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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Xmas 2008: Shiseido Maquillage Jewelling Palettes & Dramatical Gel Liner

Maquillage put out various Limited Edition palettes for the previous 2 Xmas collections 2006 and 2007.
2006 saw 2 palettes (1 warmer, 1 cooler) including 2 eyeshadows and a highlighter powder.

Last year's palettes contained 2 eyeshadows and a 4-pan lip-palette each (also a warmer and a cooler color combo).
I wasn't extremely thrilled with the eyeshadow colors of the previous palettes as they were rather average and nothing exciting.

However this year sees more special color combos and to my delight there are 4 eyeshadows and 1 powder highlighter in each of the 2 palettes so there is no cream product inside like last year (I am not really a fan of mixed palettes unless the creamy products are covered with an extra lid like Coffret D'Or's Party Collection palettes.

Both palettes come in absolutely gorgeous cases. They look like precious little jewels presented on a golden or black tray.

The texture of the eyeshadows is superb this year, they're so silky and well pigmented! I also love the colors they picked for palette #20. The shadows look glittery at first but that's just a bit of overspray, the finish of the eyeshadows is shimmery.

The highlighter is not as silky as the eyeshadows but it's smooth and applies nicely as a soft candle-kissed glow.
There is very little glitter in the highlighter but it's quite subtle so it's very wearable.
The signature of Christopher Kane is engraved on the highlighter as he collaborated with Shiseido to create these palettes (and he did well in my opinion!)

#10 Noble Glamorous:

This is the warmer palette which comes housed in a golden case. I personally believe the color combo is a bit weird and hard to work with for a cool-toned PPP like me. The palette contains a white, warm yellow gold, olive green and warm-toned plum.
The highlighter is a light ivory color.

The palette is not mine (got it to give as a gift) so there is no swatch or EOTD pic.

#20 Brilliance Tiara:

This is definitely the prettier palette of the 2. It comes in the black case and contains cooler colors.
The colors are off-white, a gorgeous muted light blue with grayish undertones, taupe gray and navy. The navy is a bit dull but works well with the other colors nonetheless.

The highlighter is a pink-tinged white.

I used the palette in #20 as the description on the back of the box suggests (light blue allovers lids, taupe in the outer corner and in crease area blended upwards, white to highlight and dark blue to line). The result was really lovely! (EOTD pic below).

This is actually one of the few blue palettes that looks good on me. Navy normally looks awful on me and so does sky blue (totally washes me out). However the blue color in the palette is dark enough not to wash me out and in combination with the taupe (very blended in my EOTD though so hard to see) and white it's just really beautiful!

The Xmas collection also brings us 2 LE Dramatical Gel Liners to compliment the palettes.

I actually didn't notice the 2 new gel liners until my friend Iris from Rouge Deluxe told me that the liner in GY831 was really pretty so surely I had to get it after her rave =D
I am so glad I did as it's beyond gorgeous! It's an intensely shimmery metallic steel gray with blue tones. It's the perfect addition to the palette #20 (you can see it in my EOTD used together with the palette).

The texture is smooth and applies very evenly with a good brush (I don't like the one enclosed with this though, I prefer Kate's gel liner brushes). The liner stays put all day long but the fine shimmer particles might vanish if you rub your eyes.

I didn't get the other liner RD632 as red liners or plum red liners look really bad on me.

My friend CPed the palettes and the liner for me and she also kindly sent me along the GWP they gave out on MQ's counter. It's a gorgeous makeup case with little crystals all over the cover and 3 Shiseido deluxe samples (White Lucent Toner and Lotion and an Energizing Fragrance 15ml bottle which smells really nice so I will probably get the full size once this runs out).

The makeup case was designed by Christopher Kane (Christopher Kane's signature is written on the back of the little Maquillage label attached)

The palettes retail for 4200 Yen/each and the liner for 2625 Yen.

All in all #20 and the Dramatical Gel Liner are great picks if you're cool-toned like me =D


Haru said...

Dear Kathi,

I'm so glad you like the palettes and gel eyeliner! I've been using the eyeliner almost daily in Tokyo too and still loving it a lot! I should try it with a Kate brush though. I like how the MQ brush is more portable with its own cap unlike the Kate brush but sometimes if I pick up too much product with the brush, I get some fallout or clumping.

Kathi said...

Hi Iris =D
Yea, it's so goreous and unique! I can't really handle those slanted brushes for gel liners as I get clumps and a mess, too =X But with the liners from Kate or Esprique Preciuos it applies like a breeze! =D

Usagi Chan said...

OMG! Your eye(s) look really gorgeous and dreamy on the EOTD. I'm loving both palettes! :D

Anonymous said...

Those gel liners are super pretty ! I'm so getting that and the Beaute de Kose Xmas pack when I go HongKong =)

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