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Monday, December 1, 2008

Xmas 2008: Kanebo Kate Select Eye Colors

I posted about a week ago about the new XMas palettes from Kate being available on Ichibankao.

I received them couple of days ago (really love their fast service!) so I had time to try them out.

I have to say these are unlike any other Kate eyeshadows I own!
First off their casing is quite different! The Select Eye Colors come in smooth metallic silver cases with a mirror and applicator (no pic added as they didn't come out well, just looked black =X).
All other Kate palettes come in clear/black plastic compacts without mirrors.
The size is a bit larger than their standard palettes and the shadows don't come arranged in a fancy way. They're just 4 rectangular pans and that's it.

The texture is also different. The Select Eye Colors have a dry texture but they're not chalky in my opinion. They're not glittery at all but rather give an interesting velvet finish. The finish is between velvet and metallic so there is not much shimmer as far as I can say. My cam picks up more sparkle than I can see in normal lighting.

Pigment-wise these are fine, about medium I'd say. Oddly these come out much better on my eyes when I use a brush than when I try to swatch them on my hand.

I purchased both palettes and I am quite happy with my purchase. The majority of my eyeshadows is shimmery so having 2 neutral more muted velvety shadow palettes is a good addition =)

Black Selection:

This is definitely my favorite palette as I just look better in cool colors.

The colors are:

Black Dark Color (Cool charcoal), Black Deep Color (taupe gray), Medium Color (medium silvery gray), Base Color (Cool grayish white)

Brown Selection:

This is warmer and creates a natural look. Also good for doing a soft chocolate smokey eye.
I used it with a teal liner yesterday and liked the result (I used the LE gel liner from Esprique's summer collection). I felt my eyes looked a little bit tired due to the Medium Color though.

The colors are:

Brown Dark Color (Chocolate brown), Brown Deep Color (warm orangey brown...I really don't like this color), Medium Color (beige), Base Color (ivory)

All in all these make great basic palettes but they're not must-haves in my opinion.


Unknown said...

Hello Kathi

I have been resisting buying these. I am holding out for some spring bright colours now. Did you use blue/green liner on your second eye pic?? It looks lovely!

Kathi said...

yes I used the teal Esprique gel liner from the summer collection. I reviewed it earlier =D

Anonymous said...

i love it when u add in pics of urself using the products cos somehow to me it helps me gauge better how the colour will look like =)

Anonymous said...

hey how lovely! it's refreshing to see not colourful and glittery EOTDs for holiday! your kate collection is far better than the local stores. I can't for my life to see anything updated here. i still yet to see the gel liners! someone else from here did but i am away from the big smoke so i don't have access to them.

ps: i love the one with blu eliner the best. added a bit of spice in that EOTD.

plue said...

oh wow, it looks nice!

but sadly, the colours are a little boring. :(

i wish if this is here too!

Anonymous said...

i finally tried out these palettes here a couple of weeks before. and i really like them even though you said they aren't must-haves. i do think they are practical and cheap to tote around when traveling. no mistake stuff i guess.

they are basically all sold out in KL but here in KK, there are quite a lot left. Maybe I should get both of them or still pass since i have a ton of eye shadows already... *_*

decision, decision!

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