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Friday, December 19, 2008

Xmas 2008: Coffret D'or Party Makeup Collection (01 & 02)

This year I was really weak. I picked up about every Japanese Xmas coffret/palette I liked =X I think it's to blame on several reasons:
*The stuff is limited. Limited Japanese makeup? Must have!
*The palettes/coffrets are usually good value for money. Check!
*Xmas time = Bday time for me so it's even a reason more to indulge myself more than necessary lol
*The thrill of reviewing the stuff. Yes, true!

Anyways, while I had decided to skip the Coffret D'or Party Makeup Collection I somehow ended up with both palettes after I saw various swatches/reviews that seemed quite positive *sigh*

Whispers: The palettes are niiiiice (especially #02)!!!

First off the compacts are so pretty! The smooth silver compacts (hmmm..fingerprint city I tell you!) come adorned with little crystals arranged like a 3-row necklace. Only the crystals in the middle row are different as they're pink in palette 01 and yellow in palette 02.

Many Japanese offer 2 choices in the Limited Edition palettes, generally a cooler and a warmer toned palette.
I think that the Coffret D'or Party Makeup Collection gives us 2 rather neutral eye & lip palettes so I find them both really pretty and wearable.

Party Makeup Collection #01 Sweet Dressy:

The Party Makeup Collection in #01 gives us soft purple eyes and sheer rosy lips.
I am really into purples but in the same time find it difficult to find a 100% flattering purple palette for me (my newest love is the Aube Couture shadow quad I reviewed yesterday!).
The Coffret D'or palette in 01 is alright but not my most favorite combo.

The shadows are a light satin lavender pink, a silver glitter shade and a deep purple liner/definition color with a little shimmer (this color is a bit dull..would have preferred a royal purple).

The lip colors are a sheer soft pink, a deeper rosy pink and a clear lipgloss with very fine pink and silver glitters.

Party Makeup Collection #02 Noble Dressy:

The Party Makeup Collection 02 is a flattering neutral palette for a glistening golden/brown eye look and soft beige lips.
Some brown shadows have the tendency to be too warm or muddy on me. The Party Makeup Collection in 02 is very neutral so it looks very polished and elegant and entirely flattering on my cool-toned complexion.

The shadows are a pretty soft orange peach, a glistening gold and a very pigmented cool brown.

The lip colors are a soft peach beige, a red beige and a clear gloss with very fine golden shimmers.

The shadows last well and are rather silky except for the glittery shade. The glitters in the silver in the 01 palette are chunkier than the ones in the gold in 02 and the other 2 shades in 02 have a more metallic finish than palette 01.
The pigment is good, especially in the darkest shades. The palette in 01 is generally a bit sheerer than 02.

The lipsticks have a sheer texture with a creamy slightly glossy finish. The gloss is thicker and gives a pretty softly glossy and shimmery result.

Here is the back of one of the palettes which shows you how to apply the shadows (I used the palettes differently though!)

Sorry, no lippy swatches! I only used one lipstick and one of the glosses so far and somehow didn't want to deflower the other ones lol!

Each palette retails for 4200 Yen (about US47...I really need the Yen to drop a bit against the US$!)
I ordered one from ichibankao for US$50 (when the Yen was a little weaker than now) and got the other palette from my dear friend Iris CPed in Japan =D


MiuMiu said...

omg they're so pretty!!!!!!! I wanted the 02 palette so badly, but thinking about it..doesn't seem so worth it. Plus i'll end up paying so much after converting from usd to cad XD
I find it had to find purples that flatter me too. I purchased the abue jewellery shower eyesin 32 and it makes me look like i have a black eye.

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