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Friday, December 12, 2008

New skincare love: Sana Nameraka Honpo Part 2

As I posted before I was so thrilled with the bunch of Sana Nameraka Honpo items I received from Adambeauty last week I ordered more items right away.

I already described the concept of Nameraka Honpo cosmetics and reviewed a bunch of products here.
All products state to be free of fragrance, preservatives and mineral oil. (isn't that great?)
Furthermore they're supposed to be for every skin-type but I have to say that most of the products are probably too rich for oilier skin-types.

I am not someone who likes to mix & match different lines of skin-care but rather prefer to use products from one line together so I decided to order all the other items I need to have a complete set of Nameraka Honpo skincare. There are a few more items I didn't get as I didn't think they're needed for me and after all I don't need 10 layers of stuff on my skin.

Since I have the Nameraka Cleansing Oil, Face Cream and Sheet Masks (and the UV Makeup Base) already I decided I needed the Rich Toner, Soy Milk Lotion, Cleansing Foam and
Cleansing Milk (well, this one wasn't really necessary I think).

-Soy Milk Cleansing Foam:

The Cleansing Foam is a foaming cleanser which comes in a very soft white plastic tube. It lathers nicely to a dense white smooth foam
which leaves my skin very clean. I feel the Cleansing Foam is a bit on the harsher side though as my skin feels a bit tight afterwards. If I tone and moisturize right away that's not a problem though and I feel my skin is really clean.
The tube contains 150g and costs US$10 on adambeauty.
RRP in Japan is 735 Yen

-Soy Milk Cleansing Milk:

I think I only bought this because it was called "Makeup Remover" on Adambeauty so I somehow thought it's for removing eye makeup. Haha! Dumb me! It's a good old cleansing milk which is quite effective in taking off face makeup but the Cleansing Oil does a much better job of removing mascara and other color makeup so I think the Cleansing Oil followed by the Cleansing Foam is enough to get my face clean.
Comes in a good pump bottle which contains 140g.
The instructions say to squirt a bit onto the palms of your hands, spread it over your face and then rinse it off. It rinses very well so no oily residues are left.
I paid US$12 on adambeauty
RRP in Japan is 945 Yen

-Soy Milk Rich Toner:

While I generally skipped toner for the longest time (after Clinique's crap stripped my skin of all oil and self-defense thus making it look like raw meat for several months) I now think they're essential.
I chose the Rich Toner which is a slightly milky liquid in a stiff plastic bottle.
The toner feels refreshing but also moisturizing so I really love it and think it completes the series quite well.
There is also a Light Toner but I don't see it listed on Adambeauty (however Sasa lists it for US$10.50)
The 200ml bottle sells for US$11.50 on adambeauty.
RRP in Japan is 945 Yen

-Soy Milk Lotion:

The Lotion is a very lightweight runny moisturizer to use between the toner and the thicker cream or to use instead of the cream if your skin isn't that dry.
The Soy Milk Lotion makes my skin very soft upon application but leaves a very odd sticky feeling behind. If I follow with the cream right away that doesn't matter but I wouldn't like to wear the Lotion alone without a cream.
The Soy Milk Lotion costs US$12 on adambeauty and contains 150ml.
RRP in Japan is 945 Yen.

All items are available on, too. They also carry most of the Nameraka Honpo Arbutin (Whitening) series. Since I am already Caspar The Ghost's sister and don't have any pigment spots to cure I didn't order any of these.

To me the stars of the Nameraka Honpo series are the Cleansing Oil, Sheet Masks, Rich Toner and Face Cream.

The only item I feel is missing is an eye cream. I do have great eye creams though so it's not much of a problem.
I am also interested in the Soy Essence which I will probably order from Adambeauty soon.

I also ordered the Lifting Essence from Sana's Hari & Nobi range (I think it only offers 2 items)... I wanted it mainly for the cute pink tube and pretty Japanese lady printed on the packaging lol!
It's a lightweight gel you can use on fine lines to make them look smoother. According to the description on the packaging this is also working for expression lines.

