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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Xmas 2008: Beaute de Kose Fantasist Collection Makeup Coffret

I purchased 3 Xmas coffrets from Kose this year: Magie Deco, Esprique Precious and Beaute de Kose. All 3 are pretty and offer different but rather natural looks.

The Beaute de Kose Fantasist Collection Makeup Coffret contains 5 items for a pretty shimmery but natural look. I believe it's great value for money as it contains 2 full-sized Eye Fantasists which retail for 2625 Yen/each normally. The set retails for 5250 Yen (about US$57-58 right now) in Japan so you're basically paying the 2 Eye Fantasists and get a lipgloss, glitter mascara and blusher for free.
I even got the coffret for less as my dear friend Iris CPed it for me in Singapore where it came out to S$69/4410 Yen (about US$48) which is quite a difference compared to the Japanese retail price!

The coffret contains:

-Eye Fantasist Eye Color in BE355 Sparkle Shine Beige, 7g
-Eye Fantasist Eye Color in BR356 Sparkle Shine Brown, 7g
-Glitter Mascara GD001 Illuminate Gold, 4ml
-Face Color BR300 Generous Brown, 3.3g
-Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl BE386 Generous Beige, 3g

Everything comes packed in a pretty cylindrical box in white, black and gold so it's very pretty to give as a gift!

-Eye Fantasist Eye Colors in BE355 (Sparkle Shine Beige) & BR356 (Sparkle Shine Brown):

I am quite fond of the Eye Fantasist Eye Color series (with a few exceptions, when the colors turn out as nil color with tons of glitter).
The 2 LE colors from the coffret have a pale golden instead of silver cap but otherwise they're the same size/shape as the regular Eye Fantasists.

The liquid shadows have a soft creamy texture which is easy and pleasant to apply. I pat them on my lids and the result is very even without clumps or blotchiness. About 2 layers give me the desired color intensity as the shadows are quite pigmented.
The colors dry down quickly but not too fast so you have enough time for blending. Once the shadows are set they stay in place without fading or creasing on me.
The Eye Fantasist Eye Colors carry a light scent (the typical BdK berry scent).

BE355: This is a gorgeous pale ivory with very light peachy undertones and lots of finely milled shimmer. A very eye-brightening and pretty color.
BR356: This is a dark bronze brown with lots of fine shimmer particles throughout. It compliments the BE355 perfectly.
Both colors change their color and intensity depending on how the light hits. Very pretty effect!

-Glitter Mascara GD001 Illuminance Gold:

This is a pretty copper golden glitter mascara to use as the finishing touch of your eye makeup. It gives the whole look a glamorous and festive touch.

The applicator is a plastic coil which works very well for applying the glitter.

I use this on top of black mascara and use it very sparingly so it looks very pretty and subtle.

-Face Color BR300 Generous Brown:

This looks so pretty I was very hesitant using it lol! The Face Color comes in a clear and golden compact with the most beautiful glitter ornament printed on.
But since I bought the blush to use it I finally ruined the pattern with my blush brush *sigh*.

The color is a pretty peachy beige-brown but it's not too warm for me. It's lighter pigmented and has a very silky texture.

I really like this blush and it works perfectly with the other colors in the set.

-Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl BE386 Generous Beige:

This is a mini-sized gloss in a pretty peachy brown color. The plastic of the tube is colored and the color they picked is very different from the gloss. Judging from the tube you would think it contains a rosy beige with a metallic finish whereas the gloss is more orane and shimmery.

It compliments the other colors nicely and since it's sheer it's not too orange for me.

Overall the set is defintely on the warmer-toned side but still neutral enough for me to look flattering. I have to say I really love it!
It's a very good buy and offers you a rather complete look which just needs the addition of your basics like foundation, powder, eyeliner and mascara.

I see this selling on Facial-shop for US$59.90 shipped so it might be worth checking it out there.


Anonymous said...

Haha it's even cheaper here in Malaysia, you won't believe your eyes - the Kose Christmas Set only costs RM99.90!! That's like, 27.50USD? *grin*
Needless to say, I nabbed myself a set ASAP.... it sold out really fast!

Kathi said...

Now that's a sweet deal! That's less than half what the Japanese are paying! =D

Laura L said...

wow...YZ.. is it selling in Lowyat thread??

Kathi,i love this Christmas looks so gorgeous

Unknown said...

Pretty! I love Xmas sets!

mpolifka said...

Really stupid question are there anymore of these in existence and the 2009 summer coffret? Im willing to pay a fair price for them? I just got the 09 xmas one and id love to have the others!

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