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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Banila Co Winter 2008: The Secret Glam Part 3 - The Secret Glam Eye Shadow Palette

I really love my Banila Co De La Couture Palette so I was thrilled to see a new palette in their 'The Secret Glam' collection.

I honestly like the colors in the De La Couture Palette better but the new one is nonetheless very pretty and I am happy to have it in my collection.

Just like the Couture palette this comes in a metal case like the ones MAC used for their Holiday collections a few years ago.
There are 6 pressed shadows in the palette so you can create a good bunch of different pretty looks.
The palette comes in a medium metallic blue with the 'The Secret Glam' writings all over it.

I am really impressed with the intense pigment this palette delivers! In the swatches you see below I just applied 1-2 layers, not more!
The colors are good for dark smokey eyes but you get 2 colors to vary a bit.

The colors are:

Black with sparkles (I haven't dug deep into the shadow but the glitter seems to go through to the bottom), metallic dark silver gray, white with shimmer, ivory with shimmer and fine glitters, velvet moss green with golden shimmers (the most pigmented and unique color of the palette) and a satin pink red (the color I like least as it looks a bit out of the place here).
The white and ivory colors are a bit sheerer than the rest.

The color pay-off is really excellent. The shadows have a slightly crumbly texture but as I do my eye makeup before my face cleaning it up is not an issue at all.

The retail price is 22000 Won (=approx. US$15-16). I paid a bit more from seller skinfood2you on eBay as I as I don't know a Gmarket seller shipping Banila Co internationally.

Banila Co included a free Eye Love Eye Eyeliner Pencil in gold which the eBay seller also forwarded to me. It's a 9500 Won value so it's a great little extra.


Digital Angel said...

I saw this palette on Korean cosmetic forum and I was so into it, the one I wanted was neutral palette but they don't see it at the gmarket. I like your palette it's pretty :)

birkinbagbeauty said...

Wow, that is such a perfect palette...I am completely in love! And that eyeliner looks perfect...

Yas said...

That palette is so pretty! Beautiful...thanks for sharing!

Amelia Yap said...

I'm going to get my hands on that palette!
I love the colour combo.

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