It contains Argireline (whatever that stuff is) but I honestly can't say how/if that stuff works.
I have to say this makes a nice refreshing eye gel which is very pleasant to use and I *think* it makes my skin look a bit plumper. However that's an effect most creams give so it's not that special.
Also for 1050 Yen (or US$9.50 incl. shipping on adambeauty for the 12g tube) you can't expect miracles, right? :P

I think when I really get lines and wrinkles it takes more heavy duty stuff to reduce them. But so far I am lucky and have even and smooth skin *knocks on wood*


Kimberly said...

wowwww kathi - awesome review on this, i saw these items at my local japanese market and was always curious to try this line, the gal at the counter said it's made of rice apparently, rice and soy -- so i'm in love already!!

def going to have to pick up a few of these to try, i love skin items!!! thanks for keeping us girls in the know...

btw i love those lip tints you sent to me, they're sooo fun!

Unknown said...

Okey, I am definitely getting this stuff.

Kathi said...

Hey, I am glad you like the Lip Tints =D
The stuff with rice extract is Sana's Konuka line which looks quite similar to the Nameraka Honpo! =D
I am tempted to try the Konuka line, too =X

acutelife said...

SANA items have been my interest for some time. I think I will try them out, esp the cleansing oil, sheet mask & rich toner :)
well, im finding trouble getting a good eye cream/gel/serum too. the best one I've tried is NuSkin ideal eyes, eye refining cream..

Laura L said...

aha...this is really nice. Good review, I gonna email to my friend in Japan asking him to bring some SANA NAMERAKA HONPO back to malaysia to me... haha..

beside,the eye gel do works really nice. One of my friend is using it..But i'm not sure how well it can work. At least able to refreshing eyes part.

can wait for your coming review..

Love it ^ ^

paperdollrevenge said...

Nice reviews! Have you tried any of the Sana Salon De Porejo line? I like the peeling gel from that and have wondered if I should try the other products, like the moisturizer, etc.

Mineral Maven said...

oooh sounds nice. and i love the packaging. packaging always gets me lol. p.s. got my prize and i loooove it all <3 thanks muchas

Anonymous said...

now that i have read part 1 and 2, i felt like my eyes suddenly opened up. your site always educates me in so many way! i am an idiot when it comes ot asian makeup and you keep feeding me with information and more information! soy is good for us anyway so this is certainly a brand to check out. not sure if we have these but i'd watch out! thanks again!

Yumeko said...

thanks for the review!
i wanted to try it but the sample i got seemed too much for my oily face. but i thought it might be because i didnt use the whole range. like u ,i like the whole range as well

btw if u need help getting the sinn bbcream, let me know ^^

Kathi said...

Hi Paperdollrevenge,
I haven't tried the Salon de Porejo stuff but saw it on adambeauty. Is it for shrinking pores?

Hi Jojoba,
thanks for your kind comments! I think Soy is great, especially in skin care! I really love the Nameraka stuff! Worth checking out!

Hi Acutelife,
I actually quite like some of my Korean eye creams esp. the ones from Etudehouse.
But a Nameraka eye cream would be really nice to complete the range!

Hi ning*star,
Yea the Hari & Nobi gel is really refreshing, it's lovely! And the pink tube is too cute =)
Great that you have a friend who can get you the Nameraka stuff =D

Hi Mineral_Maven,
so glad you got your price so fast =D Enjoy your goodies!

Hi Yumeko,
you're too sweet! I will take your kind offer soon! Thanks so much!!

*hugs* to everyone!

Anonymous said...

This product is very good. This is new product for me. Let me use this product.

Fifi said...

Thank you so much for the review! I will try some of these stuffs!

Anyway, you said that this line is probably not for oilier skin type so which one do you think will suit my combi-oily skin? I'm also eyeing at the Konuki & Arbutin lines.. it's a bit confusing to pick one since it's stated at Sasa that they're for every skin type *sigh*

Anti-Aging Skin Care said...

this product is very good.i think this is new product on me. let me use this try.

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