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Thursday, December 4, 2008

New skincare love: Sana Nameraka Honpo

Hmmmm...I seriouly didn't need to try out new skin care. I am pretty happy with what I have.

But don't ask me why but when I placed one of my previous Adambeauty orders the Sana Nameraka Honpo stuff was really calling my name so I decided to get a few items to try the line out. I believe it's a very popular skincare line in Japan and other places in Asia and it's quite cheap so I settled on the Cleansing Oil, Face Cream, Makeup Base and the Soy Milk Face Masks.

I have to say I am deeply in love with Nameraka Honpo now! It's just a fantastic fabulous great skin's mild and doesn't contain colorants or fragrance (and I read on that there is on mineral oil in the products either!).

The key ingredient of the Sana Nameraka Honpo line is the fermented organic (not genetically-modified) soy bean extract rich in isoflavones (great anti-oxidants).
The line is supposed to be for all skin-types but I find the items rather rich so probably they're more suitable for drier skin-types.

-Cleansing Oil:

This comes in a 120ml plastic pump-bottle which is the best sort of packaging for cleansing oils in my opinion.
It's a rather liquid slippery oil so about 1-2 pumps is more than enough to cover my entire face with the oil. I massage the oil a bit with circular motions before I start rinsing it off.
I take a little water to emulsify the oil, then take a little more water and massage. Then I rinse the rest off.
This oil cleanses soooo well but it's very gentle. My face feels moisturized but clean. I usually follow with a little foaming face cleanser and my face is ready for toner and moisturizer. Honestly I think the oil cleanses off light makeup well without another cleanser afterwards.
I think this is the best cleansing oil I used away from my beloved FancL MCO.
This retails for US$13.50 on adambeauty incl. shipping.

-Face Cream:

This comes in a lightweight white plastic pot. It's not the most beautiful but I really like to look at it due to the cute Japanese writings on it (looks exotic hehe).

The cream is a white very thick and rich moisturizer ideal for the freezy weather we have now. I use only a little as it's so rich so I think the jar will last me quite a while.

My skin feels super soft and smooth when I use this cream. I am sure this will be my #1 moisturizer for winter!
I paid US$10.50 from adambeauty.

-Soy Milk Face Masks:

As I am a total sucker for sheet masks I couldn't resist picking up the 4 pcs pack of Nameraka Hanpo Soy Milk Face Masks.
The box retails for US$11 which is not that cheap/piece. Most sheet masks I use are about US$0.25-US$1/each so about US$3 for a mask is quite a luxury.
The masks are made of a wafer-textured soft cloth material and saturated with a milky essence. I really like the masks as they're not just refreshing but also very moisturizing.
Sana recommends to use these before sleeping which I did a few days ago.

I put on the mask, relaxed for 20 minutes and then took the mask off. I spread the rest of the essence on my skin and just applied a dab of cream on top. In the morning my face was super soft and smooth. Really great!
The mask leaves a slightly sticky feeling behind but once the liquid dries my face feels just soft.
I probably will use this 1x a week and use my cheaper sheet masks on the other days (I use a sheet mask every other day usually)
I paid US$11 for the box of 4 pieces.

-Makeup Base SPF19 PA++:

While most Korean makeup bases are tinted (green and purple seem quite popular) the Japanese bases are usually clear or white (not opaque of course) in my experience. The Sana base is just a white cream that mattifies my skin slightly without drying it. It makes a good base as it slightly brightens my face and helps my makeup cling to my skin well and blend in nicely.

I haven't tried this in warm weather so I can't say if it can control oil or something.

It's a decent base but I won't say it's my favorite.
I paid US$11 for it.

I ordered a bunch of more items meanwhile (toner, lotion, foaming cleanser and makeup remover) so you can expect a review on them soon!


Unknown said...

Kathi! I love this stuff too!

Kathi said...

yea this stuff rocks!!

Anonymous said...

One of my friends recommended this but haven't tried it out yet. Am interested in your thoughts on the toner/lotion once you get a chance to try them out.


Laura L said...

wow,nice stuff u have.
I haven't try the mask, but I got a mask sheet similar like the Sana Nameraka Hanpo, then my face become super white.
hmm, will the mask u have give similar effect??

plue said...

i am using the emulsion, but the medicated line. actually not medicated, but it has whitening properties.

i think it's quite good, in terms of moisturizing, but the whitening part hasn't really wow-ed me >_<

tat's the only gripe i have. and oh, it's rather rich and a little oily. have to use really tiny amount in order to avoid it being too greasy on me.

FYI, i am normal-oily combi skin :)

Amelia Yap said...

i saw this recently in Watson's in Singapore,
will prob grab some, sounds like a good buy!

Pink Sith said...

I have been wanting to try this line since Glow Chaser reviewed it in her blog. You have only strengthened my resolve to get even more! Thanks for the wonderful review!

kokomacola said...

Thanks for shareing, I'll try out these stuff!

Unknown said...

Great blog! I love japanese and koran products and this blog is helping me a lot! Thanks!

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