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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first order from Jpmon

I checked out maybe a year or so ago when I read about the site on Musings of a Muse... however it looked so complicated and all was in Chinese and there weren't any items I desperately needed from them so I didn't place an order.

Recently I got interested more in the smaller and harder to find Japanese brands like Privacy, Kiss Me, Bihada Ichizoku etc. Jpmon offers a pretty good variety of stuff so I decided to dive in and order.

I was totally lost as the whole site is in Chinese so I was very grateful for the great Registration Tutorial by Taryn and the Ordering Tutorial posted on The Muse's blog. I think I wouldn't have made it without the tutorials.... many thanks to The Muse and Taryn!

Anyways, it took me about 2 hours to place my first order as I first had to find out where which things are listed and when I first placed my order I got some Chinese error screen after entering my CC info so I had no clue if my order went through or not. As I neither got a confirmation email nor my order history showed an order I decided to place the order again half hour later. Thankfully that time it went through and I was curious how fast my order will arrive.

Jpmon is a web-shop based in Taiwan with good pricings and fair shipping rates.
I ordered 12 items and paid 700 NT$ for EMS shipping (about US$21...these are the actual shipping costs, I checked the parcel!). You can also use normal parcel post which should be cheaper. But I always opt for EMS if the rates are good as I can trace my package online and receive it much quicker than regular airmail.

Judging the items I purchased everything is maybe a $ over or about Japanese retail so it's very worth ordering.

-Bihada Ichizoku 3rd Anniversary mask set with free gloss NT$745 (=US$23/ retail 1850 Yen = US$ 20.50)
-Kiss Me Heroine Make Liquid Rouge for NT$313 (about US$9.60/retail 840 Yen = US$9.40)
So you see the prices are really good.

I ordered:
-Bihada Ichizoku 3rd Anniversary mask set with free gloss
-Bihada Ichizoku duo packs of all 4 available Bath Soaks (hot, relax, milky rose and orchid)
-Bihada Ichizoku Gorgeous Gloss in Pearl Rose
-Kiss Me Heroine Make Liquid Rouge in 01 Sugar Rose and 02 Apricot Rose
-Elizabeth Nude Bonbon OL Style Gloss in #2 as it's OOS on adambeauty (now I have them all hehe)
-Kiss Me Sexy Glamorous Lip in 01 Vanilla
-Makemania Curvy Lip Liquid in Red Beige
-Privacy Kokuryudo Clubbin' Lovin' Nude Pink Lip Liner
-free gift: Barbapapa Silk Cleansing Puff (how cute! revives good childhood memories... I love Barbapapa!)

I ordered December 21, the package was dispatched Dec 26 and received the package as of today Dec 30. That's not the fastest package but there were quite a few Xmas holidays so I think it was still pretty swift!


Laura L said...

oh..this is wonderful...I like kiss me and bihada ichizoku items...bon bon is getting famous now...

hope to see your further details review soon... I'm very excited with them...

Wombat said...

Hello, glad the tw site works. Usually I find airmail from Taiwan (to Australia) is quite good as well, within 4-10 working days. Interestingly, I've noticed that almost ALL parcels I ever get from Taiwan to Sydney has been opened by the customs- wondering if you've noticed the same thing? p.s. did you find the pricings (including shipping) less than adambeauty? or still works out a tad more? I'm still tossing up about ordering from jpmon! (any chinese website queries feel free to drop me an email or comment!).
Enjoy your new goodies!

Kathi said...

Hi ning*star,
I will review the items soon! Seems I went a bit mad for lipgloss this time lol!

Hi Wombat,
Yea, Taiwanese Airmail arrives here rather fast, too!

Oddly the customs here NEVER open any of my packages. They used to do that some years back but for 2-3 years now everything arrives unopened and taxed according to the declared value...

Adam is cheaper and much easier to use so I'll order whatever I find from him and use Jpmon only for items I can't find elsewhere for decent prices.
Thanks for your offer =D

Kimberly said...

how fun!!!!!!!

look at all the yummy haulage -- thank GOD I can't read Japanese, because honestly girl I would be ordering up a storm on there right now.... but I'm TOTALLY ENVIOUS.

I'll live vicariously thru your purchases =]

acutelife said...

I think ill start ordering bihada items :) im waiting for your reviews on them!!

shynygal said...

Hey Kathi this is my first time commenting but I've been reading your blog for about a week and I am obsessed! I work at a beauty store and am therefore a beauty junkie. I'm also an Asian culture junkie so your blog is perfect cuz it puts my two loves together!I made an order on Adam and Ichibankao but there I wanted the Chocoable mask that I saw on Jpmon so thank you so much for the tutorial links! I think I'll check out sum Bihada stuff too cuz the packaging is adorable like Kiss Me.

Kathi said...

Hey Kimberly,
I think if i could actually read Japanese that would be my wallet's death lol (it's already very ill lol!)

reviews will be posted soon! The first thing to review will be the bath soaks. i can't use the masks right now as my skin is recovering from a heavy allergic reaction but i think I'll try one of them in a week or so!

Hi Shynygal,
Haha, great to hear you're obsessed with my blog =P
I warn you, adam and ichibankao are totally addictive! I sometimes browse the stores for an hour looking for something I need to order RIGHT THERE lol!
The Bihada stuff is quite nice, definitely worth checking out!

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