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Friday, December 26, 2008

Banila Co Winter 2008: Love Holic Palette Shadow

Banila Co is really amazing me with their gorgeous releases for the previous months!
First they scored a real winner with their taupe and neutral brown based De La Couture collection then they put out the fantastic The Secret Glam collection and now they're bringing us the Love Holic Collection which features among other items the third 6-pan Palette Shadow.

All 3 collections are listed as "Winter 2008" looks. Wow, what a load of new stuff!

The Love Holic collection features soft pastels, pinks and purples to create a soft feminine look.
I have to say the Love Holic is probably the least alluring collection as most of the items aren't really for me.

The Love Holic items are: 2 new Two Eyes Shadow duos (gold/silver and warm pink brown/light pink), 3 loose eyeshadows in pink, white and silver, a pearl mascara (I think I will get this as it has a comb applicator!), clear mascara, silver liquid eyeliner, 2 blushes, 3 glosses and 2 lipsticks.

However the star of the collection is definitely the Palette Shadow in F03 Love Holic.

The case is a sturdy red metal case with Love Holic written all over it.
The shadows in the palette are pigmented and silky with a pretty shimmery/pearly finish.
However there are 4 pastels in the palette and unfortunately they all look quite alike so out of the 3 palettes this is the least versatile in my opinion. I can't do pastels around my eyes as that totally washes me out and I just look weird and tired.

However the 2 purples in the palette are very pretty and can be combined with either of the highlighters.

The colors are:

cool blue-toned purple (which is very unique in my collection. I am quite sure I have no other color like this), white, pale pink (almost white), satin lavender (less shimmery and less pigmented than the other colors), light cream and purpley pink (this has more of a metallic finish and is one of the few pinks I can actually wear on my lids without looking ill).

I paid US$25, about the same I paid for the other palettes. The retail price is 22000 Won (about US$17 right now). I got this from seller rumistyle on eBay (but the palette was a special request as it's not listed in the store).

I hope Banila Co will continue releasing those beautiful handy palettes! They come up with really pretty color combos so I am looking forward to their next releases!


Lily said...

their palettes remind me a lot of mac palettes. the colors are really pretty!

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