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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kose Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Bath Powder & Lip Balm

Kose revamped their Happy Bath Day body and hair care line a few months ago but I didn't pay attention at all as I didn't really like the Happy Bath Day stuff I had tried until then.
My buddy Iris listed most of the
Precious Rose range of items available here
Meanwhile there are also some face care items (Cleansing Oil, Essence Lotion, Face Wash and maybe more)

I was recently drawn to their cute Precious Rose Lip Balm which was US$6.50 shipped on adambeauty so I decided to give it a try.
And since I currently have a love relationship with Japanese bath powders (Tabinoyado and Bihada Ichizoku [to be reviewed soon]) I decided to get a few of the Happy Bath Day Bath Powders (US$1.85/25g packet) from eBay as the seller stated that these tint the water pink! Pink water, must try that lol!

All Happy Bath Day stuff contains Rose Hip Oil and has a scent blended of rose and fruits (the rose is quite dominant in my opinion and smells a bit fake).
I like the fragrance but too much can cause me a headache as I am extremely sensitive to perfumes so I'd say it's not my favorite fragrance and I wouldn't want to wear the whole range and smell like a fake rose lol

-Lip Balm:

The lip balm comes in a cute pink rose-shaped jar. The balm itself is a thick clear emollient cream with a soft light rose fragrance. It's quite nice and hydrating so I really enjoy using it. My jar is already half empty as I use this every night these days.

Retail is 630 Yen I believe which is more than Adambeauty charges incl. shipping!

-Bath Powder:

These come in cute metallic pink sachets with 25g content per bag.
The powder gives the water a milky pink color and a good dose of scent so I only use half a sachet/bath. This way the scent is subtle and not overpowering.
I wouldn't say this is very moisturizing but my skin is soft when I use this.
A baggie retails for 160 Yen.

All in all both items are nice but not must-haves. I doubt that I would buy a lot more of the range as there are better smelling body care items out there.

I also got this Bath Tablet which probably is pretty much the same stuff as the powder. I haven't tried it yet though!

I wish you all a Happy Bath Day..err.. a Happy New Year! I still have 2 more hours of the old year left right now but I know many of you beauties are already celebrating! =D
Maybe you wonder why I am at home posting reviews =P As I have 3 little ones I can't go out and I am not the sort of party animal anyway... I like standing up early and sleeping early (usually you will find me in bed by 10 PM =P)


paperdollrevenge said...

Good to know! They are so cute looking but rose is not my favorite scent, and I kind of had a feeling it would be too strong or fake smelling, hehe.

I've noticed that most of the Japanese beauty products I've tried so far aren't very moisturizing, have you done any posts on which ones are? (Like body washes, body butters, etc.)

I hope you have a nice and cozy Happy New Year!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Happy New Year, Kathi. It is really good to take care of your children and be close to them during the transition from 2008 to 2009.
I stayed home as well. I did my share of partying earlier in life and I love staying home with my partner right now...
I like the Happy Bath Day scent, but everyone is different :D. I think I will pick up that gorgeous lipbalm soon...

Kathi said...

Hi paperdollrevenge,
yea, most Japanese body care seems rather lightweight. I am not a big body lotion user but when I do I prefer my Etude House and Skin79 body lotions.
The shower gels i really like are the ones from Shiseido Ma Cherie (the one with the green beads in the peach bottle), Kanebo Naive Peach and Sala. I haven't found a body care HG from Japan so far though!
Happy New Year, dear! =D

Hi Birkingbagbeauty,
Happy New Year to you, too!
The kids, hubby and I went to watch the fireworks at midnight and they liked them very much!
I think the Happy Bath Day scent is just too strong as it gives me headaches. The artificial Tiffa rose scent is even worse though! I have to say the Bihada ichizoku bath salt in milky rose smells lighter and very pleasant though! I'll review this later!


Unknown said...

I ordered the rose lip balm to Adambeauty, let's see how it works. My lips are very dry these days.

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