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Sunday, December 7, 2008

DHC Q10 Base Makeup Moisture Care Liquid Foundation SPF25 PA++ & Rose Beauty Shiny Color Base Q10 SPF30 PA+++

DHC is one of those Japanese brands that I haven't really jumped into. I just have a few makeup items that I quite like but somehow I wasn't that attracted to DHC until now.

-Q10 Base Makeup Moisture Care Liquid Foundation SPF25 PA++:

I spotted on eBay (Alpha Beauty Store) a pretty looking DHC foundation (Q10 Moisture Care Liquid Foundation SPF25 PA++) which surprisingly came in a super pale color (OC-00) - a rare shade in Japanese brands. I really liked the metallic pink and silver pump-dispenser bottle, too, so for US$21.95 I decided I might well give it a try!

The seller states about the foundation that:
-it's providing nutrition like a skincare essence
-it gives smooth, elastic skin with long-lasting performance
-high amount of Coenzyme Q10
-it contains natural olive essence oil
-ingredient quality/level is the same as in DHC's skincare
-it is not fragranced and free of preservatives

I have to say I am very impressed with this foundation! It gives medium-full coverage with a non-cakey even finish. It applies very smoothly with my MAC 187 brush or my fingers and lasts all day long (keep in mind that the weather here is very cold so I don't sweat these days).

The finish is a soft matte with a little louminosity so it doesn't look flat on me at all. I feel that the foundation actually covers pores but I have very fine and small pores that aren't really visible much. But with the foundation my skin looks virtually poreless.
I feel it's moisturizing but not greasy at all. My skin just feels comfortable all day long.

I like that this is not fragranced and the color OC-00 is a great match for my NW15 skin-tone even though it looks a bit yellow on the swatch pic. It's definitely much more neutral and lighter in reality so it blends in perfectly with my skin.
I am definitely going to repurchase this and I already ordered the Rose Beauty Gel Foundation which I will review later.
This is available in 7 colors (in OC, IO and PO codes..OC = neutral base, IO = yellow base, PO = pink base). Retail price is 2200 Yen/40g so US$21.95 is even a bit less than retail in Japan.

-Rose Beauty Shiny Color Base Q10 (Pink) SPF30 PA+++:

In the same eBay store I also found the matching base for the foundation =D
The Rose Beauty Shiny Color Base Q10 comes in a cute little squeeze bottle with a rose-shaped cover. There are 2 colors (beige and pink) and I decided to try out pink.

The seller says about this that (everything on the box is printed in Japanese so I can't tell you if all is true =P):
-it contains nourishing Coenzyme Q10 to help reduce moisture loss, to restore skin's elasticity and is acting as an anti-aging product
-it contains natural olive essence oil

-the quality/level of the good ingredients is the same as in the DHC skincare products

-it contains "Clear Rose Pigment" which can help concealing big pores, fine lines and dullness

-the fine Bulgarian Rose scent helps to reduce stress

-it's skincare, makeup & aromatherapy in one

All above sounds quite fancy but it's just a white makeup base with a slightly pink iridescent glowy finish.
I neither have large pores nore fine lines so I can't really say if it will cover them but my guess is no.

The scent in this is very subtle and pleasant. Nothing like the strong rose fragrance you find in Anna Sui or Lotree products.
The makeup base gives a smooth canvas for the foundation which glides on nicely on top so I quite like it.
The little bottle contains 30ml and retails for 1400 Yen. I paid US$16.95 which is just very little above retail.

All in all I am thrilled with the foundation and very pleased with the base. I am eagerly awaiting my next bunch of DHC items (the gel foundation and an undereye concealer) so expect a review soon =D

Makeup base on the left, foundation on the right:


Anonymous said...

the container that it came in is very very pretty!!! :)


cand said...

great! i'm looking for something w/PA+++ like this. i'm browsing thru ebay now=)

Anonymous said...

hi there!
great post. but i believe DHC is a korean brand, not japanese...?

Kathi said...

DHC is indeed a Japanese brand.
You can read more about it here:


Elisabeth said...

I also tried the Q10 Colour make up base.. I got a tester from a magazine or sth.. (here in Japan)
Tried and now i love it.. but.. Is it suitable for young ppl? because isn't Q10 for aging? Im 18 years old. :D i really eanna buy it.. but im not sure... do you know?

Tamtam said...

ahhhhh Kathi, I realize this Q10 base makeup foundation is discontinued in HK website... :'( I like it so much.. is it discontinued internationally too ?

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