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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mandom Beauty Cleansing Express Moist

After reading various glowing reviews in a variety of beauty blogs it was sure that I had to try out the much raved Mandom Beauty Cleansing Express Cleansing Lotion myself.

Adambeauty started stocking all 3 available versions (Sebum Care, Moist, Age Care Q10) of this short ago so for US$14 incl. shipping the "Moist" version ended up in my shopping cart.

According to Mandom Beauty the Cleansing Express Lotions are 100% water-based and oil-free. They are suitable for the most sensitive skin-types and thoroughly remove all traces of makeup and dirt from deep inside your pores.
Furthermore Mandom says that their lotion doesn't need to be rinsed and is moisturizing for added skincare benefits.

The Cleansing Lotion is a liquid in a very pretty 300ml pump bottle with a floral design on it. I think it looks very chic and much more expensive than it really is.

I can't seem to detect a scent (just like in other Mandom products I tried). Might be it has the faintest hint of a light sweet smell?

I think the Cleansing Express is excellent if you don't have access to running water (or only a yucky bathroom or something hehe) or are lazying in bed and still want to get your face really clean including waterproof mascara. =)
I think this will be a great travel companion, too (just fill a bit in a small bottle that can go in the Ziploc I can remove my makeup on the plane)
It really removes even stubborn makeup like a breeze...

However in my opinion cleansing takes too long for daily use. I mean if I use cleansing oil followed with a foaming cleanser that takes me maybe 30 seconds or a minute. With the Cleansing Express I need about 6 cotton pads and 2 minutes to remove all my face and eye makeup.

I do think that the cleanser is great for removing all the rest of eye makeup my cleansing oil doesn't take off. Since the Cleansing Lotion is water-based there is no stinging or blurry vision when used on eyes.

I also have to agree with Mandom that this stuff is really mild. Even though it's a heavy duty makeup remover it seems to be very compatible with my sensitive skin so it's not giving me a tight or dry feeling when I am using it like some cleansing foams do.

But I have to disagree that the Cleansing Lotion Moist is moisturizing. After removing my skin feels soft and clean but I still feel the need of a moisturizer.
Also this stuff tastes yucky! Of course I didn't drink it =) But when you wipe off the makeup on/around your lips and accidentally lick your lips you get a really bitter taste in your mouth...ugh!

Usage is simple: just squirt 1-2 pumps of the liquid on a cotton pad and wipe over face including eyes. Change pad whenever it's dirty. As I said above I need about 6 cotton pads to remove all makeup.
No need to rinse.

All in all it really is an excellent makeup remover. And as you et a huge bottle for a low price it's very worth having around.
However for daily use I find cleansing oil and foaming cleanser more convenient.

The 3 versions available are:
-Sebum (oily skin)
-Moist (dry skin)
-Age Care Q10 (mature and very dry skin)


acutelife said...

thanks for the review! I will try this one! :)

Anonymous said...

I started using this a few months ago. It's pretty good but I only use it to remove eye makeup and only need one cotton square so not bad. Don't think I'd use it for the whole face.


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