarket (27300 Won). It's not worth it in my opinion.
Last year's Laneige Xmas palette was a hit though! 9 beautiful metallic/shimmery colors to play with!
Here are pics (click here and here)

-The Snow Shimmer Brighter:

This item is way better and prettier than the Eye Palette. The Shimmer Brighter features pastel colored snowflakes on a white background. All colors blend to a beautiful soft glowy sheer white highlighter.

The texture is soft and silky and there is no crumbling.

The shimmer pieces are very small so you will not get a disco-ball effect.
I paid 30300 Won (about US$23)


y m said...

The palettes look so beautiful. =]

Anonymous said...

The shimmer brighter is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen! I'm glad you find it decent quality. I might purchase it too.

Cheryl said...

haha i got the snow eye palette in 02.. for 02 the colours are quite lovely :O the pink is a cool pink colour (not the warm kind) and the base is a white gold color.

i tried the gold and blue version on my hands and gave it a pass because they really look like shit..

melanie said...

Good to know you like the HL. i just ordered it so im excited that it is nice! :)

Anonymous said...

finally something from Laneige caught my attention. These are a bit YSL like for some reason but less pigmented and more shimmery. I will have to check them out in person. Thanks

miss_waterlily said...

I realised that etudehouse is no longer on gmarket just a minute ago and im soooo shocked i tell u!!I was waiting after the hols to order a bunch of their gorgeous goodies,now im sad:-(

Naomi said...

hello. i'm new to this blog. I'm a korean and I'm surprised and happy to see there's someone who specifically collect korean cosmetics. wow. You probably know more abt korean cosmetics than any korean gals. lol

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