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Monday, December 22, 2008

Some cute haul pics

I like hauling lesser known Japanese brands that are cheap on eBay or adambeauty. I always discover new cute things and I like how pretty they're often packaged. It's not only beauty related stuff. I even discovered Dariya pillow fragrance pads and baby fever cooling pads =) The Japanese just put everything in such cute packaging I love buying it for that alone lol!

Here are some eye-candy pics for you ladies! (The first pics also shows the new Banila Co Love Holic eyeshadow palette I shall be reviewing soon!)


birkinbagbeauty said...

Ipressive haul...yumm... I see a pink Bihada Ichizoku blush over there? I cannot wait for your review...I want to pick up a pink one as well (already have the beige/orange one).

Anonymous said...

I really have to try the Kiss Me Heroine makeup. I think I've seen them at local Japanese grocery stores close to me, but I've yet to try them.

Thanks for the previous response. I found out after looking around your website a bit more. =D

You've definitely got me interested about BB Creams. I'm going to check them out when I head home. I live close to a lot of Korean stores, so hopefully I can test some of them out.

paperdollrevenge said...

I love your hauls! *le sigh* I was actually at Mitsuwa yesterday and the lady in front of me at the checkout lane spent a total of $269...I thought, "Wow! Wish I could haul that much Japanese products in one go!" hehe

Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...


That Royal Jelly Mask is THE biznizz!! I love it!!!

miss_waterlily said...

I LOVE LOVE japanese stuff too,esp their packaging lol!

Thanks kathi,ur a shining star in guiding me what to and what not to buy!Esp last time I nearly bought the Etudehouse secret eye brightener then read ur review first and realised that It defiinitely wouldnt have any use for me,a lucky escape*wink wink*

plue said...

oh gosh, that's quite a lot!

i haven't been hauling lately, due to my lack of interest lately :P

and yes, thank you for recommeding adambeauty for the liner, i've ordered it! :D

hehe! problem solved!

Yumeko said...

woow cant wait to see ur reviews~

Kimberly said...

how fun kathi!!!

thanks for sharing those with us, I see some very familiar goodies, and some that I have never seen before!!! but you're so right Japanese product packaging is for some reason so much more alluring to me!

Unknown said...


Waiting for your reviews!

Anonymous said...

Those things are so cute! Which webby did you get them from?

CFZ said...

Where did you get your pink bonbon lipgloss from?? I've been dying to get my hands on it!! I'm sure it's amazing since I have all the nude bonbons and they're just fantastic.
Please Please Please tell me where to get it Kathi, thank you so much!!

MiuMiu said...

ahh you gotta stop tempting me with these haul pics! and i can't even purchase half the stuff here >_<

Kathi said...

The Pink Bonbon Gloss was from ebay, seller singing pierre shop. However they stopped selling on ebay =(

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